Things that You Don’t Ignore to Design your Custom Eyelash Boxes

Things that You Don’t Ignore to Design your Custom Eyelash Boxes

custom eye lash boxes

The use of lashes is the most common eye makeup product. Most of the time, people love to use heavier eyelashes and volumizer your eyelashes. The use of fake lashes increases the volume of your eyes and makes them more attractive. Add to this; it is available in the industry in multiple sizes, and you need to pack them in the titillating custom lash boxes to grasp your customers’ attention. 

Why Custom Lash Boxes?

Lashes are sensitive, and if not packed in chic packaging, it negatively impacts the customer’s mind. Plus, packaging your cosmetics in premade and low-cost boxes is not the perfect solution for your eyelashes. It does not serve their purpose of branding and popularity to stand out your brand in the industry. On this subject, the custom lash boxes are the best choice to pack the lashes securely in pleasant boxes. 

Understand Your Target Audiences and their Needs 

The initial step is to pick the custom eyelash boxes to identify your target audiences’ needs and understand what they expect from your brand. For this purpose, you need to finalize your audiences like you provide lashes for teenagers, adult females, and older age women. Plus, weddings and parties look different styles of eyelashes. These lashes are pack in quality eyelash packaging boxes. Most of the time, people want to use premium quality lashes that use 5 to 7 times easily so, they store their lashes in their packaging box. At that time, the worth of your eyelash boxes also increased among your customers. 

Focus on Quality Cardstock for Custom Lash Boxes 

Customization offers the biggest opportunity to select each aspect for your eyelash boxes. So, you need to choose quality cardstock for your eyelash boxes as per your interest. Custom lash boxes easily construct with any kind of heavy-duty material that is durable and long-lasting. For instance, you can pick cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, and rigid for your lash boxes. Here is the list of brands that provide quality and durable packaging of lashes. 

  • Kiss’s My Lash But Better 
  • LoveSeen Luca
  • Velour Lashes Vegan Mink Luxe Lash Collection
  • Lilly Lashes Goddess
  • Ardell Natural 
  • Tiro from Kiss 
  • Lashify Gossamer Lashes

All these brands use quality boxes to securely deliver the lashes to the customer’s doorstep. 

Finalize the Number of Lash Pairs to Decide Box Size 

After choosing the cardstock, it’s time to finalize the lashes pair you provide for your users. Most brands offer one pair of lashes in single lash boxes, and some brands prefer to provide 4, 5, and 10 pairs of lashes in one packaging box. They set prices as per the quantity they provide to their customers. Apart from these, such lashes have almond, bold, and curl styles in one packaging. And, sometimes brands provide ten pairs of one design of lashes for your brand. 

Insertion of PVC Window to the View of Thick Lashes 

Well, it is not suitable for cosmetic retailers to provide the eyelash in each customer to examine the thickness. For this purpose, the best way is to pack your lashes is to insert the PVC window on your lash boxes. Insertion of PVC window protects your lashes from damaging as well as enhancing the transparency of your product. Well, most brands use the single-sided window on the front side of eyelashes boxes to showcase the products to your customers. 

Choose Box Style That Provides Best User Experiences 

The packaging of your eyelashes must be easy to open for your customers. If they feel difficulty unboxing the eyelash box, then they never want to buy the products from your brand. So, make personalized lash boxes user-friendly by choosing a secure style for your eyelashes. For this purpose, you can use tuck-end, flip-top magnetic lids, bookend boxes, pillow-shaped boxes, and round-shape eyelashes boxes for your product. But remember what style you pick; it must be sealed. Moreover, you can use enhanced packaging to increase the quality of eyelash packaging to increase your value. [So, want to get info about enhanced packaging for lashes? This article helps you]. 

Give Some Unique Touch to Make Them Spellbinding 

Always give some unique and engaging touch when you design an eyelash box template. In this regard, you might add a touch of gold and silver foiling to print the content on the box. Also, you can use emboss and deboss effects with foiling to make your lash boxes engrossing. Here are some shades of foiling that you can opt for instead of gold and silver. 

  • Rose gold 
  • Brass 
  • Copper 
  • Dark hot pink 
  • Turquoise 

Design the Chunks of Content Superlatively

In the end, you need to adjust the content that you want to print on the eyelash boxes to communicate with your target audiences. On this subject, you need to focus on the size of font style and its custom sizes to beautifully placing your content on the packaging. Besides, the use of color for text must match and look splendid for your target audiences. Here are some chunks that must print on the custom eyelash boxes

  • Brand name 
  • Logo 
  • Product name 
  • Sizes 
  • Security precautions 

Custom eyelash boxes with logos are the preeminent way to market your product in the industry and make your brand name talk of the town. So, carefully design the logo of your cosmetic brand that attracts your users and enhances your brand sales revenue. 

Wrapping Up Things

So, the article explains the importance of your custom lash boxes for your eyelashes and tells the chunks that you don’t must be ignored. Thus, you must consider the quality, printing content, information, and esthetic designs of personalized eyelash boxes to stand out in the clusters of competitors. Now you are able to create outstanding and esthetic lash boxes for the presentation of your eyelashes in a sublime way.