Petco Credit Card Review and Reward

Petco Credit Card Review and Reward

petco credit card

The Petco credit cards were created to allow pet owners to earn points on their pet’s expenses. Cardholders can also personalize their cards by adding a favourite image of their favorite pet (and receive an annual birthday present too!).

Similar to any other credit card, you are able to utilize credit card features like Petco credit card for managing your account at home, paying your bills online, make orders and much more. With the online service you will be able to quickly and efficiently control the details of your Petco credit card and make purchases and pay for items on any device connected to the Internet whenever and wherever.

Three things you need to be aware of regarding these credit cards: Petco Pay credit cards.

2 Versions of Petco Pay credit card

Petco provides two credit cards that are both issued from Comenity Bank. Each card has an annual cost and both offer reward points:

  • Petco Pay Credit Cards: These cards is able to be used only in Petco stores. It’s also called an “closed-loop” credit card.
  • Petco Pay Mastercard Credit Card: This one can be used anyplace Mastercard can be used. Credit cards for stores that are able to be used in a wider range are referred to by the name of “open-loop” cards.

It is necessary to be a part of Petco’s free loyalty program, called Pals Rewards, before you can apply the cards. After you’ve logged into Your account, need to fill an application that’s single on both cards.

If you’re interested only in the closed-loop, store-only credit card, then add that to your application. So, If not, you’ll be evaluated as a candidate for the Mastercard. If you’re not approved you could still be eligible for the credit card that is store-only.

There are financing options available.

Certain purchases may qualify to be financed If you decide to go with the plan, you will not get any benefits from that purchase.

The terms that you are eligible for will be contingent on the amount you invest in a particular purchase. You can qualify for:

  • Six-month financing for transactions that require a minimum purchase of $299.
  • 9-month finance on transactions with a minimum of $399.
  • 12 month financing for transactions with an initial purchase of $49.

This is a good option for pet parents who have Petco vets, however not all locations are eligible.

The majority of cardholders will be eligible for deferred interest when they finance plans. The interest will be waived when you apply on a loan in a country which prohibits deferred interest, as per the email sent by Petco.

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However, the rewards can be confusing.

Although rewards are described in percentages, you’ll get benefits in terms points from the Pals Rewards program that you can redeem exclusively at Petco.

With each Petco buy, earn 1.6 points. Shoppers who use the Mastercard version also receive 0.4 points for groceries, and 0.2 points on all other purchases. (Yes that’s a lot of points in this case.)

This means that a $100 purchase is worth 160 points that you can spend at Petco instead of the $8 you would think of from the reward-earning rate.

100 Petco points equals 5 dollars worth of Petco rewards.

The ideal candidate for those who:

  • Shop at Petco often
  • Plan to finance bigger Petco costs in the near future.
  • Love the idea of donating when you purchase
  • Do not want to pay an annual cost

Petco Pay Mastercard Credit Card Review

Petco Pay Mastercard Petco Pay Mastercard is a cash-back credit card that is a must for animal lovers in all shapes and sizes. This card offers amazing cash back for Petco purchases, with the first purchase discount, and all without annual fees.

Reward Points How To Earn

It is the Petco Mastercard earns cash back on a wide range of categories of purchase. The most significant of these areas includes Petco purchases. The card offers 8% cash for purchases made at participating Petco stores and on The card also earns percent cashback on grocery store purchases and 1 percent back on other purchases. Cardholders who are new to the card also get the Pals Reward of $25 when they spend $500 outside within Petco during the first 30 days after the card’s approval.

Cash Back can be used to pay for Pals Rewards

A card that gives you the chance to earn 8% back seems too promising to be real – which is exactly what happens for this card, the Petco Pay Mastercard. Rewards aren’t cash-back that is in U.S. dollars, but instead, they’re part of the Petco Program for Rewards called Pals. The Rewards program is called the Pals Rewards program allows cardholders to redeem the cash back to purchase treats for their four-legged companions or food items for their pets as well as additional essentials for keeping their pet (or not-so-furry) pet healthy and content.

Points earned through rewards are calculated using 5 Pals Reward Dollars for each 100 points accrued by a member that the member is able to redeem for $5 off any purchase in the future. The points earned by the Pals Rewards program expire after one year , if the person who is a member of the loyalty program has either the Petco Pay credit card, or Petco Pay Mastercard.

Do you need to apply to be a candidate for Petco Payment Mastercard Visa Credit Card?

Do you often purchase items from Petco? If yes, then this Petco Pay Mastercard Credit Card could be perfect for you. The card gives you up to 8 percent return (in in the form of pals rewards dollars) for every purchase made at Petco and the 2% discount on groceries. Additional benefits like 20% on your initial purchase as well as the Pals Reward of $25 to meet the minimum spending requirement are nice along with the gift card that you can use every swipe of the card.

How can how do I submit an application for Petco Pay Mastercard Credit Card or Petco Pay Credit Card?

There are two ways you can apply, visit your nearest Petco store and apply at checkout or online at If you are approved you’ll receive your credit card welcome package in the mail in 7-10 working days.

What is the credit score you require to get an Petco credit card?

Thank you for taking the time to consider Petco Pay. Petco Pay Credit Card program! There isn’t a particular credit score required to apply for Petco Pay, many factors are taken into consideration and considered in applying.

How can I pay for the Petco credit card on the internet?

To make a payment on your Petco Pay credit card, please visit account center (Petco Pay Credit Card: and Petco Pay Mastercard Credit Card: Log in or register to your account, and then follow the instructions to include an account number for your checking account and a routing number of your bank.