How To Know If A Spa Suits Your Accessibility And Requirements?

How To Know If A Spa Suits Your Accessibility And Requirements?

Spas are professional health care centres where you can relax and recharge both your mind and body. And yes, you need to pay them for availing of their services. Since spas are meant to cater to all, they must provide proper access to people with disabilities (not limited to wheelchair-accessible facilities).

Having disabled access means a spa offers the facilities and treatments that anyone with impaired vision or hearing, mobility issues, and other forms of disability can access.

Moreover, UK spas must comply with the Disability Discrimination Act to make their venues and services more accessible. The more common accessibility features that a spa offers include handrails for ramps, disabled-friendly toilets, and separate changing rooms. In this article, we highlight a few things to consider when choosing accessible spa breaks.

  • Easy Access To Amenities

A spa with easy access to all corners of the premise will ensure that differently-abled people navigate the building without facing any obstruction. It also means that the spa amenities such as sinks are in the reach of people in the wheelchair. Additionally, it should have broad hallways and hoists at pools for water-based treatments. Always check that restrooms, treatment rooms, and changing rooms all have elevator access.

  • Hydraulic Treatment Beds

Since massage tables are one of the essential components of spas, they should be adjustable as per the person’s requirements. See if the spa centre offers chairs and furniture that can be lowered or raised for accommodation. Other things worth considering are the curtains for enhanced privacy in the massage room and hands-on assistance to get on and off the hydraulic treatment table.

  • Handrails For Ramps

Depending on the individual needs, a spa must have handrails or ramps in place. A wheelchair ramp makes it quite feasible for people with mobility issues like paraplegia to access prerequisite spa facilities. Likewise, handrails will act as extra support to people using walkers.

  • Elevators Between Floors

A spa might be an independent building, and many of its services could be present on different floors. Do not forget to check that there are elevators between each floor and fully-functional. Plus, they must be wheelchair accessible.

  • Specially Trained Staff

Lastly, the staff at the staff should be well-trained to provide additional assistance to disabled people. Everyone in the spa, from the representative at the front desk to other spa workers, must be capable of serving people with disabilities.

In today’s stress-filled life, seeking a spa breaks UK to break out the mental and physical challenge is preferred by many. Spa treatments have multiple health benefits for everybody regardless of their physical condition. Knowing these must-have features in a spa with disabled access will help you to recoup and respite.