Naureen Azharuddin Ex Wife of Cricketer Muhammad Azharuddin

Naureen Azharuddin Ex Wife of Cricketer Muhammad Azharuddin

Naureen Azharuddin

Naureen Azharuddin Introduction

Naureen Azharuddin was a wife of ex-player Azharuddin from India. After securing her bundles to the Indian officials and former cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin, she rose to prominence.

They were in a romantic couple for almost 10 years. Eventually they remained in a state of isolation and abandoned through their methods. If you’re not in enough trouble, then stay here to learn more the details about Naureen and the specifics regarding her private life.

Naureen Azharuddin Ex-Husband

Mohammad Azharuddin Naureen Azharuddin ex husband was one of the most talented batsmen India is ever produced. Azharuddin was the captain with the highest success of Indian Cricket Team until the arrival of Sourav Ganguly. He lived a highly controversial life beyond the cricket pitch.

Mohammad Azharuddin, a politician from India and an ex-international cricketer was born February 8th 1993.  He is TPC Worker President, and MLA from Moradabad and currently serves as a TPC Working President. In his international career was a part of 99 test matches.

As well as 334 ODIs in the Indian national cricket team up to being barred from the Board of Control for Cricket in India for life for match fixing in the year 2000. The ban was lifted in the Andhra Pradesh High Court in 2012.

As a candidate for the Indian National Congress, Azharuddin was elected to the Indian Parliament in 2009, as a representative of Moradabad.

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Naureen Azharuddin age

Naureen Azharuddin was born around the year 1971, in Hyderabad, India. She is 51 years old age by the year 2022. As Naureen has been born in India and is an Indian citizen, she has an Indian identity, and holds a spot with South Asian nationality. She has slipped away from her Indian family via her parents’ side. She is an Muslim according to her religion.

Naureen Azharuddin Height, Weight, and Physical detail

Naureen Azharuddin is tall with a height of 5 feet and 4 inches (163 cms) tall. Her weight is around 55kg (121 pounds) and she wears a an average shoe size of 6.5. In addition there’s no information on Naureen’s other body measurements . Naureen has dim earthy eyes that are dark and earthy-coloured. hair.

Naureen Azharuddin Education

She hasn’t disclosed any details about her secondary or primary schooling. Naureen Azharuddin done her bachelor’s as well as master’s degrees at Bengaluru’s financial institution. She was already a seasoned finance accountant prior to becoming Azharuddin’s first wife.

The academic results were positive due to her self-training several times. In the beginning, she was able to conduct seminars at several colleges. In addition, she was also an instructor in traditional classes at several schools.

Naureen Azharuddin family

Unfortunately, Naureen Azharuddin hasn’t divulged information about her life before she was born. As a result it is difficult to identify the names of her family members. In like the same way she hasn’t discovered whether she has relatives or not.

Naureen Azharuddin Relationship and Married Life

Naureen was previously in an intimate relationship with her husband who goes by the name of Mohammad Azharuddin. The two met when she was only 16 years old.

She was finished with her board exams at that time. However both of them were attracted towards one another when they first came across each other. Soon after they had their parents arrange the marriage ceremony in 1987 and it was an Muslim wedding.

Naureen Azharuddin Children

After their wedding, Naureen Azharuddin and Mohammad Azharuddin invited two kids to be together. Their oldest child’s name is Asad Uddin. Their younger baby’s name is Ayaz Uddin.

The family was tragically lost the youngest member of their family during a crash on their bike. However, when they talk about their older child, he’s currently looking for a career in cricket and following his father’s model. He was also a part of the Goa Ranji Cricket team in the year of 2018.

Naureen Azharuddin Divorced

Unfortunately, Naureen Azharuddin and Mohammad Azharuddin headed away in opposite directions after around 10 years of peace. Their passionate journey came to an end in 1996. 

The main reason for their split was Mohammad’s alleged relationship with the previous Bollywood entertainer and the former Miss India, Sangeeta Bijlani.

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Naureen Azharuddin’s career

Naureen Azharuddin is famous in the field as a famous wife. But, she didn’t attain fame during her career. This is why there is no record of what she did to earn money. There is a possibility that she did something to earn money however, she hasn’t disclosed the source of her earnings.

Naureen Azharuddin’s husband career

Naureen Azharuddin husband is an official in India and is also a former cricketer. His ex-husband is also a Lok Sabha Member of Parliament from Moradabad.

Her husband is also a stylish middle-order batsman. He played for India in 99 one-day tests and 334 test matches. After getting involved in a match-fixing scandal in 2000, her husband’s international cricket career ended. In the wake of this incident and subsequent investigation, the BCCI barred her husband for life time.

Furthermore there is Azhar is an Indian movie Azhar is inspired by the story of Naureen Azharuddin former husband, Mohammad Azharuddin. Prachi Desai who is a well-known actress portrays her. In the character that is portrayed by Mohammad Azharuddin, Emraan Hashmi an actor with a reputable name is also a part of the cast. She was a teacher at convent schools, in along with being a famous ex-wife.

Naureen Azharuddin Net worth

There’s not much information about the amount of money she’s got following her divorce.
Naureen Azharuddin was a highly successful corporate accountant and an instructor in the traditional sense. Her work could give her a decent salary. But, it was nothing in comparison to the money she earned after the divorce of Azharuddin.

Naureen retained the money she was given and used it to finance her son’s schooling. Naureen’s Net worth is now around $700,000 a year. Although she hasn’t revealed her current position however, searches on the internet show that she’s employed.

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Naureen Azharuddin Social Media

She is not a member of any of the social media platforms. Naureen’s media account has been deleted. She has Facebook account, but it’s not relevant. 

But, you can view her pictures via her son’s Instagram account. 
Naureen Azharuddin son regularly blogs regarding her as well as his brand new baby. If you’re looking to get an inside look at what she is doing now, keep track of the son’s blog.

Naureen Azharuddin 2nd Marrige

She was lonely following her divorce with Mohammed Azharuddin because he had removed her son. In the later years she appeared to have found the man she had always wanted to marry.

Naureen Azharuddin current husband was married twice to a successful businessman. He also has two children with his first wife. But, she didn’t reveal to the media about any information. Her first child however attracted interest of world when he admitted to wishing his brother Happy Birthday.

She is currently lives with her new husband. However, her fame allowed her to talk freely about Mohammed. The most recent report reveals that he cheated a lot of people by using match-fixing, among other methods.

Naureen Azharuddin Husband Controvercy Story

Naureen Azharuddin Husband as a good cricketer

Azharuddin as an international cricketer was a fantastic player. When he made his wife in 1984, he scored three consecutive centuries. The first time he was heard of and immediately put him in the spotlight. He could perform the wrist with ease and the flicks he used were flawless. 

Naureen Azharuddin Husband as a good Husband

However, Azharuddin as a person or a husband was a different story altogether. He got married to Naureen in 1987, who was just 16 and was a student in the Rosary Convent school. But after the marriage, she was allowed to go on to study an additional two years.

She was the next door girl from a normal family. Her father was employed for Saudia airlines, and the two of them Azhar and Naureen were located in Hyderabad. The couple had sons Asad as well as Ayaz. 

Naureen Azharuddin was with Azhar throughout the lows and highs throughout his entire life. They were the most talked about in the city. They took holidays in Paris as well as UK as well as Singapore. However, both husband and wife were extremely humble and gracious people.

The man was not just earning excellent money but he invested in wisely purchasing homes within Hyderabad as well as Mumbai and also had 9 automobiles. A few were foreign, and was why he had to pay a huge amount of duty to import BMW as well as Mercedes models. They lived in a gorgeous and luxurious home, and were known to host iftaar and Eid celebrations at their house. 

When Sangeeta Bijlani entered in Naureen Azharuddin Husband life

Then, Sangeeta Bijlani entered his life in the year 1993, and they met at an event. She had recently ended her relationships with Salman because he had cheated her with Somy Ali. She was searching for her next host, and she came across an ideal one with Azhar. Azhar was instantly in love with her grace and beauty. 

The more he tried to keep his desires in check, the more she would ensconce herself into his life. Naureen had been so modest in her backing Azhar that she adored Azhar in a blind worship. Azhar even introduced her to his wife and she stared at her with a smile and then claimed that she was his friend and required Azhars assistance in obtaining film roles.

 There were a few people who started to suspect that the possibility of something being shady. This included the brother Nausheed who found out about a shady business. However, Naureen Azharuddin was blindly trusting in Azhar and stopped her brother for not saying anything regarding her husband.

Sangeeta was pregnant in 1996

All of this was over in 1996 at the world cup, when Sangeeta was able to get pregnant. Everyone in the team knew about Sangeeta since she was acting like her husband and accompanied his wife around. When he found out she was expecting, his heart broke and he tried to be a good man by arranging a wedding for her. 

He could get married again, however Sangeeta who is the most infamous home destroyer ensured that she wanted none of Naureen. She forced him to contact her via phone and inform her that the couple is getting divorced.

Naureen Azharuddin got divorced after Sangeeta pragnant

When Azhar gave divorced to Naureen Azharuddin after forced to sangeeta. She broke down crying within her bedroom. The aunty’s mom made all her family members to intervene, but no one was able to help. Within seconds, her life was over. 

She had been working so hard to take care of her children and keep her house tidy and cook for Azhar and send him food for Azhar and his teammates, who all enjoyed her food and would ask her to cook these and other dishes and she was always willing to do it.

Naureen Azharuddin husband got financially crises after divorced her

He tried to make amends to everyone by admitting to his mistakes and not abandoning Sangeeta. However, during the process, he was insensitive and unfaithful to Naureen Azharuddin. However, he offered a very generous financial compensation to ensure she doesn’t end up in the streets and that she and her children enjoy a luxurious life. 

He paid the Noureen 1 million rupees in cash as well as a home in a nice area as well as 4 cars. She could keep her possessions and jewellery.

The divorce did not just affect him emotionally, but also financially. The same time, Sangeeta was a constant with her ever-growing demands for everything and when times got tough.

She forced Azhar to get involved in match fixing and gambling to stay in line with her lavish lifestyle. At the end, when she also divorced from Azhar she ensured that she took him off the table in a big way.

Naureen Azharuddin’s Interesting Fact

1.A famous Hindi film Azhar is made on Azharuddin’s life. Emraan Hashmi played the lead job of Mohammad Azharuddin and Prachi Desai assumed the part of Naureen Azharuddin.

2. She got married when she was in grade 10th

3. After marriage Azhar pushed her for higher studies.

4. Naureen Azharuddin was neighborhood family of Azhar

5. She is an exceptionally simple woman that is the reason she isn’t dynamic on any online entertainment stage.

6. After her separation from Mohammad Azharuddin, she later did a 2nd marriage with businessmen.

Naureen Azharuddin Final thoughts

When the world reads about Naureen Azharuddin, we began to understand the many phases of her life, which were a source of sadness. But, she did not fall down and faced each situation head on. She’s also an extremely transparent woman which is why she’s extremely secretive about her personal life.

Naureen Azharuddin FAQs

Q1. Who is Naureen Azharuddin?

Naureen Azharuddin was a ex-wife of ex-cricket player Azharuddin from India.

Q2. Who is Naureen Azharuddin husband?

Azharuddin was the captain with the highest success of Indian Cricket Team until the arrival of Sourav Ganguly. He lived a highly controversial life beyond the cricket pitch.

Q3. How many kids Naureen Azharuddin have?

Naureen and Mohammad have two kids to be together. Their oldest child’s name is Asad Uddin. Their younger sons name is Ayaz Uddin.

Q4. Did Naureen Azharuddin husband involved in Match fixing in 2000?

Yes after getting involved in a match-fixing scandal in 2000 her husband’s international cricket career ended. In the wake of this incident and subsequent investigation, the BCCI barred her husband for life time.