Pros and Cons of Using a Social Media Planner

Pros and Cons of Using a Social Media Planner

Social Media Planner

Do you want your tweets to fly and posts to roll non-stop? Then to nail this down, you need the help of a social media planner. You can try this tool to make sure you stay organized. After all, humans are creatures of habit so having systems in place creates efficiency. A social media calendar lives up to its name by helping documents and keeps track of all your social media posts for the week, month, and year.

This digital tool makes it easy to organize and implement your social media strategy. It can help you curate content consistently. But, as with anything in life, it also has its disadvantages, especially if you don’t know how to use it optimally. Learn the pros and cons of using a social media planner so you can leverage it for the best possible outcomes. Let’s get started.

Social Media Planner

The Benefits of Using this Tool

Check out the advantages of using a content calendar below. Bear in mind, as a busy business owner, you don’t have the time to stare at social media all day. Scheduling your posts with a digital tool helps you maintain a strong social media presence without eating up too much of your valuable time. Check out how this digital solution can help you: 

Saves on Resources

An organized calendar means you can plan all your posts in advance instead of just winging it on the day itself. You save yourself from stress and conserve energy and time. For instance, if you’ve got a new product slated for launch in a week, you can already do the following:

  • Create promotional copy
  • Gather materials like photos and videos
  • Schedule all the posts ahead of time

Being able to do all of these means you create better quality content. More importantly, you reduce the risk of forgetting to post. Scheduling ahead means your posts will go live when your target audience is most active. It alleviates the risk of forgetting important information.

Helps in Organization

This cannot be stressed enough! A social media calendarkeeps you super organized. It can be quite cumbersome to keep track of past, present, and future posts using various documents. However, with a content calendar, you can see all your posts for the week, month, and year in one dashboard. Having a bird’s eye view of your content gives you a better idea of what your social media fees truly look like.

Creates Post Consistency

The beauty of a content calendar lies in the fact that you can create high-quality content consistently. You can make sure that no week will go by without a piece of engaging content. It motivates you to always publish something valuable. As a result, this calendar inspires you to churn out a consistent flow of activity in all your social media channels. In turn, it helps in developing a stronger brand voice and identity.

Inspires Collaboration

If you work with other people, access to a social media planner keeps you all centered and grounded in one direction. You can ascertain that your team will see the same calendar, allowing you to do the following:

  • Share ideas
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Make edits
  • Plan future content
Social Media Planner

The Disadvantages of Using a Content Calendar

Using a social media planner is not all fun and dandy. It also comes with certain disadvantages. Check out the potential pitfalls you can face as you use this tool. Knowing what they are can help you avoid them:

Becomes a Chore

If you’re not careful, planning content on this tool can become a mindless routine. In the early stages, the novelty of using a content calendar makes you feel excited. The newness certainly inspires creativity and imagination. Even your team feels highly motivated because you have a new direction.

Eventually, as the days go by, this tool becomes just another ordinary part of the daily grind. You and your team can eventually take it for granted because it gets lumped as another chore and responsibility to perform. Sadly, this is one of the primary cons of a social media planner. Your tool can foster a sense of complacency, impeding the flow of your creative juices.

Mindless Content Creation

Since social media demands a lot of time and effort, you can end up focusing on just putting up any kind of content to fill up your social media planner. As long as you feel the material fits the theme, you end up using it. Avoid this big problem by rending yourself that quality is more important than quantity. Don’t merely go through the motions to fill in the blanks and fill in the deadline.

Creates a False Sense of Security

Another curse of a content calendar is it can create a false sense of security. You and your team may just look for items that fit specific criteria and guidelines. When you have nothing to post, there’s a tendency to use the calendar as a safety net. As a result, you go through your content creation without a purpose. You churn out work without a clear strategy.

Bear in mind, do not let your content calendar curtail what you can do. Continue to push the limits and consider jumping in on trends. Your content calendar is only a guideline so always keep an open mind to keep things fresh. 

Leverage Your Content Calendar For Max Exposure

Now that you know the pros and cons of using a social media planner, you can stay proactive. Make sure you avoid the common pitfalls by staying mindful of how you use this tool. Maintaining a cutting-edge approach to your content generation will ensure your social media profiles look fresh and engaging.

Parting Words

Don’t be complacent just because you’ve got a calendar. Use it to schedule posts and define the frequencies and times of the day that they will get published. In the end, this will save you tons of time and conserve your energy because you can cultivate a strong social media presence with minimal effort. Utilize this tool to create a targeted social media presence that doesn’t overwhelm your already busy schedule.

Written by
Rex Baker