Redesign old clothes to make new fashion statements

Redesign old clothes to make new fashion statements


No matter how much one wants to, it is still quite difficult to get a new wardrobe every now and then. New trends come and go but you can’t always afford to follow every fashion that comes in. But who said that you can’t use your old clothes and turn them into something trendy? Does that sound impossible? Let me tell you that it is a 100% possible and very much fun to do as well. Not only will it give you new-looking trendier clothes but also turn out to be a fun activity that you can indulge in when you’re bored.

Refashion Plain Old Clothes T-Shirts

Every one of us has tones of old clothes t-shirts that we barely use but can’t seem to part way with. Let me tell you a few ways you can restyle your old tees into trendy ones. Now you won’t have to throw away worn outs shirts and end up rocking them in a completely different design.

Here is one great example of reusing your old t-shirt. You can cut up the bottom, and even the sleeves, in long or short fringes. This is the easiest way to restyle your old clothes or shirt into a new fashion statement.

refashion-old-clothes-t shirts

Another great way of modifying your old shirts is by replacing patches on the sleeves or the edges with a different cloth for example net or chiffon etc. This will give a whole new spin to your basic shirt and you can easily wear it for casual parties or gatherings as well.


You can also add patches or motifs to plain tees to make them more colorful and stylish.

Use Fabric Paint on Old Clothes for Modifications

Fabric paint is pretty easy to apply and it can go a long way. In fact, you can’t really go wrong with it either. Using fabric paint on your old clothes plain tops to make different shapes or patterns can make them look really crafty and stylish.


The use of fabric paint is not limited to tops and tees. You can very easily use it on your pants or jeans to make patterns like stripes or dots. Or even different shapes and designs. The more creative you get, the more stylish it becomes.


Add Laces or Chiffon Edges on Old clothes

One of the best ways to modify or redesign your old clothes is by adding different patches of laces or pieces or chiffon to different parts. You can give your basic old dress or skirt, or even a plain t-shirt a completely new look by adding a lacey edge, or a patch of chiffon cloth sewn onto it. You can even try adding a brighter piece of cloth or lace for that pop of colour to turn a dull piece of clothing into a fun one.


Given below is the perfect example of how creative you can be with the modifications in your old clothes. Just by taking a plain t-shirt, cutting it from the centre and sewing in a lacey-cloth, you can turn a dull old piece of clothing into a very stylish and modern top to rock at any party or a friends’ day out.


Using Tops to Make Skirts

Modifying your tees and tops into better ones is not all that you can do with them. You can even cut them and then sew together the pieces to make it into skirts as well. You can play with the seams by adding plaits as well. Wearing such a skirt even with a basic blouse will turn into a cool fashion statement.


Tops are not the only clothing you can turn into skirts. Old jeans and pants can also come in handy. Does that sound confusing? Let me explain how. Simply open all the seams of any bottom you want to turn into a skirt, and then stitch them together in the shape of the skirt. It’s as simple as that.

You can play with the length of the skirt by attaching more pieces together. Even adding a different cloth or lace in the middle, or the bottom of the skirt can give it a really nice touch.


Didn’t that sound fun and exciting? I’m sure you are ready to try at least one of these restyling techniques as soon as you get the chance. You can find more tips and news on fashion trends on OMG blogs as well. Now you don’t have to invest a lot for your new wardrobe because you can easily give your old clothes a new and stylish spin through these tips and tricks.

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