How to correct overbite with Impress clear aligners

How to correct overbite with Impress clear aligners

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Nowadays, many people attach great importance to aesthetics and oral hygiene. For this reason, a large part of the population, especially young people, undergo orthodontic treatment in order to have perfect teeth. It is true that most patients prefer their treatment to be almost imperceptible to others. And that it is not noticeable that they are wearing an appliance.

These requirements are met by the Impress clear aligners treatment. It is an innovative treatment that serves as a solution for overcrowding, malpositioning of teeth, crossbite, open bite, overbite, etc. So, It consists of custom-made transparent splints that wrap around the teeth to control their movement towards the required position. It is a completely removable treatment, so the patient can remove the aligners. Whenever they need to, such as when eating or brushing their teeth. Although it is always recommended to wear them for at least 22 hours a day. In addition, the treatment time is usually similar to conventional treatment with braces.

What are the consequences of overbite?

Overbite can cause different health problems depending on the degree and severity. The main problems it can cause are: speech impediments, alterations in the appearance of the face, respiratory problems, deficiencies during chewing, damage to other teeth and gums and pain when chewing or biting.

If it is a problem where the overbite is severe and causes serious problems. The treatment will be orthognathic surgery, which is mainly used in cases where there is no growth, to correct the relationship between the upper and lower jaws.

If there is a problem with dental aesthetics only and it does not cause too many problems. The solution will be to visit the orthodontist, who will determine the best treatment according to the situation in which the patient finds themselves.

Can clear aligners correct overbite?

Impress invisible orthodontics with clear aligners can be used to treat this type of problem, both in adolescents and adults. This type of treatment consists of placing clear plastic aligners. Which are custom-made and change every one or two weeks to gradually modify the position of the teeth.

It is a very innovative treatment that the patient must follow for a certain period of time according to their needs. As it is a removable treatment, i.e. it can be taken off and put on, the patient must be responsible and follow the guidelines indicated by the expert. So, that the treatment does not lose effectiveness.

How long do clear aligners take to correct overbite?

Before starting treatment, there is an evaluation stage carried out by the orthodontist. In which the patient is given different x-rays to help determine the type of overbite and the connection between the teeth and the jaw.

The time it takes to correct this problem will depend on the type and severity of the patient’s overbite. Less serious problems usually take approximately 3 to 4 months to correct with orthodontics. However, in cases of severe overbite, orthodontic treatment may be necessary for at least 2 years. In addition, it is very important to wear retainers after treatment is completed.

When is clear aligners treatment recommended for overbite?

The earlier orthodontic treatment can be started, the better, as long as none of the teeth are baby teeth. Overbites can also cause grinding of the teeth and can damage them. There are also some overbites that make it difficult to clean the teeth, so the patient is at risk of caries and gum disease.

After all the above mentioned, it can be concluded that an orthodontic treatment with clear aligners is a remedy for overbite. And helps millions of people as long as it is not a very serious problem. This should be treated with orthognathic surgery. With problems of this type it is always advisable to get information before undergoing any treatment and to put yourself in the hands of a good orthodontist with previous experience.