Why Do You Exercise But Still Don’t Lose Weight?

Why Do You Exercise But Still Don’t Lose Weight?

Most of us believe that wanting to lose weight is the simple math of eating less, exercising more. However, things are not that simple.

Not following a certain program

You go to the gym very hard but work out inspired, only using the treadmill, lifting a few sets of weights, or swimming all day without any specific plan for training. At first, you may feel that your training is effective, however, after 2-3 weeks the results are still in place and there is no further fat loss.

Still maintaining the old exercise intensity, the body that has adapted will no longer be effective for you. Therefore, we need to have a specific training plan for each stage, from easy to advanced. The purpose of the exercise is to increase the stimulation of muscles, make them damaged, and produce hormones that are beneficial for growth. When you get enough nutrients into your body, your muscles will grow better. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.

Therefore, the advice given to you is to need a separate PT to guide the exercise properly as well as effectively in successful weight loss. You should use discount codes, coupons for gym to register gym cards with PT in promotions on every holiday, it will help you save a lot of costs.

Too much cardio

Cardio is recommended by many people as a ‘divine’ method to help fat people lose weight and burn fat. If you only do cardio, even too much, your body will quickly adapt to this exercise program. Along with a diet with too low calories, the body does not have enough time and energy for the body to recover, you will fall into a state of stress. This is the cause of losing control of overeating, creating feelings of sluggishness, lack of concentration, cravings, and easy weight gain.

Do not change the exercise program

The fastest way to effectively and sustainably lose fat is to build a lot of muscle. When you follow an exercise program for too long and see signs of weight loss, muscle not growing, fat not losing, they tell you that you need to change the way you exercise, to create continuous stimulation. up muscle. 

Do not follow a specific menu, do not use a nutrition diary

Exercise hard, but you don’t put yourself on a calorie-controlled diet, leading to overeating. You need to calculate your calorie intake, build your nutrition for each day, each meal with a reasonable ratio of protein, starch, and fat.

Record all of your meals for the day in a nutrition diary. Each person has a different body, habits, work characteristics, and concentration, so it needs to be calculated accordingly. There will be a time when the results of fat loss are stagnant, we should record in the nutrition diary to recalculate the percentage of starch, protein, and fat and adjust until we see the effect.

Improper eating to lose weight

To lose 1 kg, you need to burn 7,000-7,700 calories. If you want to lose 3 kg in a month, equivalent to 21,000 calories, divided on average per day you need to cut 700 calories. 

If your diet is well for six days, but on the seventh day eat comfortably from morning to night. You accidentally consume too many calories, close to or even more than the other calories that should be consumed in a day. So on average, the number of calories you cut for the whole week can be very small, even zero, and negative. The process repeats itself, a few months go by and you’re still the same, not working, and giving up.

Do not eat starch

Starch is the most important source of energy in training, helping the body synthesize glycogen, brain function better, alert, focus and fight stress.

Many people completely cut or eat very little carbs, while increasing exercise makes the body lack energy during exercise, forcing it to use muscles to break down to create energy instead. You will easily lose muscle, reducing the body’s metabolism and the effectiveness of the training session.

Eat too little, exercise too much

Eating too little, reducing calories below basal metabolic rate to ensure survival, and increasing the intensity of exercise does great damage to your body. They will fall into a state of stress, muscles and nervous systems do not have enough time to recover.

Our body is an intelligent system, if it receives harmful signals it immediately adjusts itself to survive. Eating too little, exercising too much, the body will activate the anti-hunger state, the muscle will gradually lose, metabolism will decrease, hunger will increase. You will tend to eat again and lose weight control.

In case you do not want to eat but still want to meet your protein needs, you should use supplements such as Whey protein. These supplements are popularly sold on sales websites, you can use discount codes and coupons included to save money. Using whey protein will help you add nutrients, make your body stronger, and lead to more effective workouts.

Stress is the most reason not to lose weight 

Stress is the most dangerous factor that prevents fat loss. They can come from many reasons such as work, relationships in life, financial pressure, diet, exercise, insomnia. When stress is too much and often lasts for a long time, you tend to load up on foods such as cakes, foods high in sugar and fat.


Not getting enough sleep can affect your endocrine system, the hormones that depend on your sleep. This disruption can also affect growth hormone production, particularly in children and adolescents. These hormones help build muscle mass and repair cells and tissues.

Insufficient sleep has been linked to hunger and cravings. According to a 2004 study, people who slept less than 6 hours a day were 30% more obese than those who slept 7-9 hours.

Lack of sleep also causes your body to secrete higher levels of insulin after eating. insulin controls your blood sugar. Higher insulin levels promote fat storage and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.


The above are the reasons and ways to overcome if you exercise hard but can’t lose weight. Remember, exercising smart, eating, and resting in moderation will help your training be effective. Hope the article will help you, good luck.