How to Make Your CBD Vape Juice Taste Better

How to Make Your CBD Vape Juice Taste Better


There is no denying that the vaping community is taking over globally, rapidly growing in all parts of the world. CBD vape and e-cigarettes are not too far behind, becoming noticeably more dominant in the market, especially after legalization. And for the right reasons, people simply love vaping CBD.

It is discreet, fast-acting, simple to use, and delivers a multitude of health benefits! However, the growing popularity leads to a hike in the price of CBD vape juice. Fortunately, you can save a considerable amount by making your own CBD vape juice and even use techniques to make it taste just as good or even better than what is on the market.

Find the perfect flavor for you.

The flavor of the CBD vape juice matters to every user, and there are hundreds of different flavors out there for you to choose from. Tasting the flavor can get complicated, and there are things that you can do to make the overall experience better.

Different aspects of vaping, such as drawing, puffing, inhaling, and exhaling from the device, can make a significant difference. Check out CBD vape juice for sale and find your favorite flavor!

Different types of flavors and their techniques

Naturally, every individual has his/ her own preference, and what works best for one person may not work for the other. In addition to that, the technique of vaping may also work differently for some flavors.

For example, flavors such as fruity or candy give a better taste with quicker and deeper draws. Whereas some of the richer flavors, including tobacco and vanilla, are tastier with slower and longer draws.

Inhaling techniques

There is a difference between how you inhale the vape, and it generally falls into either of two categories; mouth to lung (MTL) or direct to lung (DTL).

Mouth to lung

In simplest terms, taking the vapor in your mouth before you inhale it is called mouth to lung.  This is a great way of savoring more of that flavor before you inhale as it stays on your tastebuds for a longer time than the other inhaling technique.

Direct to lung

With this inhaling technique, you get a stronger “hit” in the lungs, which some people find more satisfying. You don’t lose much flavor with this technique and rather get a deeper taste on the exhale.

Here are some of the different techniques to enjoy more of the flavor

•       Take a deep draw into the vape and keep it in your mouth before inhaling. Begin exhaling slowly and inhale once again. This is called inhaling twice and enhances the flavor.

•       Take a puff and keep the vapor in your mouth for as long as you would like. This will ensure all your taste buds are covered with the flavor for a stronger taste. 

•       Take a few puffs before igniting the device. This will saturate the coil and deliver a better taste.

•       Try out different methods with the ignition button. You can either press the button for a few seconds before drawing or start drawing a few seconds before pressing the button. It’s all about personal preference, so see what works best for you.


Vaping CBD is a rewarding experience by itself due to the various health benefits that you get from it. However, it can also be an enjoyable one as long as you use these tips.

The strength of flavor and smell drastically improves the overall vaping experience, and you should not miss out on that. Try out the different techniques to see what works best for you. Good luck and enjoy vaping!