Stay in touch with your family while social distancing

Stay in touch with your family while social distancing


Corona virus has struck us all in ways we never previously imagined. It has been hard for many of us to adjust to the new normal. Many of us love spending quality family time which is now very limited due to the social distance. People who live away from their loved ones often find it very difficult to have the same level of interaction with their loved ones as before. We can no longer visit each other whenever we want and that disrupts our mental state. Our elders are not as technologically advanced as us which creates an even bigger problem for them. Staying in touch may seem hard but it’s not impossible. In this OMG Blog article i will tell you how you can get in touch with your loved ones while maintaining the social distance.


Video Calls While You are in Social Distance

A great way of staying in touch with our family is video calls. We cannot physically meet our loved ones because of social distance but we can see them through video calls. They can be done by many apps which can easily be accessed through any smartphone. WhatsApp is one of the apps which provides us with the option of free video calling through an internet connection. Skype is probably one of the oldest applications for video calls but the one app which stood out during this pandemic is zoom. Zoom allows many users at a time for a group or a solo private call. The only drawback with zoom is the fact that on the free version, only a session of 40 minutes is allowed at a time. Apps like Microsoft teams don’t have such limitations.

Normal Calls

Many apps are available for texting and video calls but all this may seem like a fuss or in some cases challenging for our elderly. In that case, just a simple call will do. To our generation, texting might seem more convenient but the mere effect of listening to the voice of a loved one can brighten the day of our family during social distance. Even older members of our family love talking on calls with others. It provides them with a sense of joy. This way we can also check in on our family about how their life is going through these rough times.


Delivering Gifts

With the field of E-commerce making major advancements, ordering stuff online and sending it is now easier than ever. We can send gifts and surprises to the house of our loved ones with just a few touches on a screen. Even though we can’t physically be there because of the social distance, sending gifts online on special occasions might just make their day. No matter what the occasion is, anything can be sent over. Be it expensive gifts or just some flowers. After all, it’s the thought that matters, not the price tag. Aged care Melbourne provides support to older people to help them with everyday living and other needs.

Music brings us closer

Music is a universal stress reliever. Throughout the pandemic, we can listen to the same music whilst maintaining social distance. Music provides us all with joy and a sense of peace in our lives. We can suggest our loved ones with good music which would make them calm. Many songs make us think of our loved ones and we can share that experience with others as well. We can create different playlists for different members of our family. All these playlists can be shared through apps like Spotify and Google play.

Send over food to Your Loves ones while you are in Social Distance

As we maintain social distance, we can no longer go out to eat like we used to as a whole family. Neither can we invite the whole family for a good old fashioned home cooked dinner. Some people love food and eating from outside which is out of the question altogether because of social distance. This doesn’t mean that we can no longer eat outside food or get food for our loved ones. All we have to do is give the local restaurants a call and they can deliver food to our footsteps. We can also pay for the food through online banking and have it sent to the houses of our family. We can surprise our family and we can call them when they’re eating the food. This way it will feel like we are with them during the whole experience.


Going for a Picnic

Social distance does now allow us all to be crammed into a small space. We can take advantage of this and go out to nature and enjoy picnics. Of course, all this has to be done while carefully following the SOPs and maintaining social distance. We can prepare a good home cooked meal and take the family for a picture to an open place. Going outside can be good for the mind as well as the body. The fresh air doesn’t hurt anyone. All in all, this is a good family bonding experience which helps us all come closer, not literally of course.


Remain Social Distance and Watch Netflix together online

Before we all had to adhere to the strict rules of this social distance, watching Netflix together with the whole family was a norm. But now we can no longer get together to watch movies together. Not to worry, there are many different web browser extensions which let us sync our screens together. Through this, we can still enjoy a movie together no matter where we are. Combine this with a group call, and it will be like everyone is there together and nothing has even changed. The app known as rave does this job perfectly. We can watch movies in sync with our family as well as chat with them. It’s the prefect combo.


The word is going through some tough and interesting times. Everything is changing right in front of us and our family. Through all this change, we can try and be the one constant in the lives of our loved ones and be there for them in their time of need. We need to keep reminding them that we will always be there for them. No one said that it’s going to be easy to maintain relations while also maintaining social distance but we have to at least try for our loved ones. Because if we don’t do it for them, who else will we do it for