Things to Consider When Buying a Used Computer

Things to Consider When Buying a Used Computer

Used Computer

So you have finally decided to buy a new computer. But should you buy a new one or a used one? This decision is easy to make if a new computer does not fall within your budget – not everything is affordable nowadays, like a computer repair shop software for a computer repair business.

Now you have made up your mind to go for a used computer. But beware! Finding a reliable used computer can be difficult. There are various risks involved, which you need to be vigilant for. This will ensure that you are getting the best deal possible by yourself.

This article will discuss what you should look out for when buying a used computer. 

Check for Physical Damage

At times, there are cracks that are difficult to spot on a used computer. Therefore, you should look very carefully to make sure that it is not damaged. It’s definitely possible that the computer could have been dropped or taken a nasty hit if you see a crack.

Spend extra effort to check the screen closely as they might have scratches on it – which are expensive to repair nowadays. Also, you should close and open the lid to see if it is okay. There should be noises and should open and shut smoothly (like they say as computer repair shop Software makes all the processes of your computer repair store smooth)

Check all the keys of the computer to make sure that all are working fine. Sometimes, you have to press the keys harder to make them work properly.

Listen to the Hardware

When you boot up a computer and make noises, it is a sign that the hard drive has poor health. If it sounds like it’s grinding away or if it makes clicking noises, it would probably have to be replaced.

It is wise to have an SSD on your computer. SSDs are now more common than hard drives. Why? This is because they are faster and cheaper than hard drives now. So if the computer has an SSD with a reasonable capacity of 1 TB or more, it will be a preferred choice over a mechanical hard drive.

You can visit a computer repair store and ask for an SSD. They will pull out an SSD from their repair management software (since it manages the inventory of a computer repair store as well). This upgrade will be worth it.

Ask if They Can Provide the Product Keys

If you install a new hard drive, it is always best to perform a fresh Windows install, requiring a Windows key to activate it. If it has Microsoft Office installed in it or any other paid-for software, ask for those license keys too.

You might have to reinstall the operating system, so it is critical that you have all the product keys for this computer. If you don’t have that, then you might have to pay for a new copy of the operating system or other software applications you may need.

Look at the Software it Already Has

It is useful when the computer already has software like Microsoft Office installed. Adobe Photoshop is another program that costs money that is very commonly needed. If it comes with paid-for software, you should look at what it would cost to purchase. This will give you some idea about the value that is added to the computer.

The software holds a lot of importance, and its benefits are numerous. For instance, repair management software streamlines all the computer repair store operations.

Check the Cooling Fans

If you are buying a used computer, you should make sure that all the fans are spinning properly. By properly, we mean that they are not making any noise. If you are considering a laptop, make sure that the intake passages look clean and that you can hear the fan operating after using it for a few minutes.

Also, use this computer for some time to see if it has an overheating problem. If it has, you should move on and look for other options in the market.

Check the Windows

Generally, we would recommend you not to go for older versions than Windows 10. If it has anything older than Windows 7 installed, you will have to pay for a license for Windows 10 and perhaps the work to get it installed or upgraded depending on your computer skill level.

At the same time, if the PC has an older version, the hardware is quite old and might not perform well. So if it’s a really old Windows version, it might not be the right purchase for you.

Use it For At Least 30 Mins

Checking your laptop for operating performance is a good basic test. If any hardware malfunctions when it gets up to operating temperature, you have a better chance to pick up on it. Many times, it happens that computers perform fine when started but after a while they start freezing and hanging. 

You don’t want to end up with a computer that has a fault like this. It could cost quite a bit of money to fix, not to mention the inconvenience.

Find Out How Long the Owner Has Used It

If the current owner had the computer from new, that’s a good sign. If he/she had it for a couple of months after purchasing/receiving it second hand, you should be cautious.

This could be a sign that something isn’t well with it, and he/she could be trying to get rid of a problem. Obviously, this is something you would have done yourself if you had a problem in your computer. So beware.


The above-discussed points should be considered when deciding which used PC to buy. Once these are taken care of, you will be sure that you have bought the right PC for your needs that won’t bother you down the line.

If you have a computer repair shop, it is recommended that you use computer repair shop software to bring efficiency to your work processes.


Written by
Rex Baker