How to give yourself salon-style nails at home

How to give yourself salon-style nails at home

salon style nails at home

If you are used to visiting your nail technician you will appreciate the level of skill and amount of time that goes into performing your service. 

Giving yourself stylish nails is not an easy job, but there is a way to give yourself salon-style nails at home. Here are some helpful tips to help you achieve your nail dreams. 

Master a home manicure

Achieving a classy-looking manicure at home is actually simpler than you may initially think. First, use a high-quality base coat. It is always worth investing in a decent base coat when it comes to your nail health. This is because it helps to prepare your nails for the polish, as well as preventing any staining and chipping. 

The next step is to apply the polish. You can choose any colour you like as it is your manicure! For most polishes 2 coats should be sufficient however if your chosen shade is a sheer polish then you may need 3 coats in total. 

Finally, add a layer of top coat to your nails. This helps to seal your colour and make it look shiny and new. An extra tip is to add another layer of top coat when your manicure is around 3 days old. This helps to keep them looking fresh and prevents any chipping where the top coat may have worn away. 

Learn at-home acrylic nail application

Acrylic nail application is a bit more complicated than a simple manicure. Before you start you will need a kit which is designed to create at-home acrylic nail sets. The kit usually consists of the powder and the liquid you will need. Usually, you will also need an applicator brush, some acetone and a nail buffer, amongst other things. The kit will state if you need any extra products. 

To be able to get the technique right, look on YouTube and find tutorials of nail artists giving step-by-step instructions on how to do an application. This, combined with the instructions on the kit, will help you get the look you want. 

At home gels

There are two ways to achieve gel nails at home: buying a full kit or purchasing the pieces separately. However, there is a cheat way to do this. You can use a normal polish and top it with a clear gel coat. Some brands even have gel polishes that don’t require a UV lamp to cure them. You will get the best results with a professional kit, though. 

Before you start on the polishes, make sure your nails are trimmed and even. Once the gel is on it will be harder to correct this. 

Apply a cuticle oil next to keep your nails moisturised and soft. Buff your nails all over and then apply a base coat to protect them. 

Next, apply your gel polish and pop your fingers under the UV lamp. Add a top coat and cure them under the light again.