Your smile is the only addition you will ever need

Your smile is the only addition you will ever need

Once I read a quote by Marilyn Monroe that said, “A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear” and at that moment I became a fan of her and this quote. Because she was absolutely right! A smile is the only makeup or accessory a girl can ever need. You can totally rock a no-makeup look by just beaming with a big smile on your face. But I’m also going out on a limb here to say that whether you’re a man or a woman, a girl or a boy, your smile is the only addition to your look you will ever need. 

Why do I think so? Imagine meeting someone who never smiles. A little creepy right? But also, dull. You would never want to stay in the company of a person who never smiles because such a person will never emit any positive vibes. Now, who would want to sit with a person that gives out negative vibes only? Not me.

Your Smile is Your Power


Have you ever interacted with a person who smiles all the time? They give out such positive vibes that it’s almost powerful. They’re happy, they’re charming, they hold the crowd in their hand like a cotton ball. Everyone is all ears when that person says something and that is the power of your smile. When a person feels happy in your company, it’s enough to say that you have reached a different level of success. Because let’s face it, how many of us are happy in this consumerist world we call our home. If someone is spreading out happiness by just smiling genuinely, join the club and give away your smile to the world too, it doesn’t cost a damn penny. 

Smile! It’s a free therapy

You always hear things like laughter being the best therapy or smile is free therapy. Are you one of those people who just ignore these things because it doesn’t seem right? It’s time you change your perspective a little bit. Studies show that there is a great percentage of people out there who have proved that laughter or smile therapy does exist. Your smile is like your therapist. The more you smile; the most positive energy generate inside you which makes you happier and more satisfied with life.


Mental health is very important and if you stay grumpy and cranky, you will not just ruin your own day but there is a possibility you are ruining it for others around you as well. You smile direct you towards a healthy lifestyle and this is a proven fact.

How to Improve your Smile to Look More Attractive

There are some people who avoid smiling because they feel as if their smile is not very attractive. Let me tell you something, there is no such thing as an unattractive smile. But still, if you feel so, there are things that you can do to make your smile more pleasing.

First and foremost is to keep your teeth clean. You must brush your teeth and floss regularly to ensure that there is no plaque or left-over food making your teeth or gums dirty. Make regular visits to the dentist to make sure that your oral hygiene is on point. Other than that, you can limit your use of tea and coffee as they will make your teeth darker. If you feel like you need to straighten out your teeth, fix an appointment with an orthodontist and get it done before it’s too late. 

How can you wear your smile as an accessory?

It’s pretty simple. Don’t overload on your makeup and accessories because they will last your only a couple of hours before you get really tired of them all. But a smile is something you can wear 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week and it doesn’t stress you out at all.


Staying in your comfort zone while dressing up is very important and smiling definitely adds to it. When you’re happy and smiling, you automatically look beautiful and attractive no matter what you’re wearing. Hence, too many accessories or makeup will end up making your smile tired and we don’t want that.

From all this, we can conclude that a smile is most definitely the only addition your look ever needs. You can be a man or woman of any age group if you don’t smile you will not just put a negative impact on your mental health but it will also affect your social life as well. So keep smiling, stay happy, keep others happy, keep reading OMG Blog and it will take you to a whole new level of satisfaction and comfort that was missing from your life before!