Spice Up your Living Space Using Runner Rugs

Spice Up your Living Space Using Runner Rugs


Rugs make your surroundings versatile and cozy. They add charm to dull spaces around us. The beautiful and stylish decor has a good effect on your mood and personality. Floor decor is as essential as walls and corners. For rooms and halls, we use different-sized rugs but always get confused while adorning hallways, staircases, and other narrow spaces. The best way to narrow decor spaces is to use runner rugs of variant sizes. They are long rectangular-shaped rugs of various sizes. These rugs are suitable for narrow rooms, hallways, and staircases. These rugs can beautify the dull limited spaces of your living area. Here is the idea of how to select a perfect rug and its uses and decor ideas:

Decor Rugs

The best way to decorate your space when living in an apartment or small area is to use runner-style rugs. Also, this rug comes in different styles, small, medium, and large. They fully cover up the small spaces, also a patio and hallways. This rug, if laid in the living room, gives it a different style. Hence, there are endless possibilities to decorate your accommodation with rugs of runner style. They are a classy and traditional collection of rugs for people giving importance to the most delicate details. Runner rugs are the best choice for creating a vintage look for your home. Their flatweave style and colorful, traditional design will give your apartment a classy look. Runner rugs are the best choice for decorating the hallways, stairs, or living room. These rugs add coziness and warmth in cold areas of your house.

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Benefit of Rugs

The runner-style rectangular rugs are quality rugs to decorate the hallways, patio, front doors, staircases, and other small narrow areas of your house. These are also durable and high stain-resistant rugs gorgeously crafted in different patterns and designs. Runner rugs are also the best way to protect the floor from wear and tear. Hide carpet grease on the sides of the floor by covering the area with some floral or Persian-style rectangular rugs. Wooden rugs are too expensive and vulnerable to furniture scratches, but putting a rug on them in the dining area makes them safe and protected. The soft material rug will save your floor from any spot, also making it cozy underfoot. A runner shape rug is also best for parting home interior. It will also specify different home parts and rooms. It gives a specific direction to every corner of the living area.

Picking Up Perfect Runner Rugs

Choosing the right size rug is the first thing to keep in your mind while decorating an area. For small spaces, never go for too long runner rugs. For the doorstep, the washroom and kitchen always chose a medium or small size rug. This will glamorize the space without making it untidy and nasty. Their unique pattern and vibrant colors can brighten up the area. 

Rugs Material

Material is foremost the essential thing to consider in your rug-hunt. Choosing a material unsuitable for your environment will spoil your money. Choose the one while keeping in mind your lifestyle, environment, and humidity of the area. For crowded places, go for jute or wool-backed runner rugs. They are highly durable and stain-resistant, making them suitable for many social gatherings and large families. For uncrowded places and bedrooms, silk rugs are the best to buy. They are high-end, less durable, and expensive rugs of runner style and shape. Persian style wool material is high in demand for hallways and corridors.

Stryle of Rugs

The style of the rug is also important. For classic furniture, never opt for a vibrant palette rug; in the same way, a traditional pattern can never go perfect with a modern interior. Go for the style of interior. Bohemian and Persian-style runners can go with classic interior and farmhouses. In comparison, silk and animal skin is the choice for a modern touch. For an outdoor patio, a vibrant mate-style rug is the right choice to choose. The color range should also be chosen according to the furniture and other artifacts in the house. For example, light red is a good choice for hallways, as it goes well with dark walnut tabletop or stone flooring.

Rugs Pattern and Design

The runner style and design should sync with the entire interior and not stand out like a sore thumb. These traditional area rugs are making a comeback and can be used in any part of the house, including outdoor patios. It is much better to go with the flow instead of spending money on modern rugs that do not look perfect with your design. The thin weaving and vibrant colors of Turkish runner-style rugs enhance the beauty of your home and decorate them with a vibrant touch. So, it is better to go for traditional rug designs rather than investing in modern ones.

Colour Scheme

While buying a rug for hallways and corridors, look into the color scheme of the wall. A traditionally crafted runner rug will go best with a beige palette scheme. While for a funky palette, go for some light rectangle and mat rugs. For the patio and white doors rose, the palette is the right choice. Mixing color pallets also gives a colorful and trendy look to the corner. For dining rooms, use some pop palette long rug with brown chairs and a table. A traditionally long rug will go perfectly in the corridors and also the front door area. Most runner styles are highly demanded in long narrow spaces.


The texture of the rug is essential. A good quality rug is always composed of soft texture and material. A Flatweave rug is best for crowded places as it is durable and easy to clean. For less crowded, jute is best to purchase. Hand-woven and braided textures are also popular nowadays. The abstract and pop palette is the choice of the artist. The superb surface makes it comfortable and cozy.

Wrapping up the topic, runner rugs are the easiest and comfy way to decorate the narrowest spaces of your living space. They make every corner of the house attractive and appealing, giving it a statement and class. At RugKnots, you can find any design runner or flat weave rugs to adorn your home.


Written by
Rex Baker