Rules Of ASO for Improving your App Search Rank

Rules Of ASO for Improving your App Search Rank

App Store Optimization is the process of improving your position in the app store. A high rank will help you drive more users to your app. There are many ways to improve your ASO, from changing the keywords and keywords density you are targeting, to localizing your app name and description.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is all about optimizing your app metadata and keywords, so that users can find your app among hundreds of millions of apps on the app store. ASO is more than just a fancy name for SEO for mobile applications. It has matured over the past years into a new discipline that requires knowledge of marketing, to increase your visibility in the app store and drive downloads.

Creating a mobile app is fun and exciting. You are confident that you have the best design and layout and believe that people will download your app without further persuasion. It could happen if there are only a few apps around. But the reality is harsh: you have thousands of competitors.

When the competition gets tighter, you should be proactive and plan earlier. If you stick to the basics and be the best at them, you can dominate the search rankings.

Here are a few critical areas that help you get found by people.

Create memorable titles

People searching for apps are in a hurry. They cannot afford to waste time researching apps that best fit their needs. So, the title is your chance to entice them into downloading your app. Get the best app store optimization services of a company to write catchy titles for your app.

The title should be simple so that users can remember them. Users can delete the app to save space or come back later to download your app. When they come back, they find your app easily by recalling the title from memory. So, it is crucial to pick catchy names that people can never forget for a lifetime. If the title is creative and original, you can differentiate your app from others. A company providing app store optimization services will help you create apps that do not consume much space.

People cannot tell what your app is about from a few words. So, you should add more context to your title. The descriptive words should build on the title and not stand independently.

You should also include the most frequently used keywords in your title. Understanding what your audience is looking for and identifying the words they use will help you arrive at the right keywords. But it is crucial to make sure that you do not compromise the attractiveness of the title when you include the search terms. Get the best SEO service of an agency in your city to include keywords in the title.

Ratings and Reviews

People consider the opinion of their friends before they try a new product. It is the same with apps, as users will judge an app by the star ratings it has received. If you get more five-star ratings, it will attract new users to try your app. So, focus on enhancing the user experience to get more five-star ratings.

The reviews also help people decide whether they should try the app. Users satisfied with the app will leave positive reviews. But there will always be people who would find fault with the app. When that happens, respond politely and explain that you will fix the issue as soon as possible. Responding to negative reviews will help people form a positive impression of your app. Get the SEO service from a SEO agency in india in your city for a review management strategy.

You should leave your contact information so that people can write their complaints. It will help you appease angry users. You can also leave your website link so that people can benefit from your customer support.

As reviews help increase the app rank, you should encourage people to share their experiences. A powerful CTA that captivates users when they are happy with your app is all you need for more reviews.

Icon for Branding

The icon allows you to communicate through pictures, not possible with words. The icon should be simple and not overloaded with too many elements. It should have the same logo and colours so that brand consistency is not compromised.

The app icon allows brands to distinguish themselves from their competitors. So, it is necessary to design a unique icon that is original and has an air of mystery to it. The icon should not tell too much about the app’s function but leave room for some secrecy so that users cannot help but download the app.

Including brand names in the title might not always be possible because of character limits.

So, you can also put the brand name in the icon to help people remember the app name. But you should test whether people can still identify your brand without the branded keywords. If they cannot find you without using the brand name, you should not leave out the branded keywords in the app title.

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Localize your app listings

Millions of people around the world do not speak English. They live and move in the world through their native languages. If you want them to download your app, you should translate the app listings into the local language.

Writing the app descriptions and meta tags in local languages allows you to place international keywords strategically. Using local languages can help you rank for local keywords. Your app can rank higher in a particular region if you target keywords in their language. At the same time, you can also rank in global searches if you use English search terms familiar to all. The strategic placement of a few English keywords among local keywords helps you get the best of both worlds. It is a process of improving your app visibility in all major mobile app stores and staying there for longer periods of time. Everyone’s goal is to maximize their app ranking by using relevant keywords, high-quality images and videos, a short and accurate description and so on.

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