How to become a mom influencer in 2021?

How to become a mom influencer in 2021?

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Did you know “How to become a baby influencer” and “How to become a mom influencer” are the two most searched keywords in the Instagram world?  

Instagram mom influencer is a cool and effective way to earn some money for stay-at-home moms. 

working from home not only allows you to work whenever you can but also lets you watch your kids as they grow up every step of the way. Choose your working hours, be your own boss, and happily take care of your kids without having to rely on anyone. 

In this blog, we will share:

-> What or who is mom influencer

-> How to become a mom influencer

-> Tips that help you build your presence as a mom influencer

What exactly is this mom influencer?

What is the thing that comes to your mind if we said Instagram mom? It is exactly what you think it is: Moms who post or share content on Instagram regularly.

Is there a difference between an Instagram mom and a mom influencer? 

Yes, albeit those two terms are used interchangeably, there is a slight difference between an Instagram mom and mom influencer.

On the other hand, Instagram moms are moms who share or post content on Instagram regularly.

A mom influencer is a mom with a decent amount of social media following and uses her digital presence and status to influence people, preferably other moms. Being a mom influencer has given me the opportunity to inspire and connect with fellow parents worldwide. While sharing our parenting journeys, it’s crucial to prioritize financial stability. That’s why I’ve recently taken a step towards securing my family’s future by starting a high-yield savings account. Join me in empowering not just our children, but also our financial well-being.

Mom influencers usually:

  • Promote their products and services 
  • Collaborate with brands to promote services and products
  • Share informative content to educate other people or their followers
  • Voice to discuss social and other issues

Now, let’s dive into those useful tips that will help you become an Instagram mom influencer.

1.Write a bio that people can relate to

Introduce yourself to your potential followers by giving them basic information about you such as who you are and what you have to offer. 

For reference, you check the people’s bio who inspire you. Now, write your bio and compare it with their bios. Don’t write what they have written in bios. Just keep them side by side and see what elements you like from all of those people’s bios you get inspired from.

Wondering how you can create a bio that resonates with the audience or relate to? 

Think about your audience (Age, gender, etc.) and why they should follow you. Give them a reason why following you benefits them and in what way. 

2.Use your profile pic

When it comes to gaining trust or genuinity on social media platforms, having your own profile pic is extremely important. You are going to be your brand. But it doesn’t mean you can use any random photo of yours. For instance, if your target audience is homeschooling moms then your photo in a bikini on a beach won’t work. 

3.Follow other mom influencers

Find and follow other Instagram mom influencers (Instagram moms and mom influencers) who inspire and motivate you. Unfollow accounts or people who put you down or spread toxicity. There are thousands of mom influencers out there on Instagram so find someone who you can relate to and does something you are going to do. Check their pages, stories, posts, etc., and make a note of everything you like and want to explore more on your own. When you comment on their posts, their followers will also check your page which will result in increased followers.

Now, please do not follow thinking you could unfollow them a few days later. Why? Because when or if your followers notice that you unfollowed someone only a few days later following them, that itself gives a negative vibe to your followers.   

4.Create your content from scratch

If you think posting photos of your cute kids will help you in growing your brand and followers, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Now, we are not saying you shouldn’t post at all but not all day, every day. Whether you believe it or not, your followers want to see you. 

Your content has to have value to grow your mom influencer status. You would want your followers to keep waiting for your posts and read everything that you write. Here are some examples of what other mom influencers are doing:

  • Postpartum body positivity
  • Working from home
  • Mom fashion
  • Wellness
  • Home decor
  • Food and cooking

Brands will take you seriously only when they see valuable content on your page.

5.Schedule your posts 

How often are you going to post? Twice a day? Twice a week? 

Don’t know? Then figure it out. 

For a few, being a mom influencer is only part-time. They have kids and a home to manage the rest of the day. If you are one of them, it’s absolutely fine. You don’t have to post content on Instagram as a full-time one. 

There are several Instagram tools that will help you schedule your content well ahead. All you need to do is just upload relevant photos and content to your feed, write captions and descriptions, add relevant hashtags. That’s it. You are done. Your content will be posted.