What is Mercari & is Mercari safe for Buyer and seller?

What is Mercari & is Mercari safe for Buyer and seller?

What is Mercari

Mercari Introduction

Marketplaces for business online are new and exciting to be engaged with all the time. There are numerous new and established marketplaces which have seen tremendous progress in the past two years. 

This is why many marketers are now turning to online marketplaces to buy or sell items to increase their growth speedily and effectively using top-of-the-line strategies.

Mercari marketplace is among those marketplaces that is gaining the online market thanks to its unique selling and buying processes. Many people who buy and sell are inclined to buying and selling through the Mercari marketplace because of its ease to interact with buyers and sellers. 

What is Mercari?

Mercari is a marketplace which allows you to purchase and sell nearly everything provided that the item can be delivered. The app differentiates itself by not allowing meet-ups in-person and also requiring sellers to deliver the items to buyers. 

Mercari is also able to process all payments to ensure that neither party suffers from being scammed.

The Mercari platform employs identity verification and reviews to ensure that all parties are aware of every transaction. It has a fixed 10% fee for sales. 

When Mercari Established?

Mercari is a Japanese-based marketplace online that lets you trade and buy things by using it. You can buy or sell nearly everything you want on this website.

Which makes it a huge market with a greater likelihood of earning a profit there. The Japan-based marketplace was founded by an Japanese businessman named Shintaro Yamada in the month of February 2013 and was officially established as a marketing platform in July of the same year. 

The platform came out by releasing an app that could be used on its iOS as well as Android devices. By taking a strategic approach, Mercari managed to go one step ahead of their competitors by entry into the US market in the year 2014. 

Since then, Mercari has reached the milestone for 45 million downloads across the world and third spot of app stores.

Is Mercari app legit?

Yes Mercari is a real marketplace and app to sell items that is frequently similar to eBay. Selling is simple once you’ve listed your item, it’s accessible for shipping across the country.

And will provide you with a wider selection of buyers than if you posted the item in a local area on Craigslist.

A online platform that has been operational for the past eight decades within the US market, with more than 50 million downloads and 350,000 listings every the day. 

Mercari is secure online selling platform that is legitimate. But for any platform selling products there are always negatives. The presence of fraudsters is one of the biggest challenges for any online marketplace.

How Do You Sell on Mercari?

To sell your Mercari product. You’ll need to go through some steps online or through the application. 

1. Establish a Mercari Account

Register an account and begin using Mercari. After you’ve registered you’ll be able to access your profile at any time by clicking on your profile image on near the top. Your profile page is where you’ll find a wealth of details. You can check the people you follow and people who are following you. 

2. Create a Listing

To sell an item, select to the red “sell” button in the app , or click use the “Sell on Mercari” button on the homepage. Then, you’ll need to add the listing information. Upload photos of the item you’re offering.

If the item has been used then tidy it up so that it is more attractive to potential buyers. When you take pictures, make sure you alter your lighting so that potential buyers can view the item clearly.

When you’ve uploaded your images then enter the information for the title description, category, the size and brand that the object is in.

3. Wait for Buyers

You now have to sit and watch for buyers to come through. If you don’t change the settings on your account, you’ll get informed when somebody “likes” your item, offers to buy it, or contacts you with an email.

It’s simple to personalize notifications on Mercari so that you don’t be able to see any information outside of the app that you don’t wish to be able to. 

You can decide whether you wish to receive notifications via mail or on the mobile phone. In each listing, you will check how the number of views as well as how many likes the item has received. You can modify the listing at any point prior to the time that the item is sold.

4. Ship the Item

When your item is sold . Mercari will declare it “sold” in the app so that buyers know it’s off the market. Every Mercari transactions are considered final, unless the fall within the buyer protection guarantee.

Make sure to pack your item with care and should it break, be ensure to secure it. There are three days to deliver the product.

If you choose to use a prepay label, you need to select “Create Shipping Label” in the app, or select “Print Shipping Label” in the confirmation email for sale. Simply print the label, stick it to the box , and bring it to a delivery centre or post office. 

If your package is not weighed correctly it could cost you extra shipping charges. If you’re sending the item on an individual label, you’ll need send the shipping details to Mercari to allow the company to monitor the item.

5. Get Your Money

Once the review process is completed or the three-day period expires after which your money resulted from your sale will appear in your bank account.

The Mercari app will try to convince users to use their money on the platform however, you should resist and keep your money! You can also create earnings goals within the application.

Your balance is visible in your account. Click on it to get additional information on your earnings from sales, your deposit history, and transfer money. Simply click “Transfer” under the balance to withdraw your cash. You can transfer by direct deposit or through immediate pay.

How Does Shipping Work on Mercari?

How shipping works for sellers and buyers on Mercari.

For Buyers

If you are a buyer, the shipping could be paid or free according to the seller’s preference. What ever it is, it will be listed on the product’s page which allows you to choose whether or not to proceed. You can apply this Free Shipping filter as well.

The package should be delivered within 7 days. Mercari has formed a partnership to FedEx, UPS, and USPS to deliver on time.

For Sellers

To ship their items sellers can utilize Mercari prepaid labels , or even ship their products themselves. While Mercari offers instructions for packing available on their website, sellers may select Mercari Pack and Ship to have experts wrap your goods.

If you purchase Mercari Prepaid Labels, it will email you the label once the order is made. Wrap your product in a bag, then apply the label, then deliver it to the closest center for shipping. Remember, Mercari wants you to deliver the product within three days.

Mercari Local

Additionally, Mercari also has a delivery service called Mercari Local. With this option, you can shop and explore things close to where you live. This is great for things that are too large or fragile to be transported.

Mercari has joined forces with companies such as Uber and Uber, which means you don’t need to visit the seller/buyer. The cost for local delivery costs $10.99 for all kinds of categories to be paid by the buyer. At present, Mercari Local is available in certain regions only.

The Benefits of Buying from Mercari

Mercari is among the most popular marketplaces available to everyone due to its assortment of products to meet the needs of everyone. The most effective features and the accessibility of numerous goods allow Mercari to keep ahead of the curve each time. 

Mercari App is Easy Signing Up

Together with Mercari beginning is simple. Mercari has an easy sign-up feature that allows sellers or buyers get access into the market. 

With your email address and Facebook profile, you are able to easily sign up for your own Mercari profile to begin your journey using the app. Mercari provides confirmation links to users who want to begin this journey with confidence.

Mercari App Easy Browsing

The effectiveness of the marketplace is due to its simple, user-friendly browsing capabilities. The application for Mercari offers simple and numerous categories of browsing. So, that you are able to search for the product you are looking for. It also shows the most popular products on the homepage to keep up to date with fashions in the market and its popularity.

What Mercari offers for Buyers

The marketplace Mercari offers buyers the option of choosing everything and anything in its marketplace. What you can purchase on the Mercari marketplace:

Good Branded Women’s clothing: 

It comes with an array of women’s clothes to ensure that women keep coming back on the hunt for gorgeous fashionable items. There are a wide range of clothes, shoes and accessories are offered on this website as well as for a very affordable cost.

All Men Clothing:

 There are great deals for Him too. Men’s clothing of all kinds products are offered at the online marketplace Mercari. This gives the best selection every time. There is a wide selection of stock. The extensive selection of clothing for men is stylish and affordable to meet every budget and requirement.

The best deal for youngsters: 

The kid’s section is more appealing than the other market sites. The section for kids at the Mercari marketplace is filled with numerous selections that are ideal to do a additional shopping. What’s going to keep you its offerings is abundance of appealing items that are available with a price that is in a surprisingly low and range.

Many Branded bags: 

A large variety of bags is available at the Mercari marketplace. It also comes with 70% or less cost than other retailers. There are a variety of choices with diverse designs and brands are offered at an affordable price and makes it a great location for those who love bags to congregate.

Tech-related items:

 The electronic section has a wide array of gadgets. In comparison to other marketplaces, they offer numerous models of low-cost devices that make it a popular market for gadget lovers.

Best kitchen items: 

The Mercari marketplace is a notable site for household products. There are a variety of kitchen appliances and dining accessories offered at Mercari marketplace, which makes it an ideal location to shop when you’re looking to spice your kitchen with top kitchen products.

Advantages and disadvantages of Buying on Mercari?

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of shopping with Mercari you should be aware of to find the most affordable prices on your purchase:

Mercari Buying Advantages

1- Low cost of the products
2- Simple categorizing of products
3- You can easily find an extensive selection of items
4- Unlimited deals
5- Low shipping cost
6- Robust quick responsive customer support
7- Simple tracking of offers

Mercari Buying Disadvantages

1- Support for customer service is provided via text messages only
2- No filter is available for the highest to lowest price range list

Benefits of Selling on Mercari

If you’re thinking about reasons why you should choose Mercari to sell your items, here are some legitimate motives that make it a good choice to choose making a sale on Mercari. These are the advantages:

Easy To sell all products

Selling on Mercari provides customers by making it easy to sell products on the marketplace. It doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge to sell your items on Mercari. Anyone who is interested can join and begin earning a large sum of money.

Connecting with a Wide Customer Service

Mercari is one of the most highly rated platforms across the globe, which is the reason it’s a great place to reach a large number of customers if you’re considering doing something major. When you begin selling on Mercari, you’ll bring in 40 million people who frequently use the app.

Easy Operating Online

There’s no need to participate in any gatherings or even physical transactions. All you have to do is sign up to the Mercari Marketplace and begin selling by following a few easy steps.

Give Great Profit Scale

The marketplace Mercari gives you access to a broad range of scales for customers. If you are able to scale your sales with attractive offers and pricing, then generating an impressive profit is not a challenging job.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling on Mercari

These are the benefits and drawbacks Mercari has to offer when you sell through this marketplace:

Mercari selling Advantages

1- The less amount of seller fees
2- Access to customers from all over the world
3- Easy categorizing
4- The safety of the seller is paramount
5- Flexible shipping options for your convenience

Mercari selling Disadvantages

1- Slow sales rate
2- The dashboard isn’t that useful

How To Protect Yourself As A Seller on Mercari

Mercari provides sellers protection compared to other platforms due to their $200 shipping protection plan. 

Detailed Description & Photos

The more details you are able to give the more information you can provide, the more information you can provide, the better. Not only will this give the buyer assurance that you aren’t a fraud however, it also protects your interests in the event that the buyer is scammed. 

Use Mercari’s Prepaid Label

This is contingent upon the worth of your product and your level of risk. Mercari can provide as much as $200 of shipping insurance in the event that you purchase a pre-paid shipping label from them. This applies to USPS First Class (packages that weigh less than 1 pounds) that typically, you’ll need to purchase additional insurance through postal services or any other third-party suppliers.

Mercari Conclusion

The good Items that you no longer require can be very useful to another person. Selling them is profitable for both of you. Fortunately, Mercari offers an easy method of purchasing and selling second-hand goods. 

There are no upfront costs or listing fees, an easy procedure, and an easy shipping and removal of unwanted things and making some money is simple.

Due to the growing demand of people for online marketing, it’s offering many possibilities to sellers who wish to move into digital selling. Making the decision to sell through Mercari is the best choice you could make. 

However buyers are secured with quick shipping and a simple shipping of the items to shoppers who are able to choose from a variety of items in various categories. So Mercari offers a discount of the new sign-ups $10 for the first time you sign-up by referring a code.

Mercari FAQs

Q1. What is Mercari?

Mercari is a marketplace which allows you to purchase and sell nearly everything provided that the item can be delivered.

Q2. Is Mercari Marketplace the same as eBay?

Mercari and eBay are very similar online marketplaces with top-selling categories. but they are very different in consideration of audience, seller tools, and store management.

Q3. Is Mercari available in the UK?

No Mercari is not available in the UK.

Q4. Who is the founder of Mercari?

The Japan-based marketplace was founded by an Japanese businessman named Shintaro Yamada in the month of February 2013 and was officially established as a marketing platform in July of the same year. 

Q5. Why is Mercari cheaper?

Yes Mercari is cheaper than other marketplace because they charge only a 10% commission on the item price and has zero listing fees. This fact is why they are cheaper than eBay.