How Custom Asterisk Development Services Benefit Businesses?

How Custom Asterisk Development Services Benefit Businesses?


Asterisk is an open-source software implementation of PBX, which is designed primarily to run on a Linux-based server. It provides call control services to registered telephony endpoints and supports a number of VoIP protocols such as SIP, H.323, and MGCP. The software solution used for basic call control includes call waiting, call transfer, call forwarding, call parking, conference calling, and more. Some of the key telephony features like IVR (Interactive Voice Response), voicemail, and automatic call distribution are available with Asterisk as additional modules. Moreover, it also offers various advanced services such as contact center applications, video telephony, interaction with CRM and other databases, collaboration services, much more that makes Asterisk a very flexible system.

Due to its customizable nature, complemented by unmatched standards-compliance, Asterisk has a continuously growing user and developer base. Along with Linux, Asterisk also runs on other UNIX platforms with or without hardware that connects a server to the traditional global telephony network, the PSTN. The system is also capable of interfacing with hardware like voice gateways, FXS and FXO analog cards, and T-carrier interface cards (T1 or PRI ISDN) to interconnect with both VoIP and other conventional telephony technologies.

Asterisk provides real-time connectivity on both PSTN and VoIP networks

With Asterisk as a telephony switching platform, you can do telephony in various new ways, such as:

  • Connecting employees working from home to the office PBX over broadband connections
  • Connecting offices in different states over VoIP, Internet, or a private IP network
  • Providing all employees voicemail integrated with the Web and their Email
  • Building interactive voice applications connected to ordering system or other in-house applications
  • Giving access to the company PBX for business travelers connecting over VPN from airport or hotel WLAN hotspots

Features of Asterisk

Some of the key features of Asterisk include:

  • Music-on-hold for customers waiting in queues, supporting streaming media as well as MP3 music
  • Call queues where call agents together handle answering incoming calls and monitor the queue
  • Text-to-speech system integration
  • Call data record (CDR) generation for integration with billing systems
  • Voice recognition system integration
  • The ability to interface with common telephone lines, ISDN basic rate, and primary rate interfaces

How Custom Asterisk Development Is Beneficial For Businesses?

Asterisk is a well-known open-source PBX platform for developing communication applications that can turn a computer system into a communication server. Its flexibility and easy-to-use characteristics make Asterisk a perfect choice for various voice-enabled applications. The custom Asterisk solutions can be used for VoIP gateways, IP PBX systems, conference servers, and more. Today, Asterisk development services are widely in demand by a number of large businesses, small businesses, call centers, carriers, and governments throughout the world.

The custom Asterisk solutions help to get the best VoIP solution that can benefit a business in many ways such as:

  • Total control: After executing the Asterisk development on VoIP systems, businesses will get all the power to customize their system. It allows businesses to make any modifications in the system, add or remove any particular feature as per their requirement. Unlike any other ready-to-use product in which the feature inclusion, removal, etc., are controlled by the development company, the Asterisk development allows users to have complete control over their VoIP systems.
  • Complete ownership: Once implementing a custom-made omnichannel communication system with Asterisk Development, businesses will get a white label solution. It means that now they will have every right to control the functionality of the network.
  • Customized solution: In the form of Asterisk development, businesses can get a tailored solution to their specific requirements. Unlike the ready-to-use method, the solution will have features and the flow as the business model.

Some of the key Asterisk development services include custom development for the system, software, application, and module, customization in the existing system, dial-plan programming, AGI scripting, configuration, maintenance, and support.

Wrapping Up:

Asterisk development is undoubtedly the best communication solution available today. It offers a wide range of benefits and allows building several solutions and applications with it. However, in order to build applications and solutions using the Asterisk framework, developers will require working knowledge of script programming, Linux, networking, and telephony. When looking for custom Asterisk development services, first of all, determine whether you want Asterisk developers for full-time or part-time. Also, make certain to select a company that provides professional service using advanced technology and tools and has a team of highly skilled developers along with a client-centric working model.