Tips To Find The Best Designer Glasses Online Your Face Shape?

Tips To Find The Best Designer Glasses Online Your Face Shape?

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Would you ever dare to don a hairstyle that’s not for your particular face shape? Nope, right? We consider so many factors when shopping for clothes or getting a new haircut. Then why do we just go for any pair of glasses as long as they correct our vision?

When it comes to choosing frames that flatter your style in every way, you have to factor in the shape of your face. We all have a favourite facial feature be it your gorgeous eyes, chiseled jawline or high cheekbones. Eyeglasses can help accentuate these features or hide the ones that we are not so proud of.

If the varied eyewear styles and designer glasses online have left you indecisive, this blog may help. We will help you determine which eyewear shape is made just for you.

You don’t need expensive and dangerous cosmetic surgeries to alter your facial structure. With the right pair of glasses, you can cover or enhance certain facial features.

What’s your face shape?

To know your exact face form, trace the outline of your face and pay attention to your forehead, cheekbones, jawline and chin. Figure out which is the broadest part.

  • People with a broad forehead and narrow chin have a heart-shaped face.
  • If the jawline is a little narrower than the forehead and your face appears long, you have an oval face.
  • If your cheekbones are broad and your features are rather curvy, you have a round face.
  • In case the forehead, cheekbones and jawline are equally wide, you have a square face shape.
  • Oblong faces are more than twice as long as they are wide and the sides are also straight.
  • If your forehead is broad and you have a pointy chin, your face shape is triangular.

What are the right glasses for you?

The shape of your prescription or non-prescription glasses should be contrasting to your face shape. Now that you know enough about your facial structure, it’s time to unravel all the frame options that are waiting for you.

Round face

Your features are a bit bland and what you need is some angles. Where are these angles gonna come from? Simple, pick angular glasses such as square and rectangle and bring balance to your natural symmetry.

Square face

Your face has strong visible angles which you need to tone down a bit with circular or round glasses. The curvy style of these frames will bring a soft touch to your appearance.

If you are looking for something more cool and fun, go for chunky round frames with unique aesthetics and decorated arms. This way you can turn your cheap prescription glasses into statement pairs.

Heart-shaped face

You have a wide forehead and wearing upswept frames will put more emphasis on it. You probably don’t want to make it look like you have an endless forehead, do you? The best option for you is half-rimmed frames with an embellished lower bar.

It will take the eyes away from your seemingly large forehead and bring attention to your cheekbones. If bold frames are not your cup of tea, try out thin metallic or titanium glasses. They are strong, comfortable and easy to style.

Oval face

If you have an oval face shape, you are a lucky son of a gun. There is no eyewear style that won’t accentuate your natural form and do justice to your perfectly proportioned face. But, don’t take it too far with overtly round frames as it may throw away the balance.

If you don’t want to alter your face shape and leave it just as it is, transparent or rimless glasses are your best bet. Rimless is an ideal style that many people opt for when purchasing reading glasses online. As rimless glasses don’t have a frame, you will have a wider field of vision while the unobtrusive appeal will keep things simple and elegant.

Oblong face

When trying to make your face appear shorter and wider, glasses with decorative temple arms will help. They will give an illusion of width to your straight sidelines. Keep your distance from narrow frames as they can make your face appear longer than it already is.

Triangle shape

Your prominent jawline and large forehead will easily make a variety of frame styles work. Go for browline glasses or wayfarer style to put more emphasis on your cheekbones.

Most people see glasses as a vision accessory. However, when style correctly, your glasses can help you look your best without putting in much effort. You just have to make sure the frame style suits your face shape and leave the rest on your eyewear.