Importance of self motivation

Importance of self motivation

self motivation

We as an individual have always come across various motivational quotes for students, adults, working professionals etc. Which helps us to stay motivated in our classroom, workplace, towards goals etc. Self motivation is significantly essential in all of our lives. In the different phases of one’s life , we come across various odds and events , still successfully managing to make the best out of our life. The only pillar of self motivation aid us to stand still with resilience, valour and commitment.


Self motivation is simply the process of motivating oneself to move and pursue things we desire for. However what is out that it exactly comprises? Self motivation impacts every task you take in hand, Be it waking up early in the morning, doing your day to day tasks, trying to study hard for exams, working hard at the gym when you are completely exhausted wishing to relax and take good sleep. Self motivation is something which helps you to forfeit every goal and reach our fullest potential and absolutely become unstoppable in nature.

 Self motivation is what makes you accomplish your goals and reach your full potential as a human being, and with it we can truly be unstoppable. Most people can still somehow manage the time management process but faces immense difficulty in motivation management as it constantly changes right after the start. So here are some rips enlisted which can help you to become self motivated in nature.

  1. Wake up early in the morning- at 5 am or if you can manage before that time, it can help you to become successful as it gives you some extra hours to focus and make the best out of the day.
  2. Practice on forming a daily habit of creating a routine before you sleep- plan your next day , a night before and paste it on the wall, desktop backgrounds, or somewhere else where you can easily see it everyday. Or you can make a diary which can be carried throughout the day and accordingly tasks can be completed on the proper time.
  3. Make a daily schedule for oneself, and inculcate all the jobs you need to complete for that particular day. This would make it easier to do everything timely, without missing important things and will help you stay on track with your passion.
  4. Focus on taking small steps consistently – you just don’t have to wake up early and run straight for 10 kilometres. Just wake up, have a shower, and have a nutritious breakfast or workout for some time. Start gradually once you will be able to do it, you can make it happen without even giving a thought about it. 
  5. The moment you start to feel dizzy, lethargic or unfocused do some sort of stretching. This will allow you to get your blood flow and feel instant energy after that. Also drinking a lot of water throughout the day helps to keep you hydrated and makes you feel good.
  6. Always remember that a new day will only come after just one night! So don’t torment about the things you haven’t achieved yesterday because there is always an option to start all over again and still become successful at it.
  7. You the technique of SMART goals to designs your goals specific, measurable,attainable, realistic and time specific will help you a lot stay motivated towards your goals such as , instead of saying” I will exercise  4 times a week” , saying” I will exercise everyday from Monday through Friday at 5 p.m this will make your goal more specific and attainable.
  8. Look for a workout partner – someone who can push you, bring out your best and inspire you whenever you get tired or face lack of motivation.
  9. Listen to music, podcasts,you favourite songs while at the gym, cooking, studying or completing your homework. Or watching a tv show if you are ignoring your studies. Music has invincible power to completely alter your mood and can motivate us considerably.
  10. Focus on moderation. Don’t forget to praise oneself or pamper oneself once you have achieved your goals. Treating oneself nicely is a very basic step that you can opt for staying motivated, however don’t overdo it.


As human beings,we all are drifted or motivated by various things around us. Also, it is completely natural to not feel motivated about certain work, at a particular time however, what is more significant is that you are conscious about what motivates you and then use that for your benefit.