Why Is Checking The Tyre Pressure Important?

Why Is Checking The Tyre Pressure Important?

Tyre Pressure Important
Tyre Pressure Important

The tyres of your vehicle endure a lot while you regularly drive. Hence, it becomes necessary to ensure their condition is fine and being inspected well from time to time. If a check is not done regularly, your car might incur heavy costs in the long run. It could also cause serious accidents and breakdowns harming life and property.

How to check the pressure in the tyres?

Before starting, you must be equipped with a gauge to measure the pressure as per the recommendation shared by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual. Then:

  • Take off the dust cap of the valve from the valve of the tyre and put the gauge on the valve stem of the tyre.
  • Press the gauge down on the stem of the valve to make sure you get a precise reading.
  • Monitor this reading on the gauge to identify if the tyres are required to be deflated or inflated. 
  • If they need to be inflated, utilise a pump and prevent overinflating the tyres by inserting a little amount of air each time.
  • If they need to be deflated, use a screwdriver to press the pin on the stem of the valve to emit air.
  • Measure the pressure with the gauge as usual between deflating and inflating the tyre.

Always remember to inspect all the tyres because the pressure in all the tyres could differ.

Importance of checking the tyre pressure

The weight of the car is carried by the pressure in the tyres. The tyres run out of air each month making it important to inspect the pressure frequently. The pressure could also have an impact on the performance of the vehicle. It could impact the safety, braking, handling and alter the driving comfort as well. The consumption of fuel could also be impacted by the pressure in the tyres Lincoln. A tyre that is deformed could enhance the resistance of the car with the ground making the fuel work more and ultimately making it cost more as well.

How is the pressure measured in tyres?

The systems that measure the pressure in the tyres include pounds per square inch and bar.

1 Bar is equal to 14.5 PSI (for conversion)

Most gauges would display both kinds of measuring units making it easier to monitor the pressure at home.

What is the ideal pressure in the tyres?

This completely depends on the tyre and the vehicle. The pressure is mentioned by the manufacturer of the tyre in the handbook. Every vehicle has a different inflation recommendation.

When should the pressure be checked in the tyres?

The pressure in the tyres must be inspected once a month. They should be checked when the car tyres are cool as hot tyres would give inaccurate readings. The pressure can also be checked at a petrol pump. 

Gradual puncture of tyres

The tyres that puncture slowly let out air at a much-reduced pace than the regular punctures, which could not be noticed for a very long time. The tyre might lose a significant amount of pressure rendering it unsafe to be driven.

How to find a slow puncture?

  1. The steering wheel that vibrates
  2. Car pulling on one side
  3. Debris piercing the tyre
  4. Reduced handling
  5. Damaged sidewall
  6. An out of shape tyre
  7. Clicking sort of noise

This could take place by any pointed object cutting through the car tyre, or the result of the car being driven over a kerb or pothole. A damaged valve could also cause the air to leak. You could drive your car on a slow puncture but the puncture might just increase in size and ultimately let out more air. This would impact the safety and handling aspect of the car.

Repairing of the slow puncture

Kits to repair the punctures are available everywhere but they could offer just a by-the-way fix. They are available with fixing glue that is introduced via the valve and then taken to the puncture behaving like a sealant. It is best to receive help from a professional during such times.

Should the tyre be replaced after a slow puncture?

Some of these slow kinds of punctures could be repaired, eliminating the need of replacing the car tyre. Repair facilities in many instances can fix the damages or replace the defective valve to save money for buying new winter tyres Lincoln.