How To Manage To Your Stress When Working From Home

How To Manage To Your Stress When Working From Home


When work from home first commenced, the thought of sitting in your room, in the comforts of your night pajamas, and working away was delightful.

But, as time passed, we understood the problems!

Not only is it boring or monotonous, but it is also extremely stressful. Sitting in the same place for hours on end, watching your personal and professional life blur into one. The worst part is you cannot do anything about it.

All you can do is wait for this to end. Seriously, all the things you can do just to get dressed and go to your office. Meet those same coworkers which you thought you couldn’t stand.

However, there are endless series of reasons which your company is giving. Is it making you hate your job? Although you love the work, it almost feels like a curse right now. So, what are you going to do?

How can you relieve work stress and manage your work while working from home?

Let’s find the answer!

How To Manage This

So, this is how you are going to manage this stress and work from home much more efficiently.

1. Think About Relaxation

Do not let the work engulf you; think about some light relaxation when you are working as well. Rather than sulking about it, you can take advantage of your situation. You can make a playlist and play it out loud when working.

Yes, advertisements in music applications are irritating. So, why not download the soundtracks for free from Pirate Bay, and then make your favorite playlist. You can even close your eyes for ten minutes and just practice mindfulness. Something you can never do when in the office.

2. Protect Your Eyes

Practice this activity when you are staring at the computer for too long. Every 20 minutes, move your eyes from the screen for at least 20 seconds. Have eye drops, and use a blue light lens.

At times, the headache and irritation in the eyes from the long screen time can make us feel more exhausted. This is when they feel more relaxed. 

3. Have An Office Space

Never sit on your bed or near your bed for work. If you are working for quite some time and plan to do so for the next few months, then have an office space. It doesn’t have to be a dedicated area, but somewhere away from the place of rest.

For example, if you have a kitchen table, then place your workstation there. Or on a table in your living room. The bedroom makes you sleepy and just makes you want to curl up in your bed again. 

4. Do Not Skip Meals

No matter what you are doing or how important that last email is, skipping your breakfast or lunch is not the ideal way to manage stress. You will need proper energy to deal with so much. 

Get up an hour early, and peacefully have your morning breakfast and beverage before sitting for breakfast. At lunch, it is your time to relax and take a break. Even if you get a call from the office, do not pick up.

5. Have A Prominent Line Between The Two

Do not let the line between work and home blur. Close your laptop in time, and do not attend meetings or calls after that. Speak to your boss, and be absolutely clear about it. If it is due to an important project, one or two days are fine.

However, it shouldn’t be an everyday thing. Go out like, cook and plan mean; do everything which you used to do for relaxation, every time you return home from the office. 

Why Is It Stressful

You are working from the comfort of your phone, saving so much on commute time. You do not have to wake up that early, especially if your office is far. Then why is it so stressful?

– You are most probably working in your bedroom. This is a place where you relax, and your psyche is making you tired and sleepy, and you cannot concentrate on the work for too long.

– If you are living with your family, the distractions could be endless, especially if you are a parent, utterly unable to explain to your toddler why you cannot pick them up during a meeting.

– Sometimes, your office fails to understand that past 7 PM, it is inappropriate to ask for that mail. Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you could work all day and night.

– If you are a serial procrastinator, this work-from-home situation is skyrocketing to the extreme.