Unique and Personal Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones 

Unique and Personal Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones 

Personal Gift Ideas

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with different ideas for a loved one’s birthday or commemorate a special day or event in that person’s life. However, if you know them well, it does get easier; if you don’t, you may have to do a fair bit of secret research to surprise them – in a nice way, of course – with your gift. 

1 Personalized engraved jewelry 

As long as you know the person’s size and, of course, their own personal taste and preference for the style of jewelry that they would wear, you are onto a winner. However, guessing at any of these may find that your gift stays unworn and, in its box, rather than gaining the pleasure that it was intended to bring.  

If the store where you purchase the item of jewelry from doesn’t offer engraving, you will find that there are other businesses that certainly will. It is important that you choose the right sort of engraving method for the jewelry you have purchased and the font (if any) that will be used. 

2 Crafting your own selection box 

If you know your recipient’s personal preferences for confectionery, you will, by going to the right supplier, be able to hand pick and therefore craft your own selection box of goodies. For instance, if your loved one is partial to some Turkish delight but only really likes certain combinations such as almond and coconut, pistachio, or strawberry, you can present them with exactly the flavors they will eat and enjoy.  

This means that your money will be well spent, and your recipient’s taste buds will be overjoyed and even more so when none are wasted or have to be offered (or offloaded) to others because of receiving a box that was not carefully selected with their tastes in mind. 

3 Creating a personalized hamper or gift basket  

If your loved one is not necessarily a foodie, nor do they wear jewelry, then your other option is to make them a personalized gift basket with all their favorite goods. Hampers can be pretty easy to assemble, although it means sourcing items from different stores and places online. Even if they are a foodie, a hamper is great – add your box of Turkish delight to the hamper and see their faces light up.  

Of course, your first point would be to find the perfect basket to house your hamper items in, and you will need to think of the size as well as the material and how useful it will be to the recipient. Getting a large vessel will mean you have a lot of space to fill, whereas a small vessel will limit your options and could be frustrating. 

It is important to remember that you are creating this hamper, so although you will have to choose a topic and stick to it, it is pretty much up to you what you choose to put in it, so long as it is something that will be welcomed and enjoyed by your loved one of course. For instance, it could be a pamper hamper, haircare hamper, skin care hamper, car kit hamper, or alcohol gift basket with a hipflask – if the age is appropriate.