The YETI Lunch Box that will keep your lunch fresh for hours!

The YETI Lunch Box that will keep your lunch fresh for hours!

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No matter how often you take lunch to go.  Your food can easily get soggy and stale in the traditional lunch bag. That’s why YETI created the YETI Lunch Box with YETI ICE, keeping your food hot or cold, no matter how far you have to travel or how long it takes. 

Your lunch will taste as fresh as when you prepared it, making every single one of your packed lunches a deliciously fun experience! Keep reading to learn more about this innovative new way to enjoy an on-the-go meal!

What’s So Special About This Yeti Product?

As you might have gathered from its name, each Yeti product is designed to help you live out your rugged, adventurous lifestyle. Whether you’re spending a day on the beach or miles away from civilization, Yeti products are up to whatever challenge life throws at them.

 The new line of premium coolers is no exception—they boast everything from stackable options to stainless steel latches and leak-proof features so your bag remains in pristine condition. 

And yet, like all Yeti products, these coolers are specifically designed to be as easy on nature as possible—no petroleum-based plastic means that not only do they come fully biodegradable (in an industrial compost facility) but they’re also built with recycled and renewable materials.

How Does This Yeti Product Work?

The Yeti Lunch Cooler is filled with an FDA-approved, non-toxic freezing agent (called Dry Ice) which is designed to freeze at -109 degrees Fahrenheit. The Dry Ice comes in blocks or chips depending on what you prefer and is delivered directly to you. When it arrives, all you have to do is push it into the bottom of your cooler.

 Since there are holes on both sides of the cooler, it lets air come out as well as Dry Ice going in and keeps everything balanced so you don’t have any leakage issues once everything has thawed out. With a thick plastic bottom and heavy duty nylon construction, there’s no need to worry about punctures.

Practical Applications & Examples

If you’re sick of soggy sandwiches, need a more efficient way to bring food on a daytrip. Or simply want to eat like you’re at home when far from it, our Daytrip Lunch Cooler is an easy solution. 

These ultra-durable, insulated, non-sweat technology bags are large enough to hold 1–2 days’ worth of meals. Yet small enough to be packed away neatly without taking up too much space.

Our Verdict On This Yeti Product

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To Buy Or Not To Buy? Pros And Cons Of This Product

The question of whether or not to buy a Yeti Lunch Box depends on how often you plan to take it out and use it. If you’re someone who only takes short road trips in cars. Maybe once every couple months or so, then it probably isn’t worth it since you won’t get enough use out of it. 

However, if you plan on using the lunch box regularly or frequently (such as driving cross-country) then I would suggest getting one. The added benefits of keeping food fresher longer. And being able to transport hot foods in ice are definitely worth a purchase.

Availability Of This Product

Quite easy to get hold of and buy via amazon or even ebay. There are also a lot of specialist outdoors stores in larger towns/cities where you can find it as well. If you’re going on a day trip or short hike I’d recommend getting one. They are available in 6, 10 and 20 can sizes too. Just be sure to go through their size guide first. So you know what size is best for you: Yeti Capacity Guide.

When it comes to packing a lunch box, there are a few choices that should be made regarding the material. The first choice is whether or not you intend to pack liquids. If you do plan on packing liquids, nylon lunch boxes would be the wisest choice, as they won’t mildew and are easy to wipe clean. Next, you will want to decide if you prefer your food to stay insulated until ready to eat, or if you intend to repackage them into an insulated lunch cooler. If you plan on repackaging your food into a cooler, metal boxes with lids could be an option. If you prefer the convenience of using hard plastic containers for storing food and bento boxes for keeping it separated in the same container then a hard plastic container could be for you.

 This type is easy to keep clean and above all easy to store in a child’s book bag because it takes up minimal room. However, they don’t tend to be particularly leakproof or durable.  These are waterproof and therefore more durable but they take up more room than soft versions in a child’s book bag and often have leaky lids if you don’t buy the right model.

FAQ Section

A few questions from customers on what else we can do with our coolers? My sandwiches get soggy. Why is my YETI cooler not keeping my lunch fresh? We know, it’s tough to watch as your tasty sandwich gets soggy by midday. 

The good news is there are a few things you can do about it. First of all, try keeping things separated: pack meats and cheeses in one cooler and lettuce in another. 

Pack up dressing separately so you can easily slather each item as you eat them throughout the day. 

If picking up items together isn’t an option, go heavy on veggies and fruits like cucumbers or tomatoes; they’re great at retaining their flavor while everything around them goes limp.


Written by
Rex Baker