How Technology is Controlling our Lives?

How Technology is Controlling our Lives?


There has been an on-going debate about who controls who… do we control technology or technology controls us.

Years ago, the Internet was believed to be a sweet escape from the world, now, this world is an escape from the busy, overwhelming, and anxiety-driven world of the Internet and tech. Yes, it’s nice to live in a connected world and have amenities like Spectrum internet for home entertainment but do you have enough self-control to leave your smartphone alone for five minutes?

Technology, the internet, social media, and other life-dependent gadgets are like two-faced coins. They have a good and a bad side. All innovations are mostly meant to solve imminent problems. These innovations are either there to protect mankind from enemies or help carry out the activities of our lives. But this is human nature, as soon as these inventions become mainstream, they are abused and used against us.

In case you haven’t yet noticed the way technology is taking control over your life, here are some instances:

Difficulty Communicating

The advent of email, instant messenger apps, and social media platforms has changed how we communicate. Information flow has become easier and faster. All you have to do is ping someone to start a communication. This sure has made our lives easier but we are slowly losing opportunities of face to face meetings and conversations. 

The young generation of today who are excessively dependent on digital communication lack verbal cues and find it hard to start a conversation or express our personality to others. 

Dependence on Gadgets

You know there is a problem when you cannot do without a machine for over 24 hours. It is a sign that the gadget has become an obsession for you and it needs to be controlled. 

Don’t you feel that the tech gadgets have blocked your perception of the world? We are so self-absorbed in technology that we don’t just ourselves but for others around us. 

Development of Children

Kids are spending more time on their smartphones, gadgets, and game consoles. The problem isn’t that kids are spending time outdoors. The real problem is they are spending more time on digital media than sleeping! This is harming the ability of kids to function and behave in daily settings.

Their brains are developing new paths to adapt to the digital world and getting disconnected from the real world. Since they are spending much of their time-consuming media, their mind multitasks all the time. Hence, the rising rate of depression, stress, and anxiety and in adolescents.

What Can We Do to Find a Balance?

There is no way we can cut ourselves from technology and disconnect Internet services. But, what we can do is try to strike a balance between the world of tech and the real world. Here are some ways to achieve that:

Take a break from technology

Plan out specific times in your day when you can block technology out without interruption. In the beginning, you might feel anxious. There is a way to overcome that. Start with 30 minutes a day and slowly increase the time. Soon, you will get used to it and feel so much better.

Give your presence to others

In today’s world, the most precious thing you can give to someone is your presence and your attention. So, don’t rely on social media or your phone to say hello to your mother or catch up with a friend. Go see them! A real connection like this will create a powerful understanding. 

Be mindful of the reasons you connect to tech

Mindfulness can give you a good insight into what’s happening around you. So why not be mindful of the way you use technology?

The more mindful you are, the more you will be in control of it. If you are using tech just to kill time, stop and reconnect yourself with the real world.

Get the most important things don’t and leave the rest

When it comes to using technology to complete your tasks, start with those that are really tech-dependent. List down those activities that can be performed without the use of technology. Make yourself less dependent on tech one day at a time.


We all need a digital detox to pull ourselves out of the shackles of technology and tell it who the boss is! The sooner you realize tech addiction is real, the better.

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