Importance Of Tyre Tread Design

Importance Of Tyre Tread Design

Tyre Tread Design
Tyre Tread Design

The tread design of a tyre is something that is often ignored: – it is something taken for granted. People may know about different types of tread design but will not have a proper understanding of what are tread designs and why are they important. 

Tyre tread is the part of the tyres that touches the ground while driving. What people don’t know is this tyre design can greatly impact the performance of your Dunlop Tyres Southampton. Even considering safety, treads are the most important component of the tyre.    

There are several components of the tyre tread that includes- tread blocks, grooves, sipes voids, tread lugs. With different types of tyres, the tread pattern also differs. Usually, the tread pattern depends on the condition of the road and the weather appropriate for driving.

Diverse tread pattern with different tyres

The most common type of tread pattern is symmetrically found in passenger tyres. Now if you dig a little deeper, summer tyres have wide block-shaped tread to cover more surface on the ground. They have fewer sipes and grooves. The wide tread design helps in preventing aquaplaning and maintains a better grip on dry and wet roads. This large size block enhances stability and creates a huge impact on braking distance. Summer tyres have the most shallower tread design that provides precision on the road. However, they tend to get harder if used below 7-degrees Celsius because they are composed of natural rubber that can get damaged in cold weather. 

Winter tyres are supposed to have a deeper tread with grooves and hundreds of sipes that help to push away the snow. These tyre treads help to provide grip and traction on icy and wet roads. 

Symmetrical tyre treads are commonly used in standard tyres but they cannot be used in performance tyres. If you don’t know, performance tyres are majorly used by professional drivers and in racing cars. They are responsible for providing high speed and performance. These tyres are embedded with continuous ribs or even separate tread blocks on the entire tyre. Such tyre tread provides stability at high speed. They make tyres long-lasting and fuel-efficient. 

With regular tyres on muddy and terrain surfaces, shallower tread would easily get clogged losing grip and handling. As we know, friction is important for sustaining grip between the Tyres Southampton and the road. 

Keeping an eye on your tyre treads is important as having a particular tread design according to road conditions. The incorrect tread design can lead to uneven wearing out which can result in decreased grip and friction. You must confirm the correct tread pattern before getting a new pair of tyres for your safety. With more surface on the ground means more friction leading to wear and tear. The wear and tear effect of tyres can decrease if taken proper measures.

Taking good care of tyres can lead to less wearing out increasing the life of tyres. By maintaining proper air pressure and regular service, cleaning out tyre treads regularly. 

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