Round Glasses: A timeless fashion accessory

Round Glasses: A timeless fashion accessory

Round Glasses
Round Glasses

Round glasses are the first type of glasses invented among the glasses family. They were used widely all over the world and were worn by many. These glasses did not have any temples and used to be held by hands. They were only used as reading glasses. There were very few types of round glasses available when they were first made.

They were loved centuries ago and are still loved today. Round glasses and sunglasses are one such pair of glasses which is one of the heritage pairs of glasses available all over the world. These pairs of glasses have made many people’s appeal more famous.

For example- The famous Apple founder Steve Jobs wore round glasses throughout his life until he died in 2011. Again Winston Churchill also wore round glasses and whose looks are famous all over the world. Hence round glasses are famous and are being loved by people even today.

History of Round glasses

Round glasses’ origins are a little hazy. There is not one specific trailblazer, fashionista, or optometrist to credit. Unlike cat-eye glasses or aviator glasses, they have been in the fashion queue since the inception of eyeglasses. There are etchings of a pair dating back to the 13th century.

In the early incarnation, round frames often did not have any temples. They were made of heavy materials like iron, lead, leather, and many more, and often needed to be held in hands.

Perhaps it is needless to say that fashion took a backseat to function. In the following years, the demand for eyeglasses increased and the cost is also reduced. Thus it became more affordable for people to buy and wear eyeglasses. In the 1920s, the demand increased for eyeglasses, and also from celebrities to common Joe, everybody was wearing these glasses. 

Unlike all fashion trends, they moved like a pendulum. As new shapes and styles of eyeglasses were introduced, these round glasses took a backseat to fashion.

But these glasses never went out of fashion. They again came back in the 1960s with a bang. Since then these glasses have never looked back. It has overpowered various glass styles and is continuing to hold its position in the industry. When people want a Bohemian style and look, they still prefer to wear round glasses for men

From John Lennon to Mahatma Gandhi, Harry Potter to Churchill people adored round glasses from the very beginning. Small round glasses are being identified as John Lennon glasses and are still famous among people as Lennon glasses.

How to rock in round glasses?

Round glasses are very classy and sophisticated. Men wear round frames the most. Round frames look the best in men. There are so many varieties of round glasses that round glasses are suitable for all moods and purposes. The round glasses go with every outfit and cater to the fashion of every outfit. Since there are various types of round glasses, each one is suitable for each purpose and mood.

Tortoiseshell Round glasses

Round glasses in tortoiseshells are very famous. Tortoiseshells are one of the most trendy glasses that are available for people. These glasses are one of the popular choices of men as men love to style with these glasses. These glasses are suitable for all purposes. They are suitable as a daily fashion accessory. These glasses can be worn with formals and casuals. Wearing a pair of tortoiseshell round glasses while you are with your friends and colleagues, will grab the attention of everyone in the group.

Black round glasses-

Black glasses are one of the most attractive eyeglasses in every shape and size. These glasses are suitable for all. Black glasses make one look smart and bold. Be it, men or women, these glasses are most comfortable and are always ready to wear. Thick black round glasses in usual sizes are suitable for all purposes. But a pair of thin round black glasses like Harry Potter are suitable for official meetings and other professional purposes. Thick round glasses are bold and fancy and are best suitable for a road trip or a party.

Rimless round glasses-

Steve Jobs wore round glasses throughout his life and is famous for that look. Hence rimless round glasses are a symbol of sophistication and class. Rimless round glasses are for the young oldies and hence they look sophisticated wearing these glasses. Rimless round glasses are a perfect look change for the young oldies who mostly get accustomed to rimless rectangular glasses. They can wear these glasses and look equally stylish, rather more stylish than they expect themselves to look. The young generation also loves to wear these rimless round glasses and style with their outfits. This makes them feel nostalgic and takes them back to the retro era.

Half-rimmed Round Glasses-

Since round glasses are already very famous and are suitable for all and most occasions, half-rimmed round glasses are also not left behind. Half-rimmed round glasses are a symbol of class and fashion. They look very stylish among everyone, especially men. Round glasses are mostly dominated by men. But with time, women who are also wearing these round glasses are slaying this look. 

Clear round glasses-

Clear glasses are very popular among youngsters. People love to wear clear round glasses because of the transparent look that the glasses provide to the person. Clear round glasses are very popular among men and women and people wear these glasses mostly with their casual outfits which makes them look very smart and stylish. These glasses also create a funky look and are best suitable with any light coloured outfits as wearing a dark coloured outfit will dominate the outfit and the glasses will go unnoticed. Hence styling these glasses with funky and casual outfits gives the appeal to a person.

Thus round glasses will always remain a timeless fashion. Follow Specscart’s Instagram Page for various types of round glasses.