Hope over fear has been a motivation since decades

Hope over fear has been a motivation since decades


Hope over fear is paradox when said like that. Penning them down in contrast is never an easy idea. Hope is a strong thing to hold on to. It leads you through darkness into the bright lights of glory. When in a situation where you are left forlorn and you are stuck between despair and uncertainty, you look up to the sky looking for a green light for some the light is in relationships and for some that light is in their passions. Hope is that thread you tie believing in some saint. Hope is that oath you take vowing for something special. What power material cannot persist; a mere fraction of hope can endure easily. An elusive goal always tempers its identity in front of passion; only when you prefer hope over fear.


Now let us counsel you if you believe in contradictions more than courage. You will find all the right reasons to trust our slogan of hope over fear in the OMG Blog. We have all been fighting realists at some stage of our lives but haven’t made our inner idealist die. It lives through the veil of our hearts somewhere.

Strength is ruthless but belief is impeccable


What an absolute blessing it is to be blessed with a passion that is driven by ‘hope’ and nothing else from hope through passion and into resolve there lies no vacuum but a blink of an eye and you feel the warmth of it within yourselves and they still think that realism wins. Well open the chapter of history from wherever you want and you will find hope the auras of history from the war of ‘Ali (R.A) to the ‘sword of Allah’ from the ‘lion of God’ to ‘Naked warrior’ from the resolve of Al’Azb to the conviction of Hussain (R.A) you will find it winning the hearts of time always.

The mysticism behind ‘Hope over Fear’

Hope over fear is the ultimate mysticism and the saints always ask you to be mystic about every little reason as it aggrandizes the tenacity.

Fear lies in every soul, some let it overcome them and some fight it over. Some give up on the horrific pictures it casts upon you but some stand without a stumble. Fear is production of disbelief and disbelief is a product of unwillingness. A person having hope is to be feared by others and a person being cautious in the act of fear is the most feared himself. He never truly lives his limits because he never tested them. He in the act of being cautious starts preaching for fear. To overcome it and foreseeing the circumstances is actually being cautious than not to take the risk in the first place.

Fear is not just an emotion

Fear is not only an emotion as it carries with itself stakes and responsibilities. We often call ourselves brave but when there’s a lot at your stake you become weak. Your loved ones, your relationships and your social bondage make you fragile and vulnerable. Your social responsibilities make you afraid so it may be an emotion but is driven by a lot of physical entities. 

What stops you from dreaming Big?


Eagle’s flight is a symbol of unbound dreams.

Orthodox school of thought says that when a person is driven by heart, he can be limitless but when guided by the mind becomes bound. The mind always paralyzes you with parameters and calculations whereas the heart leads you beyond the skies without even a fraction of estimation. For resolve one needs to be focused and properly channeled but it is never right to be channeled by the fears your mind afflicts upon you. If you have a choice then embracing the will of heart never goes in vain. Sometimes forcefully hope over fear to gather yourself again. Iqbal the poet of east Dante’s us not to trust the manipulations of mind but to embrace the fearless heart:

“On the early morning of Creation! This counsel/advice Jibril gave me;
He told me not accept a heart; Enchained by mind of man like slave.”

As Fear is the assembly of mind and Hope is the protraction of heart.

Hope over fear has been a motivation since decades

In the contemporary world where all kinds of social and political perils exist, hope over fear is one of the beliefs we have all been lingering on but you must be wondering our current world is full of hazards which is not true in all cases. Despair and nuisance have always been a part of this world. Just before and after every great world war the world was standing on the verge of breaking off. Where everybody was surrounded by hopelessness and fear. The allied were afraid of the central powers and the central powers were afraid of the allied. Germans have fought with the Russians and Russians have fought with Americans and Americans have fought with the Japanese. The post-world war 2 world was perplexed and so was the post-cold war totally different. In all these years of absolute chaos the common man has lived through the hope of his heart and nothing else. Humanity has been slaughtered immensely throughout the course of time but a humanity as fragile and sensitive as it was still standing there.

People still slaughter and there are people who still heal others. The ashes of Hiroshima now stand as a well-known economy of the world. The USSR that was perished now is a potential superpower. The small left over of Great Britain is also quite influential by its soft power. The crux of which is that through crisis people rise up with lessons and what made them learn those lessons was nothing else but hoping over fear fearlessly.

Hope is the sweet summer child


It is often said that being ignorant is sometimes a total bliss. The naive and premature creature of this planet when steps into the grim realities he is blissfully positive towards all his dealings. Unless he encounters something that is devoid of his patience and self-endurance. This bliss is the fresh hope he is born with. He has just yet seen the warm zeal of the summer evenings and he persists the world to be revolving around that only which is the other way round until he realizes. The realizations are the tiny fears that contagion to his flight every time they add up but most of the time his flight is straight and uninterrupted because he is being ignorant of the miseries. In this astringent and intrinsic hope, he can conquer the world if he is fast enough.

Hope over fear in all walks of your life

The concept of hope over fear being your generic element before birth is no new. It may be blessed to you ever since but only some are able to conceal it in their hearts and let it nurture. So, hope over fear in all walks of your life to make it worthwhile. Never leave the scarf of hope, hold it tight by its ends and you will see how unimportant the fear was.


Hope is the push & not the lumber
Hope is a sunshine & not the shadow
Hope is a pillar & not the shallow
Hope is a happiness of times to come

Written by
Ambreen Naz
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