The Impact of Wheel Size on Car Performance

The Impact of Wheel Size on Car Performance

Car Performance
Car Performance

You see high-end vehicles like Audi and VW Golfs pulling over with wheels as large as 4 inches at every car meet and cruise. Simply put, they look aesthetically stunning. Of course, any car can look more handsome and compact with large wheels. But the question how exactly the wheel size influences the car performance.

The word wheel can be used to indicate all the parts of this significant element of your car, right from alloy rim to the tyre, and its varied features with regards to their sidewall, tread, thickness, and the like. In newspapers and magazines, you find any discussion on the wheel more directed towards appearance than technical functionalities. It makes many people forget that the size of 4×4 Tyres Leicester wheels seriously influences engine and fuel consumption performance. The discussion is not only reserved for supercars but also vehicles on which people travel every day.

How Does the Wheel Diameter Affect the Car Performance ?

When engineers design a car, they work closely with tyre manufacturers to figure out what sizes they can install on a specific vehicle? It enables them to adjust the transmission ratio. The transmission ratio is the ratio of the angular velocities of rotation of the driving components. The total wheel diameter can be considered as the extent of the reduction ratio of the transmission.

Raising the diameter of the entire wheel will also raise the reduction ratio. It leads to two outcomes – the potential for acceleration is lowered, but it makes it easier to reach a more incredible top speed. Both these outcomes are proportional to size variations. If there is a difference of only a few millimetres, then the results will be more or less undetectable. However, if the changes are extreme, then one can see more visible variations.

Raising the diameter will also raise the total axle weight. It, in turn, will increase inertia and a loss of acceleration. It will also lead to a reduced cornering accuracy. Along with all this, the vehicle’s behaviour is also susceptible to change. When you increase the diameter of Tyres Leicester, the chassis height will also increase along with the centre of gravity.

Increasing the width of the tread will increase friction. Its positive consequence will be an increase in road holding. However, rolling resistance will also increase simultaneously. So, if you decide to add massive alloys, know that the bigger your wheel is, the larger your tyres are, and consequently, rolling resistance is higher.

What Else Is Influenced by the Wheel Size?

Apart from performance, wheel size also affects the noise levels and fuel economy. When it comes to noise vibration and harshness, small rims are generally quiet and less harsh than larger wheels. But all this is dependent on the brand and the tyre type that you install in your car.

Larger wheels can influence the comfort level of your ride. They can impart a thrashy driving experience. In contrast, smaller wheels can make a vehicle feel comfortable, particularly when driving over rugged road terrains and potholes. However, higher rolling resistance means that more incredible energy is required to move the vehicle. Hence, you will have to burn more fuel to move the car. Apart from it, big tyres also have more weight. This factor will also negatively impact your fuel consumption.

The Bottom Line

If you decide to switch your tyre size, think about what exactly you want to use your tyres for. For example, if you desire to enhance handling and performance, perhaps you need to upsize the wheels. On the other hand, if you are looking to improve noise and boost your comfort level and fuel economy, think about placing smaller wheels.

There’s no doubt about the fact that large wheels look aesthetically pleasing. However, what you should do is identify your needs and accordingly decide. The wheels you select should be according to the requirements of your vehicle.

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