How to Make a Dental Negligence Claim: Tips and Advice  

How to Make a Dental Negligence Claim: Tips and Advice  

Dental Negligence Claim

If you’ve suffered a dental injury or improper care from your dentist, you’re entitled to make a dental negligence claim. In this guide, you can learn how to make a dental negligence claim and the legalities behind it. There are also some additional tips and advice to make you feel more relaxed about the process.  

Every year, thousands of individuals make dental negligence claims. Most cases are usually settled before reaching court, although a small percentage can reach court if the dental practice in question wants to fight the case.  

When it comes to actually making a dental negligence claim, it’s not as complicated or stressful as you think. In fact, it’s relatively easy — and you can find out what to do right here.  

Make a Dental Negligence Claim  

You can get compensation for dental negligence by hiring a solicitor. This is how it works:  

Step 1: Your dental negligence claim solicitor will speak with you to understand everything surrounding why you’re making a claim  

Step 2: If your solicitor thinks you have a strong case, they will give you the green light 

Step 3: Next, your solicitor will obtain your medical records and other important files 

Step 4: The value of your claim will be calculated (e.g., £20,000) 

Step 5: Your solicitor will then take your dental negligence and present it to your dental provider or their legal representative  

If the defendant (your dentist) looks at the case and accepts responsibility, then they will start the settlement procedure with your solicitor. Normally, this involves going over the details of the compensation amount.  

On the other hand, your dentist might deny legal responsibility and want to fight your case. This will then result in your case going to court. Don’t worry, though, because even if your case does go to court, there’s still a good chance you’ll get compensation if you have a strong case.  

What Can I Make a Dental Negligence Claim For?  

You can make a dental negligence claim for a wide variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common examples:  

  • Nerve injury  
  • Damaged teeth  
  • Oral cancer misdiagnosis  
  • Incorrect crown fitting 
  • Failure to act on a specific issue  

Remember, even if your dental negligence claim is related to a cosmetic procedure, such as teeth whitening or lip fillers (which many dental practices are now giving), you have a legal right to make a claim and get the compensation you deserve.  

How Much Can You Get for a Dental Negligence Claim?  

This is often the number one question patients have; the answer is that it varies. The amount of money you receive from a successful dental negligence claim depends entirely on your individual case and its severity. For example, if you’re making a claim because of a damaged or lost tooth, you could be looking at upwards of £40,000. But again, it entirely depends on your individual case.  


You can make a dental negligence claim if you’ve suffered a nerve injury or have been misdiagnosed. All you have to do is contact a solicitor, let them build your case for you, and get compensation. Good luck.