Why you should celebrate Holi in Pushkar? Here Is The Reason

Why you should celebrate Holi in Pushkar? Here Is The Reason

holi celebration in pushkar

In India, each individual celebrates the festival with great enthusiasm. Holi is a great and enjoyable festival among many famous festivals. However, this Hindu festival celebrates lovely colors, music, parties, and events at each corner of India. But the Holi celebration in Pushkar, Rajasthan, is unique and heart-touching.

By the way, the Pushkar Holi celebration is India’s most beautiful and fantastic festival.

Moreover, the People of Rajasthan celebrate this festival with their family and friends. Many varieties of colors, sweets, Lassi, and flowers make this festival unique. However, this is a mind-blowing Hindu festival to welcome spring.

With lots of fun and joy, people celebrate this colorful festival.

Furthermore, the people of Pushkar worship Lord Radha and Krishna on this day. Everyone comes together to celebrate the Pushkar Holi party. You will never see this type of grand celebration of Holi anywhere. Pushkar Holi festival not only gives you happiness but also you collect lots of memories from this.

Some, you must experience the Holi festival at Pushkar once in your life. So, book your Rajasthan tour packages at the time of Holi, to enjoy the festival of colors in the most extravagant manner.

Let’s learn some specialties of the Pushkar Holi Celebration below.

Some Specialty of Pushkar Holi

Pushkar is a small and beautiful city in Rajasthan. This place is full of beautiful lakes, temples, and exceptional festivals. Also, many tourists love to visit the charming sights of Pushkar. Every Indian festival is celebrated with love, sweetness, and joy here. But the uniqueness of the Pushkar Holi event is unmatchable. Scroll down to learn more about the specialty of the Pushkar Holi festival.

Bonfire Before Holi

Bonfire is a unique Hindu ritual. In Pushkar, before the color festival, all the family members and friends come together to burn wood. On the night before Holi, the woods are burnt to decrease all the negativity. However, the people of Pushkar follow the ritual with lots of joy. They feel the warmth of the fire and have a peaceful time with their family members.

On this day, they welcome all the positivity in their heart to get a quiet life for the year. After that, they get a grand dinner together and start preparing for the Holi festival. Moreover, this great ritual gives you enjoyment, peace, and fantastic memories.

Grand Holi Party

Grand holi party in pushkar

In Pushkar, the Colour Festival is a grand celebration. However, people start their party from 9 to 10 a.m., continuing till evening. Everybody joins the party in different colors and white dresses. All the family members, friends, and strangers start playing Holi together with the excellent music. The uniqueness of Pushkar Holi is the colorful streets. Everyone enjoys this festival with colored faces and makes the road bright. No one feels lonely on this day.

Moreover, with lots of safety, the girls and women can also join the party. But you cannot consume alcohol during the festival. The Grand party of Holi at Pushkar gives you lots of fun and enjoyment.

Outstanding Lassi

Pushkar Holi without Lassi is not possible. It is another specialty of this festival. However, the sweet drink Lassi gives energy to everybody during the grand Holi party. The taste and sweetness of this beverage make every heart joyful. Everyone on Pushkar enjoys drinking Lassi with a big glass.

Many stalls and shops sell Lassi on this day. Each Lassi stall is full of colorful people. Instead of alcohol, people use Bhang on Lassi to get more enjoyment.

Moreover, the Pushkar lassi gives refreshment to the people. By the way, the Lassi becomes tastier when you drink it with your family members and friends. Thus it would be best to try the Pushkar Lassi during the Holi festival.

Amazing Celebration

Holi gives lots of fun and enjoyable moments to the people of Pushkar. Everybody with crazy faces starts celebrating Holi with lots of friends.

On this day people also meet strangers and make them friends. However, in Pushkar, people offer each other food, snacks, and soft drinks to make the party more enjoyable. With a huge crowd, each street and lane of Pushkar celebrate the Holi festival. However, people love to interact with known people on this day.

However, in Pushkar, unique pools and ponds make the color festival more beautiful. The children run on the streets with Pichkari and hand full with colors. Moreover, Pushkar people welcome their guests and strangers with a friendly nature today. In a word, the Pushkar Holi celebration gives each heart peace and happiness.

Walking Through Narrow Lane

holi celebration in pushkar streets

The city of Pushkar is tiny and beautiful. Each street of Pushkar is packed with different kinds of stalls and shops. At the color festival, the narrow lane and streets of the Pushkar are full of a huge crowd. Everybody looks different and crazy on this day.

The youngsters from gangs walk through the narrow streets of the Pushkar. This is more enjoyable. However, everyone chased each other and colored each other’s faces. This is the funniest and most pleasant moment in Pushkar. You will never find anywhere the beautiful and unique Pushkar Holi festival.

Music Madness

holi music party at pushkar

Moreover, the Holi festival of Pushkar is not complete without music. In the grand celebration of Holi Pushkar, people use Dj music to have more fun and enjoy. With the loud sound of music, everybody danced with many crazy steps.

Also, the unique way of dance gives happiness to each face. The youngsters dance with their friends and families to make the festival more colorful. Besides this, people do not stop the music till evening.

The streets and lanes of Pushkar are full of insane people. If you visit Pushkar during Holi, you must enjoy the party of Holi with lovely music, dance, food, beverage, and crazy faces.

Bottom line

In conclusion, the Pushkar Holi celebration creates many sweet and beautiful memories. Each street, lane, houses, and people join the grand festival of Colors in Pushkar. Also, the people of Pushkar do not avoid strangers on this day. With all the family members and friends, Pushkar people enjoy each ritual and tradition of Holi.

Moreover, to make your holiday memorable and enjoyable, you need to visit the Pushkar during the color festival. It makes your life and memory colorful and peaceful.

Written by
Rex Baker