Vinyl Records Stores Stay Pretty Much Alive Despite The Numbers

Vinyl Records Stores Stay Pretty Much Alive Despite The Numbers

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It is a difficult time to own a neighborhood record store. Although the dream of a record store is novel, digital music makes things much nicer. Neighborhood record store owners stay alive today with the help of a small group of music lovers who are looking for a sense of community and culture.

For any vinyl store to survive today, they cannot just sell music. Many of these stores are forced to sell other items like DVDs, books, and equipment. For brick-and-mortar locations to compete against the digital industry, they must become more focused.

Vinyl Records Sales Statistics

The first three months saw an increase in vinyl LP sales from 2021. That may still not be enough for many music store owners. With the fall of significant chain music stores like Virgin and Tower Records, smaller retailers began to follow suit. Although neighborhood record stores have been on the decline since 2008, there are still remote locations continually being open by electronic music lovers. Some of these music lovers are not doing it for the money. They do it for themselves and their small core group of clients. They enjoy being able to sell something interesting to someone unique.

Selling Collector Vinyl Records

No one is positive if this increase in record sales numbers will continue or make dramatic changes to the industry. Vinyl only makes up a small percentage of the market. Selling collector’s edition dance vinyl records might be your best bet. The vinyl industry is kept afloat primarily by hardcore collectors willing to spend almost anything for a hard-to-find, vintage album.

Trading and collecting is a brilliant idea for independent dance vinyl record stores. Besides professional DJs, the collectors are typically willing to spend more than anyone else.

A neighborhood record store needs to find its niche. The perfect location will also be very valuable. Independent record stores find the most success near universities or large cities. Successful stores are carefully curated with new and old items. Many contemporary artists are now releasing albums on digital and vinyl. That is an excellent way to bring in younger customers. Independent releases are another great way to bring in a crowd who knows they can’t get what they want at a Best Buy or Target.

It isn’t the end for record shops, with events like Record Store Day and getting involved with the local community. Owners are discovering ways to keep their businesses alive. There will be music lovers who always want to have the experience of going into a record location. is an online vinyl records store based in Spain, offering the largest selection of dance music vinyl records online. And you don’t want to miss amazing deals available every day! We have record albums in the most popular dance music genres: house, techno, beats available ready to be shipped to your doorstep.