The people can also update their problem regarding their NRC process?

The people can also update their problem regarding their NRC process?

NRC process

In India, Assam is the most famous state, among other largest lands in that country this state also one among the biggest state were the wildlife, silk bazaar, and the hilltop kamakhya temple, archeological sites and tea plantation are popular. Were Assam is the most tourist place where illegal immigration process was happing. So the Assam government implement the new project is that NRC. The NRC abbreviations are national registers citizen, from this scheme the illegal migration process will be destroyed. So the citizen of that state well is free for the illegal process. The Assam Bachao NRC news will update the all government NRC list still now were they new register also and if any sort problem arises the Bachao upgrade the news were the people can now want is going on NRC origination.

What is Bachao and who impalement it?

Bachao is a contest where this is launched by the Congress party before the election; the main role of this contest is to catch the Assam state problem. The process of this contest is that the player has to catch the most un-sort problem in that state in form 2 minutes and then they have to upload in the respective page was it provide by congress party. While their updating the user has tag by hashtag with Assam Bachao contest and issues in some words. This video is viewed by all the people around the world and also other Indian votes can participate in this contest as well as the other Indian people who are living in another country they upgrade their issues too.

Nowadays on this site, Assam Bachao NRC news was upgraded because so many sorts of problems and query as arise in this organization. The people can start to pop note their queer or risk in this contest where they can reach the nationally registered citizen organization easily beside the people well not what is happing from the people and who that origination sort their votes problem. Also the NRC organization resale the video in Bachao contest what who there are operation and also voice out the people who do they register in NRC. Do they have to release the function of NRC still many problems arise in the register for the citizen?

To sort the problem what the organization did?

To sort out or to face their fewer queries the organization pops the video about their scheme in detail again as well as their process. In that video, they list out whom they are eligible candidates for that scheme and if any people are not that form they heir by a higher court. When the court gives the proof from the id then the NRC organization inserts the candidate name in that list. If not the candidate is said to a foreigner so there illegal to stay in that state. For further process, they hire the court for their solution. From this operation, the government can stop the illegal immigrants.