Rules for Safe Internet Browsing

Rules for Safe Internet Browsing

Internet Browsing

The internet browsing is a strange and wonderful place, but it is not always safe. If you like to browse the internet, you must exercise caution and be vigilant. Most people browse the internet thinking that nothing could possibly go wrong – we have a tendency to think bad things only happen to other people. It only takes one mistake for something seriously wrong to happen online. There is lots of advice out there for browsing the internet  safely – we discussed the issue with Rdar Tech a London-based tech company.

There are many IT services companies London businesses choose from, but Tech Quarters and sapphire is one of the most effective when it comes to protecting their customers online. They believe in teaching every customer the best practices of

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Only make purchases on secure sites

Bank account and credit card information is probably the most sought after information for cyber criminals – it is the quicker route to getting money. The amount of online that are happening everyday are almost too large to consider – most of us don’t think twice about making purchases online. However, if you are not careful, you could be giving your financial information to someone who will use it against you.

Before you make any form of online purchase or transaction, you must check that the website is legitimate and secured with encrypted connections. The easiest way to find this out is to look at the URL. If the URL starts with https, that means that it is a secure network address. Another thing to look for is a padlock next to the URL.

Be careful what you post

Posting information online can easily lead to your data or information being stolen, or used against you. There are countless examples of people posting pictures that happened to contain a small piece of personal information. That was seized and used for nefarious purposes. The worst part is that, once something has been posted online, it is very hard to take it off the internet. It only takes one person to right-click and save a picture, and it wouldn’t matter if you took the picture down – someone has it forever now.

This is precisely why people should be very careful about what they post. Think before you upload content, and consider how people might be able to use that information in that content.

Be wary of who you meet online

The internet is great at connecting people from all over the world. It’s a great place to make friends with people you otherwise would never have encountered in your life. This can manifest in a lot of nice ways, but it can also manifest in bad ways. There is a common phenomenon known as catfishing – this is where people online pretend to be someone else; either they are impersonating a real person, or they have created a false persona to trick people. If they are simply an internet friend that you like to chat with, then the anonymity is not a problem. However, hackers and cyber criminals have been known to take advantage of internet anonymity to trick people. Always be wary of the intentions of people you meet online

Keep your software up to date

Cyber security is an ongoing battle, and there is no stopping point when it comes to implementing security solutions. Hackers and cyber criminals are always looking for flaws and holes in software that they can exploit. On the behalf of developers – patches and updates are regularly released for security software, and other kinds of software. It may seem like a chore, but keeping up to date with software updates. And patches could be the difference between safe browsing, and becoming the victim of a cyber-attack.

Written by
Rex Baker