The Best Things to Do When in Portugal

The Best Things to Do When in Portugal


Every one of us has dreamt, at least once, about seeing the edge of the world. If you still have the desire to see the end of the European mainland – welcome to Portugal, the Iberian Peninsula country.

Portugal is a truly special place. Although having astounding beauty and an imperial past, the country and its people are rather modest nowadays, letting the architecture, buildings, and nature do all the talking with the visitors.

Let’s explore what is there in Portugal to do and to see.

What Are the Things to Explore in Portugal?

1.    Architecture

The list of Portuguese beauties starts with its architecture – the mix of styles or movements throughout the ages including Romanesque, Gothic, Manueline, Portuguese Renaissance, Portuguese Baroque, Rococo, Pombaline, Neo-Manueline, Soft Portuguese style, and contemporary architecture. Another treasure to discover, according to an all-embracing guide Travel Wise Way, is the Azulejos tiles, which take their roots back to Arabic art and architecture.

Unlike many countries where you need to map out all the sights of interest, Portugal is different, as the beauty is at every turn you take. Every street is different, all the houses have some distinctive features. You can spend hours just observing the tiles, not to mention the major and iconic places.

Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Cascais, Evora – everyone prides itself on its history and beauty; every city is a whole new story to discover.

2.    Ocean

After getting a grasp of the Portuguese lifestyle and architecture, it is time to see the ‘end of the world’. The most western point of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as the European continent, is Cabo da Roca, located near the small and picturesque town of Sintra.

The ‘fim do mundo’ will take your breath away, when you see the force of the waves hitting the centenarian rocks. The battle of waves and rocks is often accompanied by a strong wind, thus, make sure you bring windproof and waterproof clothing.

3.    Food

Portuguese food deserves a separate mention. Considering its locations, there is no lack of seafood but the stomach space. Rice, a variety of fish and meat dishes, and always fresh vegetables – the gourmet haven will uncover a different side of Portugal.

However, the outstanding taste of the main dishes can be overshadowed by a Portuguese dessert – ‘pasteis de Belem’. A small basket with cream will make all your taste buds dance in euphoria, as no dessert in the world can be compared to it. The best pasteis can be found in Lisbon, in the local craft cafes and shops, always complemented by a sip of freshly brewed coffee.

4.    The Camino Portuguese

One of the major sights, according to travel expert Valentina Baturinets, is the Camino Portuguese. The whole Camino (Way) extends to 260 km, being suitable for all types of pilgrimage complexity.

There are always accommodations and pit stop cafes along the way, yet everyone can choose one’s best ways of pilgrimage, considering age group and health restrictions. The overall way can take up to 25 days.

The Camino is a lengthy route, which lets the pilgrims find the answers, heal their souls and simply enjoy the views.

5.    Urban lifestyle

Apart from learning about Portuguese architecture and history, we recommended one of the simplest yet most enriching experiences – people-watching.

What can be better than just sitting at the edge of the world, sipping your favorite tea from a tourist mug, and enjoying the way people live their lives in the place? Portuguese know how to enjoy life, feel the moment, and appreciate what they are given by nature and the Universe. Take a day off from sightseeing and simply value the moment.

The Final Thoughts

Portugal doesn’t need any further advertisements, but rather tickets booked for your upcoming vacation.

If you feel overloaded with days of routine and responsibilities, have a break and get lost in the beauty of Portugal.