Hire fintech developers in 2022: Everything you need to know

Hire fintech developers in 2022: Everything you need to know

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The demand for Fintech developers has surged exponentially mainly because of the depleting traditional financial services. The fintech market has witnessed swift growth in these years mainly because of the ease and convenience it has provided to its users. Especially, the small and medium-sized enterprises. The global financial technology market is forecasted to grow gradually and reach a market value of approximately $324 billion by 2026. These figures manifest the reality that fintech is going to go nowhere. And if you are thinking to hire a fintech developer for fintech software and app development then this is high time to do so.

The Type of Products For which you need Fintech developers:

If you are still not sure whether you need a software developer or not then look at the list below:

Banking Apps:

The fintech developers can aid you in creating secure and reliable digital banking software and solutions. Thus, enabling the users to have more secure and reliable digital banking. 

This includes online banking which allows the customers to manage bank accounts on the go. And the security systems to ensure that your customer’s personal information is safe from harmful parties.

Lending Apps:

Fintech apps can turn your dream into reality if you have an idea for a new lending app. Their deep knowledge of Python, PHP, and other coding languages can help you in the construction of a perfect lending app that can aid you in streamlining the loan requests process.  These apps have features like credit scores, loan applications, billing, and much more.

Cryptocurrency Apps and Platforms:

Fintech developers can aid you in developing e-wallets, apps, and other necessities for the cryptocurrency company. They work in coordination with the IT team to mitigate the tech issues and troubleshoot the cryptocurrency transaction-related problems.

Investing and Trading Apps:

The Fintech software developer can also help you to create investing and trading apps that give easy access to investing platforms. These apps enable customers to easily invest in stocks. They can also buy currencies like Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

What to Look in a Fintech software developer?

The Fintech developers are high in demand because the total value of transactions via fintech apps and software is expected to reach $6.7 trillion by 2023. Some of the things you should keep in mind whilst hiring a fintech developer are given below.

Robust Base of C++ & C:

Indubitably the C language is the mother of all programming languages. A developer with good knowledge of C++ and C can learn any language easily.  Other than this, many financial applications are structured on C.

English Proficiency:

English is the most used language in the world. And consider this or not but this should be the utmost criteria when you are hiring a fintech developer. No matter how good the technical skills are …the language barrier can halt the development process.

Skilled in Java:

Java language is one of the most used languages around the globe used in the banking sector for a long time. Developers in the field of fintech use Java scripts to develop in-house management systems that can enable data simulation and data modeling.

Python Expertise:

Fintech companies are adopting new trends of analytic abilities. Because python has become a modern tool for price estimation, quant model, and digital management platforms. Another reason for exponential Python adoption is safety, accuracy, and flexibility.

Big Data Knowledge:

Big data knowledge has a pivotal role in financial management. Because sound knowledge of data architecture and handling is a mandatory requirement.

Security Knowledge:

Security is the most essential requirement of Fintech companies. Companies nowadays hire digital security specialists or people that have good knowledge of data encryption. A fintech developer must have essential knowledge of system security.

Fintech Mobile Apps:

Finance mobile app development tools give comfort to online transactions. The extensive knowledge of web development is necessary for Fintech service development. And the use of front end developers with extensive knowledge of web development is mandatory 


Every day the field of fintech has innovations and new developments. So hire a developer which has knowledge about the new trends of the market. And most importantly look for someone who can adapt well to the changes.

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Transition Shift:

Fintech has witnessed a transition shift with the invention of new technologies such as Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies that have taken a great role in financial management. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) are also changing the environment. And are excellent modern-day tools.

Summing Up:

If you want to hire a fintech developer then this is the right time to do so because Fintech apps providing ease and convenience are in demand. And the best way to hire a fintech developer is to assess their knowledge during the interview and screening process. Another thing that defines a good developer is the sound knowledge of programming and database.

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