The new and reformed Infrastructure of CCNA Certification

The new and reformed Infrastructure of CCNA Certification

The new and reformed Infrastructure of CCNA Certification

Work that supports the “communication infrastructure”, which is social infrastructure. A type of IT engineer can get expertise not only from standard professional requirements, but also from inexperienced people. Work to create and maintain a communication environment for the use of information technology services such as networks and servers. Demand will grow further with the spread of 5G, the promotion of DX and the proliferation of long-distance jobs.

Professional Qualification as a Gateway for Infrastructure Engineers

It is well known as Cisco Systems Engineer Certification, the world’s largest network equipment manufacturer. It certifies the installation, configuration and configuration of simple networks using the company’s routers and devices to create, manage and operate small and medium-sized networks. Higher qualifications are “CCNP” and “CCIE”.

Due to the explosive increase in demand for network equipment in recent years, this is a qualification that is not only required in the industry, but also given priority treatment when hiring. Therefore, obtaining a CCNA is a powerful request to get a job as an infrastructure engineer.

Changes in Cisco Certification in recent years

In recent years, networks have undergone drastic changes, including virtualization, program control, and orchestration tools. As a result of this change, the Cisco certification on February 24, 2020 has changed significantly.

  • DevNet is now available as a new certification
  • Prerequisites eliminated (CCNA xxx certification required, etc. for CCNP xxx certification)
  • CCNA one (CCNA Cyber ​​Ops maintains status quo)
  • CCNP changed to 5 technology categories
  • Written exams for each CCIE technology are now the same as CCNP core exams

The new CCNA exam requires knowledge of traditional network environments, configuration and operational capabilities for Cisco routers / switches, as well as knowledge of security, automation and programming capabilities. Therefore, the new CCNA course in Chandigarh is an excellent first step for modern network engineers.

Even for those who have received the old certificate, the content of the new certificate has changed significantly, so it is expected that there will be a gap in knowledge. Reviewers should be cautious and carefully prepare for the test.

Prepare for the CCNA Exam

All IT carriers will have a wide range of basic knowledge including Network Basics, Network Access, IP Connection, IP Services, Security Basics and Test taker knowledge and skills in Automation and Programmability.

By combining lectures and tutorials, you can learn how to install, operate, configure and verify Cisco network tools, as well as the basic configuration and management of network devices such as switches, routers and wireless LAN controllers. You will also learn about basic security threats.

Additionally, you can simultaneously learn the basics of network programmability, automation and SDN (Software Defined Network), and this is a lesson in detail knowledge that is essential when taking the CCNA certification exam. The CCNA exam has been redesigned to fit the latest technology and job description. The range of questions has expanded and the difficulty of the exam has increased.

The purpose of studying to get CCNA course in Dubai is to get a job as an infrastructure engineer. In addition to learning support for obtaining qualifications, a career counselor is hired separately from the instructor to support the job hunt.