How Home making is a choice more than an obligation for housewives

How Home making is a choice more than an obligation for housewives


Home making is a word unknown to majority of the population since we subsist in a patriarchal society and in order to attain the dominance women in turn have manipulated their actual role in the society. Dominance is given more importance than dignity. Therefore these misconception have led our women to believe that their actual place is not within the walls of a house but beyond boundaries. Sure it is a woman’s decision and her own passion to pursue her desired goals but the goals being set inheritably by the culture for the woman are a flutter for themselves. In accordance the term “house wife” is conventionally used as a slam to women; which is an offence for both the working and actual house wives.


1) Is home making a hereditary trait in women?

Of course yes! A woman who marries or settles on a commitment always dreams about her home. When she first visits the toy shop in her early childhood she intrinsically picks up the doll house and the tea set so she could make her own home and invite her friends over. It nurtures and develops through her without being sermonized to her. However some are generically different and that is totally fine too. Home making is actually fashioned in her genes.


2) Nagging again on home making; common!

It is in human nature that a person tends to conflict with the idea of challenge. When nagging about the same thing in front of them a hundred times, people forget to think about the consequence of this. They are creating mutiny in the society themselves. The woman maliciously reacts to this orthodox school of thought that preaches us being a household creature always. In turn women personify themselves as a rebel which they are not. She is being told by everyone around to be the perfect home maker since she is born and despite her own divergence this becomes a challenge for her. It is commonly said not to push somebody to his edge; a person short of ways can commit what he should not. Some pass through this peer pressure going against the gravity but some fall on foot and give up. Here the ones going against the gravity are the ones who still graciously choose the profession of home making devoid of its hazards which is totally worth it.

3) A passion for house wives

A house wife is a house wife by choice and being a home maker or not is also her own choice. She willingly makes up her own place. She very lovingly does her daily chores. She diapers her babies gleefully and mops her tiles to the perfection even more adoringly. She is desperate and both keen about homemaking. She saves money for that expensive vase she can barely afford not because she is forced to do so. She zealously window shops for hours to find that perfect couch for her lounge; do you think she is unhappily trapped in her house to do so? Nobody has ever given her a list of things she has to do all day. Their husbands barely notice the grind they go through in making their homes liveable. In all the words I have used above I haven’t mentioned ‘obligation’ and so it is that petty for us.


4) “Homemaker; the least fruitful creature of this Eco system”

Do you find any justification asking her overtime you see her: ‘oh so are you planning to continue with your studies, have you any goals?’

What goals are you talking about when you ask her that? She is already living her dream goal life in the big or little of her capacity but she is right their perusing her passion at the very vicinity she can. By doing so you abated her every struggle and triumph to a nil.

5) There’s something ‘Holly’ about home making!

Other than being generic every generation of daughters see their mothers raising healthy families on which the whole house counts; which is a sight to learn always. Describing those mothers:

“In all days of labour and sweat, when I  tired she makes me fresh

In all the hectic routine she has she never takes rest and never errors

She runs a home a finest home, a love made house a loving palace

Her deep devotion stirs us all, from head to toe from inside out

Of all my life I will make her my ideal, her cooking her knitting and all her jobs

Yes I speak of my mother, your mother, A mother.”

Our mothers have made the concept of home making very spiritual for us all and we strive to live the way she lived.


6) Home making a whole industry

On a lighter note and too on a serious note to the ones who don’t know must know that home making is a whole industry in which investors earn millions. Who do think are the consumers? “The desperate house wives”, the most. The home decor, the home utensils, the kitcheneries, the baths and beds and everything that you see in a house is on point because she is making it so because she needs everything and not because she is told to.


7) A housewife’s battle with the ideological differences

There was a day when I came back from my college and asked my mother if washing dishes was an insulting thing to do and she said it is not. I asked her than why are we told to perform in the academics to surpass this insult? She could not understand me then but she did when I explained; We are told in our schools and colleges to score good or we will have to wash dishes for the rest of our lives by the ‘very highly esteemed and highly educated teachers’. Is it not a dilemma of our society that we are raising a whole generation of complex individuals? Do we not need to collar our homemakers than to make them insecure?

Is housewife and homemaker the same?

Women are judged on their working statuses; do they work at home or at work? The one at work is guilty because she couldn’t be a good home maker and she feels complex while the house wife who stays at home neglecting her career is also insecure because she feels left out; Both of which are inflicted by the society itself which should neither ways be in the swim. However both kind of women can be homemakers. The housewives are known to be better homemakers as they invest plenty of time at home. So housewives are homemakers in most of the cases but exceptions do exist.

How can I be a good home maker?

Make your home your own project; make the magic the other person in your house can not. May it be the basics or the colossal but try. Bake the bread, do the laundry, make the house smell good with your enchanted touch and make peace for everyone. Make everyone thank you when they relax on the couch eating their favourite pudding they wanted after dinner, which is probable desirously.

What does home maker do all day?

They work day and night for ever thing to be pure and splendid for everyone. For they make sure to consummate every corner of the house. From breakfast to dinner, from doing the bed to the decor, from grocery to pantry, from cleaning to washing they sleep with their bones aching but they love it.

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