9 Ways of positive thinking to help you make the most of yourself

9 Ways of positive thinking to help you make the most of yourself


What is positive thinking?

Positive thinking is rare in the current demographic of this globe. Be it individuals, groups or states the race has made everyone anything but positive. In this chaos and agonising aura everyone is looking for a support and a way out. When we put an end to the denial state of our mind we can see that surely there are way outs and you can always seek for help at any stage.

Psychologists state that when a newborn is fabricated to violence or even a mere harsh behaviour their body tends to transcend in a “fight” mode rather than to be in a “flight” mode, which eventually affects their immune system and also their brain development. In nutshell their potential of developing and nurturing is affected immensely. Same is with grown up individuals who do not pave their ways out of negativity. So, without the approach of positivity a person’s productivity and potential decreases to a negligible level. Therefore this quality of life must be preferred over anything.  

Techniques to adopt positive thinking

To maximise your hidden potential it is necessary to cling to positivity. So at OMG Blog i will provide you some basic ways through which you can enlighten your way of positive thinking without any hitch. They are as follows:

1. The perfect morning vibe to indulge in the process of positive thinking  

Make yourself habitual and punctual about mornings. Wake up early and meditate the way you like but never forget to do so. Before leaving for your work place or even for house hold chores always gear yourself up for a goal. A ‘to do list’ also helps. Catch a vibe out of peaceful things around yourself and indulge your mind into this therapy. Sip your own perfect “morning coffee” may it not be a coffee at all or any thing that energizes you for your hectic day.

William MC Raven a US navy admiral once quoted himself:
“If you want to change the world, start of by making your bed”.

He further said that this is the basic you can do to start off. This little accomplishment will instantly boast up your motivation level and also your courage to do another task and this that that always these little tasks make up a big thing. So this may be the first positive thing to channel your mind towards positive thinking but it sure counts.

2. Adopt Positive thinking through Confrontation

Being an introvert is the mother disease to a lot of problems. When you suffer alone through anything it remains with yourself as a postpartum effect. Be it your mental or physical trauma, talk about it. Talk to your spouse, to a friend or to your parents about what so ever you are going through. Never invest your energies in battling with your nightmares alone and always. Confrontation and deductions can pave a way out for you always provided you accept that expressing yourself will not harm your social image. The fear of judgement holds us from doing this but beyond the fear lays the ocean of neutrality.

3. Practice Positive Thinking by Travelling more often

In the shadow of our daily grind we become somewhat we call a machine or a robot. There are months when we do not find time to look out of the window. To see the sun rise or a sunset working from dawn to dusk but actually missing the essence of it makes us a little materialistic. When we finally take some time out of this grind we are able to evaluate ourselves, to think what we have done so far and how productive was it. In the midst of all these necessary realizations you also sightly images that drag you to the reality of life. A breath of fresh air always brings about positivity in yourself. The exotic scenery hit your heart, connecting with new people and discovering places opens up your mind and soul. You strive to do something good and collectively the experience of travelling casts a positive spell on your personality.


Quoting ‘Shams Tabrizi’:
“Love is a travel. All travellers whether they want or not are changed. No one can travel into love and remain the same.”

4. Make the ‘Positive Thinking’ Your ‘magnet’

Attract ‘Positive Energies’ by believing in the word “Goodness”. When something is done devoid of negative intentions and in the true sense of positivity it always delivers. It attracts positive thinking and behaviours. When you approach individuals and interact with positive attitude playing down your fears and negative aspects of that scenario you will not believe but you will be returned with the same which will eventually aid to your process of being positive.

5. Catch Up With Old Friends

Friends are the diamond jewels in your life with whenever you reconnect; they rejuvenate your inner self. You laugh uncontrollably, you pour out yourself, you share happiness and sorrow and on return you feel as if you had a nice break and you are all ready for the drill again.

Catch Up With Old Friends

6. Never Give Up On Hopeless Situations

Hope is a strong thing to hold on to and the positive thinking you need starts with the belief of hope itself. You can reach any milestone on the bricks of hope and for this positive realization you need to keep ‘hoping’.

7. Replace Overthinking with Positive Thinking

Over thinking about past occupies your mind in the places you have to perform in certain manner. It inhabits you from doing a lot that need to be done. It envisages your ego, anger and regrets in one package and makes you to look at the darker side of the picture always. By skipping this act you can automatically transverse yourself towards positive thinking.

8. Acknowledge Others Than To Crib

When you crib about others it not only makes yourself meek and minute but it also spends your positive energies and you tend to channel your energies in the wrong direction. Try quitting this little entertainment forever from your life.

9. Love Yourself!

Treat yourself with respect. Greet yourself with gifts and joy you think you deserve. Spend time on yourself; just grab the keys of your car and go to gym or a spa. Relax yourself and may be take a nice hot shower and the aura of yourself being attended and treated will surely change your way of thinking.

Advantages of positive thinking

Following are some significant advantages that will stick you to this concept;

Positive thinking not only organizes your own self but generates a change in the whole society. By binding yourself to this positive behaviour you are aiding for the prosperity of society. Positivity not just adds, it multiplies in several forms. While walking down the lane when you smiled at the guard standing on the door of the cash machine you were not only making yourself positive but you had bought change in his conduct towards life. He may be stressed on his duty hours or not only making yourself positive but you had bought change in this conduct towards life. He may be stressed on his duty hours or perplexed due to any domestic issue but by your kind gesture he felt esteemed and so the chain just started.

Also you seem committed to your goals and because of your focus you instinctively over throw many hurdles you once thought were impossible.

Does positive thinking really works?

Your thinking affects every aspect of your life. Be it your health, Education, Career life or your dealings. Thinking positively opens avenues for your progress. People feel easy to connect with you because you are candidly approachable.

You may not know but you may be aspiring a lot of people out there who want to change their lives too. Also Excluding negativity and bitterness adds to your performance as a family head, as a beginner or as a struggler.

How to train your mind to think positive?

Preaching your sub consciousness in solitude is very important. Trust in the power of affirmation, you always need reassurances in your life so be that reassurance yourself. Keep validating to yourself that you can do what no one can.

“When you think you can you always will.
When you believe you may you may hit somewhere
if you think you cannot you never will.”