Kitchen Trash Cans & Recycling

Kitchen Trash Cans & Recycling

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A double kitchen bin is a type of waste container that holds two separate types of waste. The first type, the primary waste, can be food scraps or other organic material such as leaves and grass clippings. The second type

How often do you throw away food waste? If you don’t recycle, you might be wasting valuable resources. In fact, according to the EPA, Americans throw out enough food every year to feed over 40 million people. That’s why recycling is important.

Recycling is a great way to reduce trash and save energy. The EPA estimates that Americans throw out enough food each year to feed over 40,000,000 people. This means that if everyone recycled their food waste, they would save enough energy to power nearly 2 million homes.

There are several ways to recycle food waste. For example, you can compost it or turn it into biogas. Or, you can simply put it in your kitchen trash cans. But what about those of us who live in apartments or condos? Do we have any options for disposing of our food waste? Yes! We can use one of these three methods:

 Composting Food Waste

Composting food waste is an easy way to reuse this wasted material. You can either buy a composter or build your own. Either way, all you need is some food waste and soil. Then, you just add water (about half as much as the amount of food waste).

The result will be a nutrient-rich fertilizer that you can spread on your garden. It also helps with air quality because it doesn’t smell like rotting garbage. Plus, when you

 Turning It Into Biogas

There are a lot of ways to make biogas, but the most common is by using anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic means “without air” and it refers to the fact that there is no oxygen present in the process. Basically, you take food waste and mix it with bacteria. These bacteria break down the food waste and produce methane gas.

  Putting It In Your Kitchen Trash Can

Composting food waste is simple. All you need is some kind of container (like an old plastic bin), some worms, and some soil. You can get all this stuff at your local garden center or even online. Just make sure that whatever container you choose has holes on the bottom so that water drains through.

Next, fill up your container with food scraps. Then, take the lid off and place it somewhere where there’s plenty of light. You want your worms to have access to sunlight. After a few weeks, your worms will begin to eat the food scraps. Once they’re done eating, remove them from the container. Then, bury the container in a hole in the ground.

When you dig up your container, you’ll find that the worms have created a nice pile of manure. Now, you can use this manure to fertilize your plants or you can sell it to farmers.

Of course, you don’t always have to wait until springtime to start recycling food waste. You can do it anytime you want. And, since it takes only a few minutes to dispose of food waste, it might become second nature to you after a while. So, if you’re ready to start composting, contact your local garden center today!

You may not realize it, but the average American throws out nearly 40% of his or her food every year. This is enough food to feed more than 2 million people.

Double kitchen bin

A double kitchen bin is a type of waste container designed to be used in the kitchen. It has two compartments, one for food waste and one for recyclable material such as paper or plastic. The design was invented by the British company, Biffa, which manufactures bins for commercial kitchens.

Brabantia Bo dual Bucket Pedal Bin

Bantia Bo Dual BucketPedal trash can is a new product from Bantia. It’s designed to be used with the Bantia Bo Dual Bucket, which can hold up to two buckets of material at once. The bucket pedal makes emptying the contents easier.


This dishwasher comes with a built-in trash compactor. It can compact up to four standard-size grocery bags into one small bag. It also features a removable stainless steel filter basket.

 Gallons Manual Lift Trash Can Set

The Gallon Manual Lifting Trash Can is the perfect solution for those who need a trash can that can be lifted manually. This heavy-duty, galvanized steel trash can has an easy to use handle and a reinforced base. The lid locks securely in place and the entire unit folds flat for storage when not in use. Lid is secured with a locking mechanism that prevents accidental opening.

The lid is made of durable polyethylene that won’t crack, chip, peel, or rot. Equipped with a gasketed rim to prevent leaks. The lid is easily removed using just one hand. A convenient carry handle lets you move the can from room to room with ease. The base is constructed

Now Designs Vintage Compost B

I’m so excited to share with you this new design from Now Designs! It is a vintage compost bin that was made in the USA. I love how it looks and how functional it is, but most of all I love the fact that it is 100% biodegradable.

I know what you are thinking: “But now, I’ve got to buy another one!” Well, no worries because you can make your own version of this beautiful compost bin. All you need is some cardboard, a staple gun, and a little bit of time.

First, cut your cardboard into 12 equal pieces. Then, fold each piece in half lengthwise. Next, open them back up and staple along the crease. Finally, fold each piece in thirds again and staple on top of the first staples.

Next, take your stapler and staple the sides together. Make sure to leave about 1/4 inch between the staples. If you want, you can add handles to the outside of the box.

Next, grab your staple remover tool and remove the staples. You should end up with a sturdy, yet lightweight, compost bin.














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