How to Maintain a Positive Business Reputation

How to Maintain a Positive Business Reputation

Business Reputation

If you own an enterprise, it’s essential to maintain your Business reputation as an Instagram business. If customers have a negative impression of your company, they’ll have a lower likelihood to purchase from you, and are more likely to inform their friends to not buy from you. This can lead to the end of any business in the event that it’s not properly managed. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of keeping your business’s reputation intact is essential for the long-term success of every Social Servicing Company venture!

You will be taught:

  • Why is the management of business reputation crucial?
  • What’s the impact of SEO on online reputation?
  • How do you maintain your web presence in good shape?

Let’s go!

What is the reason why Business reputation is so important?

With a good Business reputation for your business, it’s all up to you. If you’re looking to grow an existing business, or expand it to new markets, a strong reputation for your business reputation can help you get there quicker and more efficiently than anything else, increasing the value of earned media.

Positive reviews increase the trust of 74 per cent of customers..

Nearly 40% of people only trust brands when they have interacted with them via the internet via social networks. About three-quarters of businesses rely heavily on LinkedIn for their most efficient website for locating and acquiring skilled candidates.

Of the customers surveyed 60% of them said negative reviews stopped them from using a company. Take a look at our short video that provides a great summary of the reasons why reputation management is crucial:

Negative examples of management of business reputation and the consequences

Business Reputation management issues for businesses can result in devastating negative consequences for every brand there. In some instances, it could cause a business to declare bankruptcy or suffer a huge loss of profits that is beyond repair.


A data breach in 2017 affected the information of 147 million customers including birth dates, social security numbers and driver’s license numbers which led to the creation of a disaster. Although data breaches aren’t 100 per cent preventable, the following PR issues are definitely preventable at least to a certain degree.

Equifax the credit report agency has handled their own data breach in the most sloppy way that they could. Instead of releasing information to all the general public of the breach, they’ve chosen to keep the information for about one and a quarter months, while keeping their customers unaware of the breach throughout that time. In addition, they’ve also compelled their clients not to bring the class action lawsuit.

The outrage was so intense that, at present when people search for Equifax on Google Search, the majority of results about the data breach despite the fact that it happened in the past four years. The negative publicity for Equifax has resulted in a huge loss in the amount of $1.7 billion in the four years since the data breach took place.

Online Business reputation stats for Equifax

One of the most famous game makers, Electronic Arts are known as being a petty thief. Their latest mishap was in the case of Star Wars: Battlefront II. Before the release in the title, the company said that they have the inability to purchase power or loot boxes. This proved to be an outright falsehood.

Naturally, when players learned of the simple fact that characters need at minimum 40 hours of game time to unlock, or hundreds of dollars to unlock, they were in a state of shock. The power of negative feedback has led EA to stop any in-game payment such as loot boxes. After all the drama, they’ve lost $3 billion worth of stock value.

Other than this one There are many other instances of EA purchasing a game development company and forcing them to produce games that are not original or completely destroying the studio. These events have caused EA to be associated with the evil gaming empire.

Online Business reputation stats for EA

Poor management of business reputation could lead to ruin or even to losses. Because customers are the primary source of income, businesses need to take them seriously and try their best to maintain their online reputations positive. Of course, this is only affecting some of the markets, since certain companies benefit from negative press.

SEO’s effect on the online reputation

Google is the largest player in 90 percent of the search engines market, which means that making every effort to get the highest rank feasible is an absolute must.

This is essential to manage your business reputation in the business and also because it’s among the most effective methods to gain new customers and gain more customers with existing customers. Being ranked higher in search results for keywords that are competitive increases your credibility and makes customers become more conscious of the presence.

Because you could influence the results of a search, you need to try to make people notice your strengths and not your weaknesses. When an issue with your PR arises dealing with it in the best manner is the highest priority. The replacement of bad news with positive news is the most efficient way to deal with it. Of course, there is no control of the way Google determines is the best way to position itself, but you are able to influence it, at the very least to a degree. To do this you’ll need some kind of monitoring of news.

The first five results of Google Search get 67.70% clicks. Make sure you are on the first page (positively!) and your online profile will grow.

How do you keep your online Business reputation under control?

Your company’s business reputation is judged by how you interact with customers and customers. This means that Instagram businesses should be aware of their online reputation. And also what people are talking about them on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp. It can be a challenge when someone shares an opinion that is negative about your business reputation. It can become viral within moments, while the good opinions of people require time to propagate through word-of-mouth marketing. Here are some tips on how you can control your online business reputation efficiently.

Create a policy for managing Business reputation

Similar to when operating your own company using a business reputation management strategy is vital to maintain your company’s image. The most effective way to achieve this is to adhere to the three Cs Control, Contain and Correct.

Control: Watch social media websites to look for mentions of your business or sector throughout the day.

React quickly and with positive feedback regarding what they’re saying and that’s authentic. For instance, providing useful feedback or something that’s important to share. However, don’t be overly aggressive!

True: When someone has put on the internet false details about you or your company. You should contact them privately and rectify the information with a calm tone so everyone isn’t confused as to the incident. This will stop confusion from spreading.

Written by
Rex Baker