The Skincare Musts For Oily Skin!!

The Skincare Musts For Oily Skin!!

Oily Skin

Oily skin comes with a lot of frustration. The unclogged pores, excessive sebum, sweat dripping down. And even if you use high-quality products, nothing works out.

That is why here are the two main secrets you should add to your skincare ritual to keep the oily skin at bay.

Known to the Egyptians as the plant of immortality, people use it in cosmetics and skincare for ages. Since the invention of skincare, it’s always been on the top. But why is it so good?

It contains a very impressive list full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals that are all hugely beneficial for not just your body but your skin and hair as well. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin B12, folic acid, and choline. In addition, it has anti-ageing properties which help you in decreasing your wrinkles and fine lines, which happens due to loss of elasticity and loss of collagen. Studies proved that continuous use of Best Aloe vera Gel in a skincare regime promotes the increase of the procollagen gene to make you look youthful and fresh.


Benefits of aloe vera

  • You can use it as a sunscreen which will help you damage the sun without harming your skin.
  • You can use it as a gel in the form of moisturizer to help your skin look dewy and juicy.
  • The antibacterial properties in aloe vera help heal your breakouts, protect them from getting inflamed, and stop the bacteria from getting in.
  • You can use it as a mask. Keep the gel in the fridge to make it cool down and use it later on to heal your irritated skin.
  • Finally, it helps remove all the whiteheads and blackheads, and we can’t do anything about it.


Face wash if you have oily skin

If you have dry skin, then Multani mitti should be your go-to product. Filled with zinc, silica, oxides, iron, and magnesium, it is considered a natural clay. It gives a natural glow to your face, acts as a great cleansing agent to open up your pores, cleanse the clogged pores, and helps in removing the excessive sebum.


Even if you have oily skin, applying this will help you look plump without a greasy and shiny finish. In addition, it soothes your skin from the sun, reduces redness, and calms inflammation. Furthermore, it helps in unclogging your pores which will help the oil to get out, making your skin squeaky clean.


It is extremely beneficial for oily skin as it helps remove the blackheads and whiteheads, boosts blood circulation, and improves the skin texture making it soft. Therefore, the best way to use Multani mitti is to use it as a Facewash for oily skin.


Aloe vera has a magical amount of benefits. You can use it in cosmetics, hair care, or even your skincare ritual. The fact that it is antibacterial, anti-fungal and has anti-ageing properties, and full of vitamins and minerals makes it unique. In addition, Aloe vera and Multani mitti can help your oily skin control sebum production, leading to breakouts.