Norstrat consultancy firm that offers technology & business solutions

Norstrat consultancy firm that offers technology & business solutions


Norstrat Consulting is a Canadian firm which has gained a lot of attention lately. The firm was established for the sole purpose to assist clients, with a clear focus as well as a desire to integrate different aspects.

Components and features most often come originate from the Canadian Northern approach to increase and boost conversion sales.

who founded Norstrat

Norstrat is a firm which specializes in consulting. They have a fascinating tale to describe how they became one of the top firms in their industry. Norstrat was started by two close friends, Alex and Peter, who had difficulty finding work due to not having the qualifications required for work in the digital age.

Norstrat has helped shape some of the most well-known businesses and associations. Because of its growth, the Norstrat company has a substantial number of employees. They are experts in a broad spectrum of disciplines. They specialize in public affairs, marketing strategies and government relations, as well as the exploration and intelligence services.

Norstrat First company to offer Microloans

Norstrat believe that the reason they are successful is because they’re not afraid of explore innovative ideas. For instance, Norstrat was one of the first companies to provide micro-loans to customers who required funds for an idea, but weren’t yet ‘investor-ready.

This enabled small-sized businesses with little financial history or credit score to qualify for loans! The amazing story of how the company was able to grow into the company it is today is available on the website of Norstrat.

The story of Norstrat

Norstrat is a consulting firm which provides technology and business solutions for businesses. They aid clients with everything from the creation of software to making enhancements to the software that is already in use. 

The company started with just four people in an office smaller than the typical living space. In the present, they’ve grown to an office with more than 100 employees, who support businesses across the globe.


Norstrat Primary Reason

Each time it is often asked about is it exactly Norstrat does. In essence, the primary goal or purpose of the company is to help clients create a needed northern structure. This particular structure is designed for those who have an asset or business objective to make more conversions. 

It lets them build parts from the Canada’s Northern Strategy perfectly implemented within their own infrastructures. The company does this through constantly sharing information and adapting their strategies to the requirements of the client.

Norstrat Main Goal

The main goal of the company is to assist customers in increasing their profits by developing new technologies with the assistance of skilled workers. Norstrat is a specialist in Canadian government-funded structure structures. It serves as an advisory board for companies that are starting up in the coastal region as they formulate their strategies. 

The impact of the company on the nation’s economic and social wellbeing can’t be overstated. Between the two rivers Norstrat has also stepped up its presence in the west world. Furthermore, Norstrat has an online police force to handle controversial issues.


The advisor from Norstrat

The advisors from Norstrat Consulting have times of proficiency and are up-todate with the most recent items and solutions. For your business they can help you implement an effective Canadian Northern Strategy. 

As a trusted advisor for some of the country’s biggest telecommunications and energy businesses, Norstrat maintains services in more than 150 countries. The experts in the field adapt their immolations to your particular requirements and the business model. Your proposal will be successful due to the platoon’s business spirit.

Norstrat Provide Services from Small to Medium Enterprises

A broad range of services are provided to medium- and small-sized enterprises by Norstrat. Businesses that have backing from the web, social network websites, as well as other special areas of company will see the best outcomes.

Alongside strategies for political and social, Norstrat experts can help in a variety of areas. However don’t look further if you’re looking for advice on strategic planning that has been adapted to the particular needs of your business from a team of professionals.

Services for Strategic Consultation

Large and small-sized businesses also can benefit from Norstrat’s consulting services. Additionally, Norstrat provides small and medium-sized companies with digital strategy and marketing services. 

Customized marketing strategies are developed and implemented for your company by this group of advisors. New services can include analyzing your competition as well as aiding you in making your internet presence effective for marketing.

What’s Norstrat Priority?

The year 1885 witnessed the total population of Canada represented and also a difficult infrastructure projects with the help of the Federal government. It joined the entire Canada beginning from East towards the west, and was a slow process. The current time they are focusing specifically on Southern and Northern areas of infrastructure to ensure the greatest expansion. 

This time, their focus is not on a railway, rather a collection of projects to improve the infrastructure. These are all essential for the growth and security of the Northern regions. The primary goal of Norstrat is to assist clients in the next-level projects.

Why Norstrat Strategy is Extensive and Diverse?

It is a Northern strategy is very extensive and diverse , offering a range of methods to tackle disciplinary issues. Every assignment is distinct and are matched to the needs of the individual the best. They have a broad team of consultants and professional partners to tackle the challenges. Their experts are top of the line to provide you with the support you need.

Norstrat Recent Collaboration

The partnership has resulted in the creation and release of a new product that is the result of this collaboration , as well as several other projects that include design, planning, and monitoring, all of which aid in creating the right conditions for the dissemination of information by PRI consulting services, as well as NORSTRAT’s rapid-release services and products through their powerful development centers. 

The four elements the two organizations and companies have in common are complemented by Michael Benigno’s (Owner) his vast experience in business planning and strategic management. This gives him an exclusive perspective on how to build effective partnerships such as this one!

The concept of the collaboration

The Canadian telecom companies were required to prepare a business plan and provide specific information about the benefits these systems could bring. 

A lot of them had worked previously with government agencies and understood the procedure in submitting applications for federal funds Other businesses created their own business cases, which enabled them to provide more thorough details of the requirements of clients as well as the kinds of systems they needed to find.

800 Million for Broadband Development

The government had decided to provide 800 million for broadband development at the time, and was expected to aid half one million Canadian households gain access. The funds would have been distributed in five-year installments worth $160 millions each year and a final review scheduled for two years after the first funds were given. 

This would have enabled an additional 400 million dollars to be released in the event of a need, but it’s not clear if the extra sum was ever discussed or planned.

Based on Bell’s proposal in Industry Canada, their project was aimed towards “connecting 300 First Nations Communities through high-speed Internet networks” and declared it to be”the “largest Indigenous connectivity project in Canadian history.” Bell.

“As the technology-driven economy continues to expand organizations need to find innovative ways for their business partners as well as customers. This is where the Norstrat Research Foundation comes into play.”

What PRI Discovered

The PRI discovered that huge communication networks created in Canada were now being utilized across the globe, which created many challenges when it was time for these companies to work on projects such as developing solutions for transportation; they required think tanks that could provide suggestions and strategic advice on the future investment plans.

This led them to the creation of their own foundation “NorStrata” that was specifically designed for this purpose offering timely help and keeping an eye on the outside to ensure they don’t overlook anything.

“Their main focus is on common issues, and to combat them through debate as well as education and sharing information. We would like to be one of the top think institutes in Canada” stated Stephane Leclerc, Executive Director of NorStrata.

Norstrat Strategic Consultancy

Norstrat provides the services of strategic consultancy. With this service, you will discover how to keep track of competitors and their competition. The experts at Norstrat can review your current communication strategy and suggest new ideas to enhance your communication.

They then create an individual marketing plan for your business based on your company’s requirements and objectives. Norstrat products consultants also offer instruction in a variety of areas, including communications, marketing and IT.


How Can Norstrat Consult Help Your Business?

What can Norstrat Consult do for Your Company? There are many options. Norstrat is a multinational company which assists companies in Canada as well as in the United States. If you’re in search of an expert in strategic consulting, Norstrat products is the best choice for you. They can handle different projects and will be in close contact with you to build your business and brand.

Strategic Consultants

Norstrat is an Canadian company that was founded by four brothers. It has vast expertise in marketing, public relations and strategic consulting. Their expertise is invaluable.

Norstrat can help you build and establish a strong web presence to promote your business. Norstrat can also assist you to create a brand new one and improve your marketing strategies and boost your branding. The company’s strategic consultants will also assist you in establishing an efficient online strategy.

The portfolio of Norstar includes a broad selection of business products. Concentrating on cloud-based solutions Norstar’s business offerings combine voicemail, cloud-based communications and unifying communications. 

So, businesses can select from a range of options, based on their particular requirements. For instance, they can connect a unified communications system. Norstar is an integrated platform that integrates all of these services.

Telephone and Voicemail Solutions

Norstar’s telephone, email, and voicemail solutions allow for communication with customers and its clients much easier. In addition, the multi-office system allows you to work with partners. Norstar’s VoIP services let you create and run an online phone network that can be used with any number. This is a fantastic choice for businesses who require security for their connections.

Does Norstrat operate solely only in Canada?

Norstrat offers underwater searches and details on security threats. They provide the most comprehensive and current information about offshore exploration for oil and gas. It’s a way to protect your company from the risk associated with working in the oil industry. 

The company employs its own technology that is designed to give accurate information about possible hazards, which allows you to create a plan to plan for your future. It is employed in many industries around the globe which includes North America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

What services does Norstrat Provide?

Norstrat Consulting Inc. allows an array of services as well as support for the needs of its clients. A few of these are listed below.

They provide strategic support to the basis of any Northern Strategy campaign strategy.

It allows subject matter to be experienced extensively.

It simplifies the process of beginning to build on the Northern Strategy

Provides complete assistance in the project’s definition.

Business Memoranda and Closing appropriately.

Effectively defines operational requirements.

They offer a comprehensive description of the Procurement strategy.

Their services are responsible for the capture of bids and bid support efficiently.

Norstrat Consultant Clients:

NORSTRAT Consulting serves industry and government clients with the responsibility to develop an element of the Canada’s Northern Strategy. The below mentioned names are Norstrat Clients from Government and Industry Level.

Norstrat Government Clients: 1) Aerospace Review. 2) Canadian Coast Guard. 3) Canadian Space Agency.

Norstrat Industry Clients: 1) Aeronautics. 2) Aerospace & Defence Industry Association of Newfoundland & Labrador. 3) Airbus Defence and Space. 4) Aker Solutions. 5) AlphaSights. 6) Astrium SAS. 7) Babcock (via H+K). 8) Calian (via H+K). 9) Canadian Light Source (via H+K). 10) Cassidian. 11) Deloitte. 12) General Dynamics Canada. 13) Hill+Knowlton Canada. 14) Kraken Sonar Systems. 15) L-3 MariPro. 16) L-3 MAS (via H+K). 17) L-3 Ocean Systems. 18) MacDonald Dettwiler. 19) Northrop Grumman (via H+K). 20) Northwestel (via H+K). 21) Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador. 22) Raytheon Canada Support Services. 23) Saab Technologies Canada (via H+K). 24) SK Films (via H+K). 25) Ultra Electronics Marine Systems.

The Final Words

Norstrat is a business which provides guests with political consulting and marketing services. Through the years its history, the company’s name has been praised, as have its many successes for companies in all shapes and sizes as well as certain of its most prominent employees. 

Therefore, their strategic plan for the creation of new companies or organizations continues to be an important factor. This is why it’s seeking to increase its request share. Check out the Norstrat website today. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to find help if are looking to employ the most trendy people that you can! They’ve elegant strategic assessments for their services.


Q1- Why Norstrat Consultancy has been created?

NORSTRAT Consulting has been established with the sole objective of helping clients who have an obligation or aim to implement the elements in the Canada’s Northern Strategy.

Q2- What actually Norstrat Consultant Does?

The mission of NORSTRAT is to assist those who have a duty or a goal in business to construct the needed Northern infrastructure, and to create components that make up the Canada’s Northern Strategy.

Q3- What is Official website of Norstrat Consulting ?

The official website of Norstrat Consulting is

Q4- How many employees are working in Norstrat Consulting?

The official website of Norstrat Consulting shows they have 25 employees.

Q5- What is Norstrat Consultancy Address and Phone Number?

Norstrat Consultant Headquarter is based in Canada: 3 Arbuckle Cres, Nepean, Ontario, K2G 5G9, Canada and there Phone number is: (613) 986-0388.