What flowers to give on a first date? 

What flowers to give on a first date? 

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The first date is a pleasant but exciting event: you do not know where the resulting sympathy is, whether the evening will be successful. In any case, you do not want to lose face in the dirt in front of the girl and allow any embarrassment, including the choice of a bouquet.  

Study the rules of floral etiquette so you know what flowers to choose. And then you can use flower delivery London and get a fresh and beautiful bouquet at the appointed time. 

The must-have flower 

If you’re hesitant about whether flowers are essential on a first date, know that they are essential. It’s a sign of respect for the girl you’re asking out.  

But you can’t go wrong with a flower 

The first date is the moment when you need to show not only interest, but also respect for your partner. There is a list of flowers that are not considered very appropriate or the most polite solution.  

A very large, massive bouquet. It would be difficult for a girl to wear it all evening.  

One or three flowers without a wrapper. Such a bouquet seems skimpy and formal.  

A breezy flower. It is unacceptable for a bouquet to be sluggish on a date.  

Flowers with a very strong scent. Lilies, freesias and some other flowers have such a strong scent that it can give you a headache. 

What kinds of flowers are not suitable for a first date?  

Scarlet roses. Acceptable only if the spark of passion has already jumped between you. If you do not know each other and do not declare your love for each other, scarlet roses – too provocative bouquet that suggests intimacy.  

White chrysanthemums or callas. These are very beautiful flowers, but in some cultures they are considered a symbol of sadness.  

Anturia, irises, gladioli. These are traditionally masculine flowers that are not very suitable for a romantic encounter with a girl.  

Flowers that cause allergies. All flowers with light pollen, especially wildflowers and cereals, can ruin your whole evening if your partner is allergic to blooms. 

What flower to choose and what does a bouquet for a woman look like? 

A bouquet for a first date should be chosen based on the age and condition of the girl. The younger your companion is, the lighter the bouquet can be: white, cream, light pink, lilac, blue flowers are quite suitable.  

For more mature women, it is better to choose bright colors: fuchsia, purple, blue, yellow, orange.  

Bouquets of roses with soft shades indicate a romantic relationship, while gerberas, alstromeria and irises tell more about fun and flirting. 

The most sensual flowers that promise a long romance are pink or coral peonies. A companion will appreciate your taste.   

Pay attention to the packaging: a laconic, calm package of bright colours is suitable for a first date. It is inappropriate to give the girl flowers in a package of green, blue, brown or other dark shades. It is better to choose cream, beige, pink and purple shades of wrapping paper.  

If you can’t decide on a particular flower, the best solution is a complex arrangement of several types of flowers: roses, alstromeria, eustomia, ranunculus, gypsophila in a practical handbag or hatbox. The advantage of this solution is that you do not have to look for a vase for the flowers: they are on a flower sponge and can stay without water all evening.    

The men also deserve a flower 

What flowers can you give to a man? Distinguishing features of a man’s bouquet:  

Minimalist packaging in strict shades: brown, burgundy, black, green.  

Abundance of herbs and greenery: eucalyptus, bergros, ferns.  

Darker colours: white and pink are out of place here.  

Specific types of flowers that emphasize courage and leadership: gladioli, irises, dark orchids, black callas, anthuriums, bluebells.   

Avoid embarrassment – paper goes, cellophane stays! 

Sustainability is an important trend in modern floristry. Your partner will be flattered if you choose her a bouquet with a minimum amount of packaging made of recyclable materials: kraft paper, sisal, netting. Plastic, on the other hand, although it looks good, inevitably contributes to the world’s waste. 

Questions and answers: 

What flowers to give to a woman? 

Traditional flowers for women that indicate a romantic relationship and your interest in the young person are roses, eustomas, orchids, lilies, peonies. Acceptable are resins, freesias, tulips and other spring flowers.  

On the first date it is better not to give white callas, carnations, anthuriums, gladioli, irises.  

What do nine roses mean? 

Nine roses, according to floral etiquette, is a fairly neutral bouquet that can mean both an expression of friendship and an apology for an inappropriate word or action, as well as an expression of appreciation. However, if you give 9 roses on your second and subsequent dates, it can be seen as “let’s stay friends”. 

How many flowers to give? 

Mono-kitted bouquets of three, seven, eleven flowers are appropriate on a first date, but the best option is to choose a complex floral arrangement of several types of flowers. Then the number of buds does not matter.  

What is a love flower? 

The most suitable flowers for expressing love are scarlet or pink roses, scarlet tulips and also peonies.  

What flowers to celebrate? 

Most flowers sold in florists and stalls are a celebration in themselves. Choose the ones that the recipient of your bouquet likes best.