How to Set Up a Study Corner in Your Home?

How to Set Up a Study Corner in Your Home?

Study Corner

There is a famous quote ” Good readers are good leaders” that denotes the importance of studying and learning. Most successful persons in the world are habitual of reading and they end up reading many books in a year. Libraries are full of books, articles and research papers for spreading knowledge but not everyone will like to go there or some have timing issues so it’s most suitable to have own homemade library at home where you can spend quality time according to your busy schedule. For this purpose, people design a study room or a library into their home design which can be equally helpful for kids to do their homework or any other study task. The experienced panel present at Interior Fit Out Dubai or Villa Renovation Dubai can be helpful in this regard to build you a unique study corner in your home. Here are some of the simple tips to set up a study corner in your home.

Choose a quiet spot:

While designing or planning to set up a study area the first thing you have to consider is to find a peaceful and noise- free spot in your home. The location must be quiet to concentrate the kids on their studies or even if you are reading a book. It must be away from the drawing- room or kitchen and main entrance because these are the places where there is always hustle and bustle so one can not focus on their study. So the first step is to just pick up a quiet and noise- free spot in your home where you can focus on your studies.

Find the comfy furniture:

The furniture is the next important thing you have to choose with proper care while designing a study corner. Because the comfortable furniture can maintain the focus for a longer period as compared to the uncomfortable one. The essential items for a study area include a comfortable chair, balanced table and a cupboard or bookshelves for keeping the additional stuff. The chair must be comfortable with soft furnishing so the reader can sit for a long time without any tiredness. The table must be balanced so everything that has been kept on it must be in a balanced position to assist the reader. The bookshelf can be used for keeping books, notes, stationery or any other thing for a better arrangement.

Select proper lighting:

The next thing is to choose the proper lightings for studying. Because reading in dim light at night can cause severe eyesight issues. The big windows designed in the study room can be helpful to enter natural light which can lower the eyes stress and can also be effective for lowering the electricity bills. OttLite bulbs are best for producing daylight illuminations and additionally you can use sturdy lamps which can lower the chances of an eye strain. Proper lighting is a must for a study table or corner because without lighting the space can be dim causing serious damage to one’s eyesight and there must be a balance between the three kinds of lights ambient, task and accent lighting.

Paint colour:

The paint colours that have been used in the study room must be natural. And not much bold to abandon the attention of the reader away from the books. The colours must be adjusted in a way that brightens the room. And has a good effect on the mood of the reader to maintain its focus on the studies. Bright colours like yellow or dark blue can have a good effect on the overall hue of the room.

Lighter shade

And in the lighter shade, the light blue and green can have ambient look. The colours as the lighting are imperative to a proper study setting because colours have a deeper connection with the mindset of everyone. Lighter colours can add soothing and freshness to the room. The louder colour orange is considered to be the booster for retaining concentration for a longer period. Moreover, the colourful charts and graphs can be incorporated into the room containing different kinds of information and knowledge. The kids can learn a lot from this infographic information and it’s a very quick method of learning anything new.


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Study corner in your home

These are some of the easy tips to set up a study corner in your home. However there must be proper planning before designing this place. Because the learning habits of family individuals can vary as in some can learn new things by listening to music. Others can only learn by audios or watching videos and some are those who can learn only by sitting in a quiet place. So before designing a study area you must consider the need of your family. And then design everything according to that. You can also hire experts from the Commercial fit- out company in Dubai to have a better experience.

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