Top 5 Telecom Billing Industry Trends to Follow in 2022

Top 5 Telecom Billing Industry Trends to Follow in 2022

COVID-19 has transformed several things, including the way businesses operate and communicate, as well as the services they expect from service providers. Because the pandemic is predicted to last until 2022, telecom industries are developing new offers and creative solutions to help businesses run more smoothly during these challenging circumstances. Most telecom trends in 2022 will undoubtedly be influenced by the problems and needs posed by the ongoing pandemic.

Telecoms have the potential to play a critical role in helping businesses recover from COVID-19. They are helping to define a new reality for businesses that are using the power of modern wireless technology. Indeed, this transition to next-generation networking has the ability to revolutionize businesses function.

In 2022, the telecoms industry will be dominated by these trends.

For effective data sharing, a consistent set of business and marketing solutions are required

Businesses have been looking for solutions that allow them to have all of their data in one place. CRM helpdesk, ERP, and other business management tools are examples of these solutions for planning and organizing customer and project lifecycles. As technology advances, providing real-time data records (CDRs) becomes more practical. The smooth processing, rating, assessment, and movement of data from carrier to end-user is dependent on billing platforms.

The automated import and rating of CDRs in the Neon soft telecom billing system make this possible. At each point in the funnel, you may create and assign tasks to other users. NEON will send you an email to notify you of the duties that have been assigned to you. This new level of automation supports the implementation of consistent processes and higher efficiency.

From old technology to cloud-based and open technologies 

One of the most important business lessons 2020-21 taught us was that businesses must be ready to adapt to their customers’ needs. The ability of organizations to respond rapidly to tough situations is greatly dependent on their digital excellence. As practically every company realizes the benefits of cloud-based services, migration to the cloud is happening in droves. With cloudbased systems, fewer computer resources are required, processes and administration are simplified, and expenses are reduced.

Although there are numerous billing software solutions available, none of them can compete with NEON’s superior billing functionality. It’s simple with NEON to integrate with existing billing gateways such as MiRTA, VOS, PORTA ONE, FUSION PBX, VITAL PBX, and others.

More Technology Investments and Integrations 

Businesses require a strong technological infrastructure to compete successfully. The interrelationships between service delivery channels, product planning, and customer support also require an integrated approach to invoicing and payment processes. Billing solutions that are easier to integrate with other systems, such as accounting, payment services, revenue management, and customer management, are becoming particularly crucial to businesses.

Another best thing about NEON Soft is that it provides integrations with various platforms like Vos3000, MiRTA, Fusion PBX, VITAL PBX, etc.

Automated, Real-Time Usage 

Real-time billing enables businesses to discover new revenue-generating opportunities while also improving the customer experience. For businesses that want to automate their billing procedures, real-time, multi-tenant billing solutions are essential. Overall, it allows companies to concentrate on optimizing invoicing operations and increasing customer satisfaction. NEON Soft provides a smooth and accurate billing solution with various invoicing features. You can manage both customer and vendor invoices.

Paperless Billing & Invoicing 

Businesses of all sizes are considering more efficient billing solutions to reduce capital expenditures and enhance agility in operations. Customers may access their information anytime, anywhere, and on a variety of devices thanks to telecom billing solutions and payment systems. Customers benefit from paperless billing because it allows for more efficient, simple, and streamlined payment methods, which improve customer experience and retention while also allowing businesses to generate revenue more quickly.

The NEON Soft Telecom billing platform has been developed over many years to give you a comprehensive solution for billing, managing, and analyzing CDRs so you can focus on expanding your business instead of manual billing operations.

Key Features of NEON

  • Customized Invoice Templates 

With a simple template design, you may create personalized invoice templates.

  • Invoicing 

With NEON Soft create high-quality PDF invoices both automatically and manually, and set up regular and one-time charges for both prepaid and postpaid accounts. Billing cycles that are unique to each customer. Logs of invoices and transactions.

  • Centralized Billing

Collect CDRS from a variety of sources, such as FTP, VOIP Gateways, and CSV, and import the data into NEON to create a single multi-service invoice. NEON has consolidated rate cards and evaluates all the client and vendor usages from a single interface.

  • Receive payments online 

With NEON Soft, you can integrate multiple payment gateways. Secure payment methods are available.

  • Prepaid vs Postpaid Billing options 

You may manage both postpaid and prepaid accounts with NEON. NEON offers subscription plans, service-based billing, toll-free billing, unlimited rate plans, a customer portal for clients, and multi-level tax management.

  • SMS billing 

NEON has just introduced an SMS billing feature which has the following features:

  • Integrated with various gateways.
  • Live monitoring dashboards
  • Usage Analyzation


These are some of the most current telecom sector trends that could usher in a tremendous wave of change. This is an opportunity for the telecom industry to capitalize on these trends that are capable of transforming the digital consumer experience. With mentioned trends and by utilizing new technologies that have the power to transform the customer experience, network growth, and infrastructure management, telecoms will continue to maintain global competitiveness and enhance work efficiency.

By choosing the right telecom billing solution like NEON Soft you can run your business with more reliability and confidence. When running a telecom company, it’s critical to have a reliable and secure billing system. Businesses can use NEON to get a variety of centralized telecom billing solutions that are incredibly reliable. It offers a variety of characteristics that make it a great choice. Moreover, Billing, CRM, account administration, reporting, and monitoring are the key characteristics of this software. You can better manage your business by combining all of these capabilities.

In short, choose NEON as your telecom billing solution, A decision you won’t regret! 

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