Are You Planning to Perform Umrah in 2022 ?

Are You Planning to Perform Umrah in 2022 ?

Umrah packages

Mecca is among the oldest and holiest cities in Islam. It is situated in Saudi Arabia’s western Hijaz area and is revered by Muslims all around the world. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was born in the city of Mecca. The Quran, the last holy book is revealed upon the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) in the caves of Mecca, which makes this place even more profound to visit. There are many holy sites in Mecca, including the Ka’ ba which is the most sacred spot for all Muslims. So, for Muslims all around the globe, Umrah is a profound spiritual pilgrimage and Mecca is considered as the heart of Islam.

Is Umrah open now?

Because of concerns regarding coronavirus, Saudi Arabia had temporarily banned Umrah pilgrimages to all the holy cities of Mecca and Medina for Saudi citizens and legal residents in 2022. The ban was uplifted partially for Saudi nationals. Who are residents, however, for foreign pilgrims, the ban has now been uplifted. The Umrah, usually defined as a ‘minor’ pilgrimage, entails performing a series of rituals in the vicinity of Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. Umrah is a relatively short alternative to the annual Hajj. In Arabic, the term “Umrah” implies “approaching a crowded spot.” Umrah provides an opportunity for all Muslims to reaffirm their religious beliefs, ask for redemption, and pray as much as they can.

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Umrah packages:

Pilgrims from all around the world contact their native travel agents to opt for Umrah packages to fulfill their dream of visiting Mecca to perform Umrah. Various top-notch Umrah packages are ranging from three to five stars. You can choose from the available Umrah packages and make a reservation. These Umrah packages include the cost of an Umrah visa, transportation, and meals during your stay in mecca and visit to Medina which is optional and not mandatory, but people prefer to visit all sacred places in Mecca and Medina after completion of their Umrah.

Umrah Package Duration:

Umrah packages are usually based on 3 days, seven days, 14 days, and sometimes 30 days’ duration, which are further classified into 2 stars, 3 stars, or 5-star premium packages. Many Umrah packages offered by travel agencies are mainly classified into the economy, VIP, and deluxe packages. Another thing that can influence your flight cost is if you chose direct or indirect flights for Umrah.


Your Umrah package cost also varies upon your preference to include or exclude transportation in your package. If you opt for full round transportation, it will include transportation from your arrival at Jeddah airport to your defined hotel in Mecca to your visit to all the sacred places in mecca and Medina, then to Jeddah airport for your return flight. However, if you exclude transportation costs from your Umrah package, you have to manage everything on your own during your stay in mecca and visit Medina. Another thing to note is that your hotel choice can provide you with an edge in managing transportation. Many hotels give you complimentary rides to and from Jeddah airport and also provide a shuttle facility from the hotel to Haram to offer your prayers in Haram which may cut the cost of your transportation in Mecca.

Costs could also fluctuate based on the peak season, lodging accessibility, and your preferences. Most business executives and wealthy people like to go for Umrah in Ramadan to maximize the blessing of their religious obligation. If you prefer to perform Umrah in Ramadan, keep in your mind that Ramadan Umrah packages are a bit expensive than the packages for the rest of the months.

Room Occupancy:

The nature of accommodation has an impact on the package pricing. It is relatively costly to reserve a single or double room than to share a room with more people. The cost of your Umrah packages also depends upon your preferences for room sharing. If you want to share your room on a double sharing basis. Your Umrah package will be a bit expensive as compared to triple and quad sharing packages. There is a minor difference in triple and quad share rooms. Where you have to share your room with 3 or more people.

Half board or full board Umrah packages:

Your preferred hotel accommodation also affects the cost of your Umrah package. If you want to opt for half-board hotel accommodation. Your hotel will provide you with two meals a day which is breakfast and dinner. In this package, you will be free to choose where you wanted to do your lunch. If you are in Haram during lunch hour you can easily go to local restaurants rather than going back to your hotel for lunch. Full board accommodation provides you the facility of having all three meals from your hotel. In some cases, they packed your meals with you, if you intend to spend time outside the hotel.

ATOL Protection (Air Travel Organizers’ Licensing):

Before booking any Umrah package from any travel and tour agency please make sure either your tour operator is ATOL authorized or not? Individuals who have booked travel packages. And flights from a registered travel agency are protected under the ATOL program if the agency goes bust.

Vaccination Certificate:

No matter what Umrah package you are taking, Pilgrims from any nationality going to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj or Umrah in 2022, must have a certification of pneumococcal infection immunization ACWY that was granted no more than 3 years and no less than 10 days previous to their arrival. The Saudi Arabian Health agency also advises getting a flu vaccination before traveling. Primarily for individuals who are at higher risk, such as the aged or those with severe pulmonary or heart issues. Furthermore, you must have the certificate of your complete shots of coronavirus vaccination. If you are intending to perform Hajj or Umrah in 2022. You should visit your Physician about 8 weeks ahead of your travel to identify. If you need any vaccines or other precautions. Before providing immunizations and/or anti-malarial medications, they will analyze your specific health consequences.

Before booking any Umrah package, you should have basic knowledge, many agencies are offering various packages for Umrah.  People are more interested in performing Umrah these days as compared to earlier times. Which has increased the demand for travel agents on a larger scale. These agents present several Umrah packages to stand out in the fierce market which can be hefty on your pocket. This guide will help you to evaluate all possibilities you may encounter during your Umrah and to choose wisely!

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Rex Baker