Inside the King Size Mattress you Dream About!

Inside the King Size Mattress you Dream About!

king size mattress

Are you the type that says king size mattress are all the same, and it’s only the size that differs? Here is a wakeup call for you. Around the world, there is always that place or thing that acts as a solace, perhaps a safe haven. To most of us, our bedroom is that place, and we treat it as special as it deserves.

Just like starting a business, you must have settled down to decide the perfect interior design, beddings, lights, mattress, and curtains. When we assess all these, most of these can easily be replaced, but not a mattress, which makes it an investment.

king size mattress

Before you take home that king size mattress

There is a wide range of mattresses on the market, and you certainly have to settle down with one of them. The commonest include memory foam, water bed, air bed, gel, Innerspring, adjustable bases and latex. Memory foam is a top choice since it conforms to the body; however, other mattress types are also useful due to their specifications.

Adjustable bases are highly flexible and provide support whenever required. Just like the name, a person can adjust the base to raise the feet or the head. An adjustable base can prove to be an ideal choice in case you normally experience sleep-related problems like sleep apnea, heartburn etc. For those looking for better comfort and support, memory foam is a pleasant choice, whereas a gel mattress distributes the body’s heat properly. A latex mattress use latex foam, and it comes with varying levels of firmness and is ideal for every type of sleeper. You can get any type of mattress, whether a single, twin, queen or a king size mattress from any store.

On the other hand, research proposes that the heat from a human body might trigger the release of potentially harmful chemicals in a mattress. Mattresses normally release gaseous chemicals termed Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). And body heat increases the mattress’s release of VOCs, compared to the levels released when the body isn’t in contact. Possible effects include eye or nose irritation and headaches in adults. Perhaps this can worsen allergies as well. There is also a huge concern for the children that generally spend a lot of time in bed.

What to do?

Any buyer is in a difficult position in assessing what a mattress is really made of and what VOCs the mattress material can produce. However, make sure to read the specifications on the mattress before buying it.

It is also best to choose mattresses crafted with other materials than polyurethane foam. Studies also indicate that mattresses that have cotton, natural latex, and wool tend to produce lower levels of dangerous gases.

  • You can limit your exposure to VOCs by maintaining good ventilation inside your home.
  • Try to ensure a good supply of fresh air by opening the windows.
  • There is no immediate harm from VOCs, but it’s best to understand what you’re sleeping on to prevent potential risks.

Opt for king size mattress made from natural materials where possible.