What is the difference between Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards & Angel Cards?

What is the difference between Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards & Angel Cards?

What is the difference between Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards & Angel Cards?

It is very common for all of these cards to be collectively called “Tarot Cards”. But the fact is that they differ in both appearance and structure. Tarot card reading services in Ludhiana always have a fixed structure where you work according to a certain system, while oracle cards and angel cards have no system at all and are more intended as cards where you can work freely and get more direct messages.

For example, oracle cards usually have a text with a message on the card or a number and can have an associated book with text for each card. Oracle cards and angel cards can have different themes such as animals, angels, beings, butterflies etc. It is thus entirely up to the creator of the oracle cards to freely build and create their deck of cards according to their own wishes.

A tarot deck, on the other hand, always has the same base with 78 cards and is always divided into two parts: the small arcane and the large arcane. In principle, the cards of the tarot deck always have the same meanings, regardless of who the creator of the deck is. There are a few different systems in tarot, such as Thoth, Marseille and Rider Waite Smiths and they are very similar.

How are Tarot Cards interpreted?

When we are going to interpret tarot cards, we read all the cards in a layout, a bit like the boxes in a comic book. We read the meanings of the cards in a sequence but also symbols, elements etc. The different suites in the deck (swords, pentagrams, cups and rods) stand for different elements that represent different parts of ourselves. Cups are symbolized, for example, by water elements and stand for our interior such as the soul, spirituality, emotions. So if we get a lot of goblet cards in one set, we can assume that it focuses on precisely these above-mentioned areas. The small and large arcana also have different meanings which are also weighed in an interpretation of the cards.

Tarot cards for beginners

There are a lot of methods you can use to learn tarot. To get started, top astrologer in Ludhiana recommends the following:

  1. Buy a tarot love, preferably based on the Rider Waite Smith system, as most tarot books are based on this system.
  2. Spend time with your deck of cards every day to create a strong bond between you.
  3. Start reading tarot books, listen to podcasts or watch YouTube videos to learn about the cards, the system and all the different symbols. Feel free to take a course!
  4. Feel free to get a notebook where you write down what you have learned. When we write things down, we usually find it easier to remember them. You also result in a tarot diary with your own personal notes and interpretations.
  5. Do not forget to listen to your intuition and have fun on the trip!