Part worn Tires: what are they and are they safe?

Part worn Tires: what are they and are they safe?

Part worn Tires

Tires are a crucial part of the car and hence needs to be checked in by experts regularly. No matter what car you own, getting your cars equipped. With the finest material tires enhances safe the life of your car. Talking about tires of the cars, the market is now being selling part-worn tires. That are neither new nor old tires, rather used tires. The tires although has been raising a lot of suspicions. Most of the questions that are being asked from our experts at Bentley Repair in Dubai is what are Part Worn Tires and are they safe to be used?

To answer that question, there are some of the aspects that first need to be cleared to have a better understanding about the kind of tires, part worn tires are.

What is Part Worn Tyres?

If we see it from the name, we can have a clear idea of what kind of tire it is. But if we go into detail, part torn tires are such tires that are sold after being frequently used by the first owner. The car tires that are being sold around after they are being left with 50% of the original tread depth, such tires are considered as part-worn tires.

Such tires if asked by the experts although are not recommended to be used as such tires don’t guarantee safety.

Talking about safety another question that is frequently asked by the experts is if the part-worn tires are safe or not?

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Are Part worn Tires Safe?

After carefully analyzing the part-worn tires from all the aspects, the experts concluded that getting your life and that of passengers being dependent on the part-worn tires is not an ideal choice. Even though every single driver knows how the part-worn tires are not safe, still the percentage of buyers is higher than those that are buying new, guaranteed-safety tires.

One thing that must be kept in mind is that seeing the disadvantages of such tires, the tires are not available openly like new tires are, they are still sold illegally with an average of around 98% out of which 34% are sold with confirmed life-endangering defects.

Cost of the Part Worn Tires?

Among the lines of inquiry, the cost of a partially worn tire was one of the most frequently asked. Part worn tires can cost more per mm of the tread than brand new tires, according to experts, when compared to a good value mid-range tire from a brand like Falken or Sumitomo.

All these aspects are what should be kept in mind while choosing the ideal part-worn tires. One of the other aspects that must also be kept in mind is that part-worn tires are not considered legal.

Part worn Tires and Law

You may have seen signs advertising part-worn tyres for sale at the side of the road and wondered – what are they precisely? Well, to some, they’re a cheap and easy way to get new rubber fitted to their car, but to others, they’re simply too risky, or even dangerous, to consider.

Part worn tyres

Part-worn tyres are exactly as you would expect – tyres that have already been used. You’ll usually find part-worn tyres being sold by scrap merchants or other sources that deal with second-hand cars or write-offs, as the selling of old tyres is seen as a way of earning a little extra cash on the side. If a vendor is scrapping a car, they will try and salvage its tyres too, if they think they are worth saving.

part worn

As per the law, part worn tires are considered as illegal as these tires do not provide any safety to life. And any guarantee as they are already torn up to 50-60%. However, opinion on what constitutes a salvageable tyre can vary between people. And one person’s ‘safe’ tyre could be considered lethal by somebody else. Buying a part-worn tyre is much like buying a second-hand electrical product. You don’t have any comeback if there is something wrong with it. And if you have an accident that can be squarely blamed on the fitting of part-worn tyres. Then you don’t have any legal comeback. If you want compensation. Not only this but the following are some of the requirements. That these tires do not meet. Which is the reason why the tires are considered illegal:

  • The structural integrity of the building must not be jeopardized; it must be devoid of significant cuts, bulges, or bumps on both the inside and outside.
  • The original grooves must still be visible in their whole. And be at least 2 centimetres deep over the tread’s entire circle.
  • Before selling, tires must have passed an inflation test.
  • There should be no exposed plies or cords.
  • Last but not least, the legal limit or the minimum depth of tire tread depth is 1.6mm, although. The suggested limit is 3mm. This is due to the fact that if the legal limit is not fulfilled. The brake will lose effectiveness because the tread condition is critical in stopping. The automobile when the brake is engaged.

Legal Safety

Coping up with all the aspects mentioned earlier. It is safe to say that the condition of the tires is what determines. The safety of the vehicle and the passengers. According to specialists, over 1,200 drivers are wounded in accidents each year while driving on part worn tires. As a result, it is preferable to invest today in new tires and be safe from accidents caused. By part-worn tires than to risk your life and the lives of the passengers travelling with you.

Are part worn tires recommended by our experts?

No matter where the expert is from or who the expert. Whether he/she is a manufacturing expert or a dealer standard service providing expert. No one recommends anyone to use part worn tires. This NO is due to several reasons, some of the reasons are as follows:

  • When you buy part worn tires, you might have to buy them twice a year as they are already part worn. Therefore, durability is one of the so many things that part worn tires won’t offer.
  • When you plan to stick with part-worn tires, you might think they are at a lesser price or whatsoever. But when you compare the price with the per mm tread. You may realize you are paying way more than the price of new tires.
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